ABC Pulls 'Don't Trust the B in Apt. 23' from Schedule, Replaces it With Extra 'Happy Endings' Episodes

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January 22nd, 2013

ABC has pulled Don't Trust the B in Apt. 23 from its schedule and will replace it with an extra episode of Happy Endings starting January 29, per The Hollywood Reporter. this means that two episodes of Happy Endings will air back to back on Tuesdays from 9-10 until March when dancing With the Stars returns.  There is as yet no word on when or if  the remaining eight unaired episodes of Don't Trust the B will air. This move comes after ABC briefly aired extra, out-of-sequence episodes of both comedies on Sunday from 10-11PM, before yanking them off the schedule due to low ratings.

  • Marc

    From a marketing standpoint, it’s difficult to sell a product with a name that can’t be said. But then, I also find that all of those shows have genuinenly unlikable characters. (HE characters are among the least like able. And they try to hard to be random/off key)

  • Rick in Denver


    666 wasn’t a success, but ABC would have had better ratings airing the final episodes for those of us that invested time watching the show from the beginning. The whole Sunday lineup was somewhat of a flop for ABC. Both OUAT and Revenge are having sophomore slumps.

    I watch what I like and I read here for fun and the interesting comments. Thanks for your interest in my comment.

  • Sam

    I agree with Marc, it’s hard to market a product, when the name is censored.

    The show should have been called ‘Apartment 23′ or ‘Don’t Trust the Girl in Apartment 23′ if they really wanted the long name (but it doesn’t have a great ring to it). Also, they messed up the premiere of the first season – it should have premiered in fall – and moved it from the post Modern Family slot WAY too early. They should have waited until mid-season of s2 to move it from that slot so it had time to pick up a following.

    Airing the damn series out of sequence too never helped. I suspected they’d do that when they aired the series so late though. And also, the people preaching about how the show was heavily promoted… I have NEVER see ONE commercial for this show, NEVER seen a promo for this show and never seen the series promoted by any other means.

    The show was neglected, and it’s probably best for the writers, producers and cast that the show is finally cancelled.

  • Rob R

    I enjoy Happy Endings and would like it to stay on the air, but when I pull back and look at the show, I have begun to fear it is falling into the “cult” category and not ensuring its broader appeal. ABC must be thinking the same thing. So I am extremely pessimistic about its future.

    Everyone needs to enjoy these final 12 shows, aired rapidly between now and mid March.

  • Bill Gorman

    “The show had a terrible name.”

    Newest square to be added to Fan Excuse Bingo.

  • Dan

    @Bill – Even if all 3 stars didn’t say it was cancelled, when a show pulls below a 1.0 consistently on ABC, do we really believe that ABC is considering renewing the show? No The 8 remaining episodes will be burned over the summer, so the remaining 12 Happy Endings eps, dont have to be. ABC won’t officially axe the show until May.

    @DW – To what you said to Oliver’s response, it is very unlikely that ABC would pull Happy Endings as well. What ABC did by pulling Apartment 23 actually saves Happy Endings and it seems ABC wants to get all 23 episodes of Season 3 aired because Happy Endings actually has a chance for a fourth season unlike Apartment 23. Its a very very slim chance. but it has syndication prospects going for it.

    @SJ – Actually all 22 episodes (plus the Kickball episode) will have aired by the week before Dancing returns.

    11 eps have aired so far including the Kickball ep leaving 12 left.

    January 29 – Ep 12 and 13
    February 19 – Ep 14 and 15
    February 26 – Ep 16 and 17
    March 5 – Ep 18 and 19
    March 12 – Ep 20 and 21
    March 19 – Ep 22 and 23

    All 23 eps will air through March 19 and I doubt we will be seeing any of Apartment 23 before the summer. However ABC liked the show so my guess is they will give it a Saturday or Friday 2 eps a week burn off along with the 4 666 Eps.

  • Dan

    @Bill Gorman – I agree with this announcement being negative toward Happy Endings chances for renewal. The show is in danger because of low ratings, but doubling up on the episodes ensures that all 23 will air because to ABC Happy Endings still might have a chance and its possible only because of syndication. Its a Cougar Town stuation all over again except ABC doesnt benefit from more HE eps, Sony does. But Sony slashed the license fee for Til Death so anything is possible.

    ABC did a similar thing with HE last year to make room for Apartment 23, they aired new episodes from January through March airing 21 of 22 eps of Season 2 to make room ironically for Apartment 23. Also Fox aired all of The Finder pushing Hotel Hell to summer only because they didn’t want to air the remaining Finder episodes in the summmer (because that says cancellation) and there were no other available slots.

    I consider Happy Endings 55-45 in favor of likely cancellation. The show has syndication prospects so Sony will try to shop it to maybe TBS or FX. But in terms of comedies every other show on ABC has a shot. The Middle, Modern Family and Suburgatory will certainly return while The Neighbors, Last Man Standing and Malibu Country are 50/50 plus two comedies havent even premiered yet.

  • Ultima

    @Rick in Denver
    666 wasn’t a success, but ABC would have had better ratings airing the final episodes

    Maybe. 666 Park Ave certainly did better than the failed Sunday 10pm comedy experiment, but I think Shark Tank repeats is still the best option at the moment.

    The whole Sunday lineup was somewhat of a flop for ABC. Both OUAT and Revenge are having sophomore slumps.

    Once Upon a Time is down slightly and Revenge is slightly up (although slightly down from Desperate Housewives). I wouldn’t call it massively successful, but it’s certainly not a flop. Sunday is still one of ABC’s better nights.

  • Ultima

    I agree with Marc, it’s hard to market a product, when the name is censored.

    The show should have been called ‘Apartment 23? or ‘Don’t Trust the Girl in Apartment 23? if they really wanted the long name (but it doesn’t have a great ring to it).

    Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 rhymes and has a ring to it!

  • Bitter Ringer Fan

    give me a break! i thought it was just for this week, bummer! I knew the show was going to die but at least finishing airing the remaining episodes!!!

  • Tom

    Another new square for Fan Excuse Bingo: “The show’s improved a lot since its debut.”

    This is the mantra of numerous Beauty and the Beast fans who keep repeating it even though the show’s low ratings haven’t improved.

  • Dan

    We can spend hours playing the blame game but years ago ABC would have pulled this show after 2 airings and it made it until January and the unaired episodes have a chance of airing this summer. Years ago ABC would pull a comedy and never return it.

    Ultimately my guess was that the 3 way comedy competition plus the fact that this show had no real viewership and ABC aired the episodes out of sequence really did this show in. I’m not making excuses but when ABC took the two post Modern family series and paired them together, the only fanbase the shows had were after Modern Family.

    On paper this should work. Both single camera series are cleverly written, both are about people in their late 20s early 30s living together, dating, (of course both have differences) but they are more similar to each other than they are to Modern Family.

    ABC probably figured that both shows would benefit from the Dancing lead in (A Few years ago they probably would have but the past season has been terribly low rated as far as Dancing seasons goes) It was the perfect schedule. But then NBC scheduled two new single camera comedies behind the higher rated The Voice and FOX wanted to try out a 2 hour comedy block. The result was a 3 way comedy collision and all 6 comedies got low ratings (I guess people don’t look for laughs on Tuesdays).

    So who are the winners from the comedy collision? Originally I would say NBC but without The Voice as a lead in, Go On and The New Normal have tanked to about a 1.3-1.6 level. However once The Voice returns both series should go back up and I expect NBC to renew both to rebuild their Thursday for next season.

    Surprisingly FOX, while originally being a loser for the 2 hour comedy block, may come out a winner due to New Girl being the bright spot and not going below 2.0. Also FOX is notable because unlike ABC which had Dancing and NBC who has Voice, their 9:00 hour has the lowest rated Ben & Kate as a lead in and Raising Hope starts the night not as bad with a 1.5-1.7. ABC is the loser because despite a Dancing lead in, Happy Endings and Apartment 23 still are the lowest rated.

    My guess and hope for next season is next season to avoid a comedy collision FOX should get the two hour block because CBS has Monday, ABC has Wednesday and NBC has Thursday for 2 hour live action comedy so FOX should get Tuesday. NBC will keep The Voice Tuesday at 8 so maybe they should try a drama out Tuesday at 9, and ABC should air Dancing at 9 and maybe Shark Tank or a drama at 8.

  • craigward

    ABC didn’t kill it. The show started choking on its own vomit, and ABC just stood there and let it die.

  • Sigourney

    The B In Apt. 23 was a total waste of time. Mildly engaging last season, but this season was just too ridiculous to stomach. ABC made the right decision.

  • Bobby C

    It’s ridiculous that the best shows IMO in this time slot are getting cancelled– I watch Emily Owens on CW, HE and Don’t Trust… on ABC, and New Girl on FOX which air at the same time. Only New Girl will probably return in the Fall and the other 3 gone. :( I am most sad about Emily Owens as I really love that show and CW didn’t give it a chance to thrive, and now ABC has pulled Don’t Trust… and will probably cancel HE as well. :(

  • Anon

    Too much Van Der Beek, not enough B—-.

  • Samunto

    I had so much fun reading lots and lots of Fan excuse bingo on deadline.
    The hype for this show was hot before it ever premiered but i didn’t really like it.

  • Justin121

    The Modern Family Curse… ?

  • Oliver

    If NBC renew TNN because it can get passable ratings with a giant lead-ins then they are setting themselves up for failure.

    NBC should cut their losses and dump the show before it turns into another Up All Night.

  • a p garcia

    Not unexpected, replacing a low rated show with a show that has about one more viewer than the show it replaced!

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