Friday Final TV Ratings: 'Fringe' Finale and 'Malibu Country' Adjusted Up

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January 22nd, 2013

The series finale of Fringe and Malibu Country were each adjusted up a tenth among adults 18-49 versus Friday's preliminary ratings.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Friday, January 18, 2013:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 CBS Undercover Boss 1.9/6 9.45
ABC Last Man Standing 1.3/5 6.62
FOX Fringe (8-10PM) - Series Finale 1.1/4 3.28
NBC Betty White's Off Their Rockers (8-9PM) - R 0.9/3 3.67
CW Nikita 0.4/1 1.27
8:30 ABC Malibu Country 1.2/4 5.88
9:00 CBS CSI: NY 1.6/5 10.68
ABC Shark Tank (9-10:01PM) 1.5/4 5.56
NBC Dateline (9-11PM) 1.2/3 5.12
CW Beauty & the Beast - R 0.3/1 0.90
10:00 CBS Blue Bloods 1.5/5 11.64
ABC 20/20 1.2/4 4.33

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  • victor hugo

    Goodbye Fringe i`ll always remenber

  • Alexis

    Cue the people saying Fringe’s finale numbers were still pathetic, because apparently it makes them feel superior and special.

  • John A

    Good at least fringe matched its season high. BATB beast repeated well. Maybe CW shouldve moved it there at mid season.

  • John A

    Really horrible for ABC Comedies.

  • MichaelChickless

    Yay for Fringe! A 38 percent spike in ratings from its previous episode! ;-) :-)

  • Aniin

    Nikita’s doing decent.

  • Clarke

    A 1.2 for ABC on Friday is like a 1.5 any other night (except Saturday of course). Will that be enough to save Reba’s new comedy? I think it could go either way. But if it drops to a 1.1 or below it is as good as dead. Tried watching the show last Friday and it was shockingly abysmal – and this is coming from a fan of the original Reba sitcom on the CW.

  • Elle

    Is that suppose to be a 1.1/4 for Fringe?

  • omabin

    Both good news. So it is not a new series low for Malibu. It is very hard to tell but I think it has a decent shot at coming back.

  • D’Arcy


  • Devon

    I love that for the last Fringe Ratings News we got to see a “adjusted up”. That’s all. :)

  • TV Gord

    I don’t give a damn how many people watched Fringe. I watched it, and I want to thank Fox for sticking with it against all odds. They have gone WAY up in my estimation. Those of you who love to throw shade on Fringe, go F#%K yourselves. We got FIVE seasons and a beautiful resolution. Suck on THAT!

  • JulieDawn

    “1,1.4” for Fringe? Presuming that means 1.1/4?

    Whichever, I’m pleased to see it went up, I know it doesn’t matter anymore but still happy!

  • The Watcher

    @TV Gord
    I agree 100%.

  • Wright

    Glad Fringe went up. I’m really going to miss that show.

  • CBSviewer

    Wow at CSI: NY ! A 1.6 and almost 11 million viewers during its ninth Season and on Friday :) CBS is stupid to end the Season in February !

  • were123

    Love that Fringe matched season high in 18-49 rating and scored a season high in viewers! God, I’ll miss that show

  • thesnowleopard

    What is a 1,1.4? Does that mean a 1.0 for 8pm and a 1.4 for 9pm? If so, that’s quite a jump.

    Cue the angry nutjobs trying to pick a fight. Seeing as how this will be the last time you get to do it for this particular show.

  • DenverDean

    CSI: NY once again is getting short end of stick. Shame on CBS for treating one of its own so poorly – first with 18 episode order; then slotting it at 8/7 for MIJ and then cutting order by 1. All it’s doing is beating BB. I hope GB flops majorly. I predict between TJ and GB, BB will be sinking to new lows. CSI: NY still does very well for TNT in graveyard slots and deserves to get an order of at least 13 for next season, so it crosses the 200 mark.

  • Mr Mumble

    There were two distinct episodes of Fringe on Friday. Why have Nielsen bundled them together?

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