'NCIS' Tops 25 Million Viewers for First Time

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January 22nd, 2013

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NCIS topped 25 million viewers for the first time ever, according to Nielsen live plus 3-day lift for Tuesday, Jan. 15.


NCIS added +2.50m viewers (25.36m from 22.86m), +1.0 rating points in adults 25-54 (6.8 from 5.8) and +0.8 in adults 18-49 (4.7 from 3.9) live plus 3-day lift from live plus same day.


This is the first NCIS broadcast to deliver more than 25 million viewers with live plus 3-day lift or live plus 7-day lift.

  • Steph

    Wow!!!! =)

  • Matt


  • CBSviewer

    What CBS is waiting to Renew the Show ?

  • MichaelChickless


  • AniMatsuri

    This is why networks don’t pay attention to critics and actors who don’t like procedural types shows.

  • psychic

    BUT WHY?
    Why do people like this drivel?
    It’s one of the most confusing questions I’ve ever faced!

  • American

    25.36…That’s about a 15.8 total viewer rating, right?

  • Liam

    CBS is having a really good season this year. TBBT and NCIS both grabbing series high viewership in both live and DVR ratings.

  • The End

    So NCIS is watched by a few thosand Nielsen viewers. Impressive.



  • maxine

    No surprised. “Shabbat Shalom” and “Shiva” are the best two parter since S7’s first two episodes … more than three years ago.

  • Kangarookeeper

    When The Voice returns there is no way NCIS gets 25 million.

  • Bob

    When the Voice returns there is no way that The Voice will EVER see 25 million. NCIS is the best show on TV hands down.

  • Ben

    The Voice will never get 25 million viewers unless it’s the season ending finale. It only does slightly better than NCIS in the 18 – 49 demo. NCIS always gets far more total viewers than The Voice, every week.

    NBC really needs The Voice, Revolution and Chicago Fire, because the NFL Football season is over, except for The Super Bowl on CBS. Time for NBC to drop in the ratings behind CBS (1st) and, ABC (2cd).

  • CBSviewer

    What about NCIS: Los Angeles ?

  • Holly


    What about NCIS: Los Angeles ?

    One would suppose it did not top 25 million.

  • CBSviewer

    @ Holly

    There was an article which said it topped 20 million but it was Live+3.
    I wanna know Live+7.

  • Katie

    I’ve watched the show a few times and could never get into it. I just find the show incredibly boring, I almost fell asleep one time. I know a lot of older people like the show though since it usually has a really low rating despite the amount of viewers. I guess I can see why they like it since it’s pretty tame.

  • Spencer

    I’ve watched the show before. I really like it, but I don’t understand why it just rates so dang high! With all the other crime/procedurals out there…what makes this particular one so popular?

  • Mike

    Some of the same questions that many are u are asking about his show are the same ones I ask when I watch Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory, and Modern Family. Why in the world do people like them so much? Albeit that doesn’t make me want to watch NCIS either, but to me many of the top rated shows these days leave me wondering why?

    Last year I watched very little network TV. This year none. Give me cable.

    But congrats to NCIS anyway. In this day and age that is a feat very few shows can accomplish — outside of sports and special events.

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