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January 22nd, 2013

Tonigh at 10PM the series finale of Private Practice airs head to head with the season finale of Parenthood. I'ts a safe bet that Parenthood will beat Private Practice, which has struggled all season. The question is whether the Grey's Anatomy spin-off will see a ratings bump for its final episode. Both shows should benefit from CBS airing a rerun of timeslot competitor Vegas tonight. Last week, Parenthood earned a 1.9 adults 18-49 rating while Private Practice garnered a 1.2. How do you think each show will fare tonight? Make your predictions below.


  • John A

    1.5 at best for Private Practice. Season has been horrible too.

  • Lisa

    2.0 Parenthood, 1.4 Private Practice.

  • FringeFan

    I think that Private Practice will be within the 1.3-1.4 range resulting in a quiet finale even though it isn’t up against much competition. Additionally, there has been a lack of promotion around the series finale which will hurt it.

    In terms of Parenthood it will probably get a boost due to lack of competition from Private Practice and Vegas. Therefore, it’s finale will probably be in the 2.1-2.2 range which isn’t a huge adjustment, but easily will be the winning 10 PM program.

  • Raykov

    I also think that 1.5 is the best that PP could pull… On the other hand Parenthood could hit a season high at around 2.2…

  • Lucas

    Parenthood 2.2

  • SJ

    Around 2.0 for Parenthood, 1.6 for Private Practice. The Taste should be a better lead-in than Apartment 23.

  • Oliver

    I’m more interested in what The Taste gets. I have a feeling it will bomb.

  • omabin

    2.1-2.2 for Parenthood
    1.3-1.4 for Private Practice, even though this has been my favorite season of the show

  • NaNi

    2.3 for Parenthood, 1.4 for Private Practice!
    Why does NBC not order more episode of PH. I don’t understand.
    If this were on air at 9:00 on Tuesday, it would be another hit like Modern family!!

  • Oliver


    Why does NBC not order more episode of PH. I don’t understand.

    It’s expensive and heavily serialised, meaning it repeats badly and isn’t worth much in syndication.

    Besides, the show wasn’t really a hit until this season. Two seasons of nearly flat ratings while the rest of network television has declined has turned it into a sleeper hit.

  • rob60990

    2.0 for Parenthood, 1.5 for Private Practice.

  • danny94

    I think parenthood will get about a 2.0 it really deserves more as in my opinion its the best show on network t.v.

  • Cyrax86

    2.0 & 1.5 from me as well. Private Practice has been long in the tooth for ABC, hope Body of Proof will do better in that slot!

  • Andy

    2.0 for Parenthood, 1.4 for Private Practice.

  • Californiadgd

    2.1 for PArenthood, 1.5 for PP


    2.0 PH, 1.2 PP

  • Ali

    I still cant believe that parenthood is ending its season after only 15 episodes. NBC is so dumb! it has been its best performing 10pm drama after revolution for a long time minus a couple of episodes of Chicago fire and yet here we are at the end of its season already.

    It’s very sad to see Private Practice end too but to be honest, they should have ended it last season as this year it was average at best. They maxed out the storylines of all characters and consistently underdeveloped other characters (sheldon anyone?) and rushed out the exit of others (Naomi, Dell, Pete)…..shame really

  • david

    I say a 2.1 for Parenthood and a 1.5 for pp.

  • CBSviewer

    1.3 for Private Practice
    2.1 for Parenthood

  • Lisbeth Slander

    I agree Parenthood is the best show on network television and it’s criminally underrated. Hoping for a 2.2-2.3.

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