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January 22nd, 2013

Tonigh at 10PM the series finale of Private Practice airs head to head with the season finale of Parenthood. I'ts a safe bet that Parenthood will beat Private Practice, which has struggled all season. The question is whether the Grey's Anatomy spin-off will see a ratings bump for its final episode. Both shows should benefit from CBS airing a rerun of timeslot competitor Vegas tonight. Last week, Parenthood earned a 1.9 adults 18-49 rating while Private Practice garnered a 1.2. How do you think each show will fare tonight? Make your predictions below.


  • RG-X

    Parenthood hopefully will squeak in at 2.0

  • Jenny

    2.0-2.1 for Parenthood 1.4 for Private Practice

  • RG-X

    NBC – shame on you – you should at least did 4 more episodes for the season.
    Now we have to wait 8-9 months for the next short season?!

  • BG

    2.1-2.2 for Parenthood–One of my fave shows
    1.3 for Private Practice

  • Nicole

    2.0 to 2.2 for Parenthood tonight. Its going to be a great episode i know it. It sucks the seasons so short, and we have to wait till May to find out about a 5th season. Hopefully we get the 5th season and its starts early September like the 1st Tuesday lol. Love this show!!

  • Samunto

    Parenthood 2.3
    PP 1.3

    Clearly viewers have been avoiding PP this season. How The Taste will premiere is another story altogether. It might do decent numbers. If it averages more than 1.5 the most certainly female skew may stay for the wedding and give PP even a 1.4

  • BigBrotherFan

    Parenthood 2.1
    Private Practice (GOOD RIDDANCE!) – 1.4

  • BigBrotherFan

    If PP finishes with anything under a 1.5 thats just said! ABC knows they made every possible way for this show to succeed/favored like crazy! you can’t keep babying a show in their..what…? 6th season? So as a DIRTY SEXY MONEY fan this brings me joy!

  • yusei Fudo

    you put “tonigh” instead of Tongiht :)

  • BigBrotherFan


  • Matt

    Parenthood – 2.1 / 5.8M
    Private Practice – 2.0 / 5M

  • J.G.

    2.2 for Parenthood and a 1.7 for Private Practice

  • chris23

    Hoping Parenthood will hit 2.1 and go out decently for the network. After the break the whole Tuesday Night Lineup has returned horribly and decreased in both 18/49 and total viewers. Parenthood on the otherhand has a very loyal audience and builds from its horrible 930 leadin..

    I hope NBC gives Parenthood a FULL season PICKUP next year, It is outperforming a lot of other shows on NBC and wins its time period against both CBS and ABC on a night where NBC never wins in the 8 or 9/930 pm slots (Unless Voice is airing in the Fall) but manages a win at 10 PM with Parenthood.. and I’m not even a fan of the show but I think I will check it out on Netflix :)

  • Melanie

    Parenthood is my favorite show on TV. I like Private Practice though, but stuck with watching PH instead.

  • Mark

    Parenthood – 2.2
    Private Practice – 1.5

  • chris23

    Oh I forgot about my guess for Private Practice..

    Will fans from previous seasons even tune in for Private Practice? This spinoff of greys is and was apparently leadin dependent as it couldn’t survive or bring stable ratings to a new night on its own.

    PP= 1.4 PH= 2.1 with Parenthood winning the night over Vegas(repeat or new PH would win either way) on cbs and PP on abc!!!

  • Anthony

    I am not sure why all the fans of parenthood want longer seasons. I for one love that they have shortened the seasons. The second season (which was a full 22 episodes) was probably my least favorite, as I felt some of the stories got drawn out too long. Shorter seasons, means more compact and intense story telling. It’s a good thing that NBC does this. Keep it up!

  • fra

    I hope for the best
    PH at 2.1-2.3 (after the latest two strong results!)
    PP 1.6

  • The 47th

    2.0 for Parenthood, 1.3 for Private Practice.

  • forg

    2.2 for Parenthood, 1.4 for Private Practice.

    The sole surviving ABC freshman show during the writers strikes season is now ending. 6 seasons is a good run. I wishED Eli Stone and Pushing Daisies had that chance

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