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January 22nd, 2013

Tonigh at 10PM the series finale of Private Practice airs head to head with the season finale of Parenthood. I'ts a safe bet that Parenthood will beat Private Practice, which has struggled all season. The question is whether the Grey's Anatomy spin-off will see a ratings bump for its final episode. Both shows should benefit from CBS airing a rerun of timeslot competitor Vegas tonight. Last week, Parenthood earned a 1.9 adults 18-49 rating while Private Practice garnered a 1.2. How do you think each show will fare tonight? Make your predictions below.


  • Hugh


  • Paul

    The way plot lines were neatly tied tonite it leads me to believe this is the last we will see of Parenthood.

  • aaj

    Parenthood is, by far, the best show on TV. NBC doesn’t know what it’s got here. Why is it the best shows are always the ones cancelled? Just when you really get to know the characters and care about them, the show is cancelled. So frustrating!! Bring it back!

  • tv_viewer

    My predictions:

    Parenthood 2.0

    The Taste 1.2

    Private Practice 1.4

    Last season Parenthood increased from a 1.7 in its penultimate episode to a 1.9 in its finale (but still lower than its season 3 high of 2.2). I will be optimistic and predict Parenthood will tie its season 4 high.

    The Taste appears to be to Masterchef as The Voice was to American Idol. Mentors pick contestants to be on their teams. The Voice’s series pilot (April 26, 2011) earned a 5.1 rating. American Idol season 10 premiered on January 19, 2011 with about a 9.7 rating. Masterchef season 3 premiered with a 2.3 rating on June 4, 2012. I predict the two hour average of The Taste to have a (5.1/9.7)*2.3 = 1.2 rating.

    Private Practice’s ratings aren’t as consistent as Fringe’s final season ratings. Fringe’s ratings started with a 1.1, went down to as low as 0.8, and finished with a 1.1 for the series finale. Private Practice started with a 1.9 and dipped to as low as 1.0. The Private Practice series finale won’t match its season premiere but will jump 0.2 from its penultimate episode.

  • ABC hater

    2.1 for Parenthood
    1.5 for Private Practice

  • ABC hater


    It’s not been canceled, AFAIK. ‘Season’ finale. :)

  • senor chang

    4.2 in the overnights for Private Practice should translate to a mid-high 1 in the demo.
    3.9 in the overnights for Parenthood. it’ll probably hit at least a 2, I’d be very surprised if it didn’t.

    looks like The Taste didn’t premiere too shabby either (4.5 HH). depends on skew, of course, but not a bomb out of the gate.

  • jan

    Love Parenthood only show that shows a family with such depth and respect!!!Best show I have ever seen well done!!!

  • bella

    Parenthood is the only show I wait each week to watch with excitement!! The writers are fantastic and the acting is some of the best I have ever seen. My 3 daughters revolve their week around this show and have purchased reruns to watch in off season……the Thanksgiving episode last year was stellar!! Be proud of what has become one of the very few quality shows that warrants spending an hour of my week for!!! Keep up the good work I have very few show worth my time and this is the best!!!!!!!!! Kudos to all!!!! (It also hasnt changed for the worse like some shows do it has remained true pure and fantastic!!!)

  • Michael age 56

    Parenthood is a great show. I have more purchasing power at 56 yrs old than most 18-49’rs, especially the young kids (like my 3 kids that are 19,23,25 and are broke due to the cost of living. We help them monthly pay their bills.

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