'The Wedding Band' Canceled by TBS

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January 22nd, 2013


TBS has canceled comedy The Wedding Band. The final episode of the show aired Saturday. In all probability, being scheduled in one of TV's worst timeslots, saturday at 10PM, contributed to its ratings woes. The Hollywood Reporter, which broke the story, has more details.

  • John A

    I saw this online and it wasnt bad. Shame.

  • Bjm

    Never knew it existed.

  • PJM

    No wait, don’t tell me. TBS blamed it on bad ratings. And who can blame them. Dammit, every show you don’t advertise and stick on Saturday nights should be pulling a 6.0. It’s the show’s fault!

  • Oliver

    The show never really got a fair shot airing on Saturday, but TBS clearly wanted to bury it for whatever reason.

  • bsp

    As a musician, I most enjoyed the various genres/formats that the band could perform in, seemingly without effort — that could be really funny and creative. Otherwise, the show was too long and tedious for my taste. Wonder how it would have worked as a 1/2 hour comedy…

  • Damiker

    What? That sucks… I really liked the show, it was the perfect fit for Brian A. Green.

  • masterson

    It’s really sad, it was a feelgood show!
    But what da heck TBS wanted from this show ratingwise, when they buried it on Saturday nights?! That was the first original TBS show i watched regularly, and i think the last either for a long-long time! TBS Sucks!!!

  • Rich

    That’s a surprise!

  • CJ

    :( I really liked that show. Some good, light-hearted fare on a night where TV is a real wasteland. Very enjoyable show and I will miss it.

  • Alan

    Worst time slot ever!

  • iggy agrimotor

    From what I’ve read, Saturday at 9pm has slightly fewer viewers.

  • Russ

    They set it up for failure in it’s timeslot. Compare it to Men at Work and Sullivan and Son, which although half hour comedies, they put them during the week and they did well enough to both earn renewals.

  • Nik

    I can’t believe this. I looked forward to this every week. The best new show of 2012. Although I did wonder how far they could take it….

  • Tom

    Great opening episode. Straight downhill from there.

  • animal

    Only good show they had, what a shame it was a pretty funny show

  • Carmen

    I watched it a couple of times and thought it wasn’t too bad.

    I don’t know what realistic expectations TBS had for a 10:00 Saturday night show!

  • chrisjozo

    Well that sucks. I thought it was a good light hearted show. They could have at least given it a better time slot. It was averaging a 0.5 in the demo which I thought was good for a Saturday night time slot.

  • Dan

    Wow what a surprise, a show that was held over for a year, scheduled for a Saturday debut and was made and developed when TBS wanted hour long comedies including Franklin and Bash but later abandoned that idea but had already ordered 10 episodes.

    This show was dead for a while and this announcement is not surprising.

  • CrystalFissure

    Damn shame. My mum liked that show. It looked quirky yet interesting. It just aired its final episode here on Channel Ten in Australia. Over in the states though it aired at 10PM? Of course it wasn’t gonna succeed.

  • Marius

    Most obvious cancellation of the year. Not that the show wasn’t good (it was ok), but it was clear TBS did not like the 1st season by putting it on a Saturday, nevermind a 2nd one.

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