'The Wedding Band' Canceled by TBS

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January 22nd, 2013


TBS has canceled comedy The Wedding Band. The final episode of the show aired Saturday. In all probability, being scheduled in one of TV's worst timeslots, saturday at 10PM, contributed to its ratings woes. The Hollywood Reporter, which broke the story, has more details.

  • Tracy

    Damn shame …. one of my favorite shows. You stick it on Saturday @ 10pm … and barely advertise, what do you expect. VERY disappointed, that you’d pick up that crap Couger Town, and let a great show like this go!!!

  • sarah

    Pretty sad. I really liked this show. maybe we could lose a little big bang theory…. try wedding band out on Thursdays, just a thought.

  • Michelle

    coming from a wedding planner background, i believe there was a method to the madness of placing the show on saturdays. to honor the theme of weddings, it only makes sense to air it on saturdays, a day when most weddings are held. I am truly disheartened to hear that this show is ending, because for once it was something fresh and invigorating, and it will truly be missed by those who appreciated all that it had to offer. I kindly ask you to reconsider the shows premature cancellation.

  • diane

    It had absolutely no advertising to the point I had to google the time and channel. Not even social media advertising. It was the only reason I ever tuned into TBS and endured hundreds of Conan and Courgar Town commercials. Why not broadcast an encore series of Mothers of the Band with some ads and a new time slot. and try for a new audience. Like stated earlier…. Big Bang Therory is on 30 times a week and we’ve all seen every episode.

  • Belinda

    BOOOO Hiss – loved wedding band – so sick of getting sucked in by good shows only to have them cancelled.

  • Petch

    Nooooo! I actually think the show is great! such a shame indeed :( :( :(

  • Thomas

    Loved the show!! didn’t get advertised very well and horrible time slot…..thanks TBS (sarcasm)

  • John Doe

    to all of those who wants Wedding Band to be renewed for another season, please post a message at this link to tbs forum. Here is the Link: http://forums.tbs.com/jive/tbs/forum.jspa?forumID=115

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