ABC Wins Tuesday with 'The Taste' Debut and 'Private Practice' Finale

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January 23rd, 2013

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With the debut of The Taste and the series finale for Private Practice, ABC won Tuesday in Adults 18-49, leading by double digits over NBC (+19%), Fox (+19%) and CBS (+27%).


ABC’s The Taste opened a strong #1 from 8-10pm among Adults 18-49, beating original comedy programming on Fox by 38% and NBC by 47%. In fact the new show ranked #1 in each half hour and gained young adult audience throughout its premiere. The Taste earned ABC’s strongest non-sports Adult 18-49 rating in the 2-hour slot since November – since 11/27/12. Among Adults 18-49, The Taste is ABC’s top in-season unscripted debut in nearly 2 years and the 2nd highest on any net since The X-Factor opened in September 2011 – since 3/6/11 and 9/22/11, respectively.


Spiking week to week in Total Viewers (+27%) and Adults 18-49 (+25%), ABC’s Private Practice closed out with show’s highest numbers in 14 weeks – since 10/9/12.

  • Rose Guindon

    Regarding The Taste, I did not like this show at all. I was eager to watch it because of all the advertising that was done about. I think the judges were too full of themselves. I felt they were not nice to the people competing. One of the most irritating parts of the show was where they would really get the chefs excited and hopeful by saying you are brilliant or your food was excellent. Then the next breath would be but I can’t take you (or something like that.) After the contestants left, they made snarky remarks. They were eliminating almost everyone.

    The reason the show got high ratings is because it was a new show and something different. I will not be watching this show again but will look on this website to see how good it did.

  • a p garcia

    The article’s title gives the impression that both shows won the night but PP finished second in the night losing to “Parenthood” 1.7 to 1.5.

  • John57

    I watched the show and heard there was a contest using Hellmanns products I ‘d like to enter it but I cannot find where to do so HELP

  • WJanet

    The Taste, I really enjoyed it but, they dismissed the best cooks/chefs. Poor judgement on the judging panel, Nigella and Ludo were superb and were right on most of the time but, didn’t follow their gut instinct, literally.

  • Gale

    This will probably be the last time ABC gets highest viewers. After viewing the show “The Taste” I’ll not be watching again. I’m tired of snobby food critics, who are old news, criticizing up and coming food artists. Sorry, but I’ve tried Nigellas recipes, pure puke.

  • Cara

    I watched a few minutes and that was all I could take of Anthony
    BOREDain, he is the most arrogant person on television and he will
    most surely kill this show!

  • Rus

    “The Taste” has none. Will not be watching again.

  • raymond

    This was a very good show where people were judged on food taste and not
    on how they look . Kind of like the voice . Anthony Bourdain has had a great
    career travling and tasting food and making us more social aware of the world .His best show ever in travel is when he broke bread with locals
    in Laos a neutral country that planes dumped their their bombs on before returning to an aircraft carrier, yes a presidential hopeful was one of them
    and owes that country an I am sorry .Many locals lost limbs who were not
    in battle. That one show puts Anthony at the top of my A+ list .Missed him in Cleveland with Pekar , just wanted to thank him for opening our eyes
    and showing all of the world and their habits with food.

  • Igor

    Thought the show was good (but anything with Bourdain is good). Will at least check out a couple of more episodes and see if it keeps it up. And I usually don’t like TV-competitions (can’t stand the Idol’s, X-factors and other talent shows on TV, since I find them boring as hell), but this one worked.

    Also, a decent mix of people for judges. Two young up and comming chefs with some notability (especially Ludo), a woman who have made her living being a ‘on TV home cook’ and Bourdain, who was a propper chef and have spent the last decade traveling the world, eating and experiancing different types of food.

  • Aaron

    So boring! I also predict that the ratings will decline.

  • me

    not worth waste your time on very bad show if you know anything about cooking this show will not be for you take it off the air stop wasting are time

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