'Hart of Dixie' Matches Season High

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January 23rd, 2013

via press note:

Last night's HART OF DIXIE matched its season high and had its highest rated episode since its season premiere in A18-49 (0.7/2).

It was the series' most watched episode since 12/4/12 (1.54M) and was its third most watched episode of the season. It was also the series' best since 12/11/12 in W18-49 (0.9/2, tied for second best of season).
  • John A

    It will be adjusted down. 0.7 seems to high for HOD.

  • panda22

    Yes!….go go go HoD! :)

  • Andrew


  • Jenny

    May not bring big ratings like PLL, but it’s audience is consistent and loyal.

  • Wright

    It’s a good show. Glad to see it rise. Now maybe they will cancel 90210.

  • Sandie

    i am sorry bu t i do not understand the American rating system at all, can someone tell me how it works, and what is a 0.7 rating, thanks. ps i adore HOD and still not sure re zoe and wade.

  • Holly


    Watch the puppets explain it all. If you still have more questions, come back and I’ll try to answer them for you.

  • Brandy

    Yess!good for HoD

  • MJO

    Good to hear! Hopefully it will get renewed soon, so we don’t have to wait til May to find out! One of the best shows on TV

  • kdmom

    I think its up because they put the series on Netflix. I just found it there over Christmas and watched all of season one. Now I’ve caught up with season two and I’m watching the new episodes on the CW. The last two episodes were the first ones I’ve watched in their regular time slot. Check twitter…there are a lot of us who just started watching and are now addicted! Go HoD.

  • lois

    What us the big deal about the show? No one act like that. Rachel only got the show because of her friend husband. Why some of you want it renewed for? She hardly comes out to promote they show. Its ashame they letting emily owens go and not hod. Rachel still doing other shows too. Need to replace the show soon as possible.

  • Valpal4630

    I agree with kdmom! I’m a new fan of HOD. Just started watching during my winter break on Netflix and I’m OBSESSED! Love this show and I hope it gets renewed for another season! TEAM ZADE! ZOEY&WADE just melt my heart<333

  • mira

    I love HOD soo much
    every episode present fun and good laughs

    iwas abig fan of 90210 but now i hate ihope they do a proper ending to it this season

  • Dyeilow

    It’s a good thing for HoD, whatever negative remarks about it is still good and fun to watch. Very refreshing all you have to do is smile all through out every episode. All the charcters are great,. I have never watch a series like this before that each character brings joys and humor to the viewers. I hope the writers won’t mess it up for the coming epis. Though i have read some spoilers im pretty sure it will bring down the ratings somehow. Watch out Zade.. But im hoping for a grand finale anyway.. Lets cross our fingers! ZADE fans.. :D

  • Kristy

    Best show on TV – Love Wade & Zoe together. The flu episode was wonderful, because, unlike my life, everyone on the show ended up happy. H of D makes me smile every time and I sure hope it gets renewed.

  • Jessica Wells

    Been hooked since day one love it hope it stays around for many more seasons

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