Report: 'Girls' Renewed by HBO for Season 3

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January 24th, 2013

It may not have made our Sunday top 100 cable ratings this week, but HBO has already picked up Girls for a third season, according to the show's creator Lena Dunham. Deadline reports that Dunham gave the scoop to Alec Baldwin while appearing on his podcast. Dunham said that the show will start filming its third season in March. Based on the ratio of its ratings to the amount of articles written about it, every single person person who watches Girls blogs about it. The show just won a Golden Globe for best comedy, which may have factored into its early renewal. Dunham has a history of breaking news about her own show, tweetin the date of its second season premiere before HBO announced it.

  • Weez

    @ BigBrotherFan

    I think your screen name says it all. Talk about trashy programming. I highly doubt you even watch Girls, so I’m not sure why you care so much in the first place. And it’s actually one of the better shows on television right now, but to each their own.

  • BigBrotherFan

    @Kyle S

    I understand what you are saying. On a side note I am really considering a name change here. Anyway, I always had high respect for HBO since they put up with the vert strong but horrifically rated IN TREATMENT. However, renewing this show is just desperate. I find the show disgusting and embarassing to AMERICAN TELEVISION.

    Agree that TGW deserves every award it gets and more and doesn`t rely on shock factored tactics like this garbage!

  • JimSweatsBullets67

    Not a surprise that this trash gets a renewal. It’s rubbish. As is everything that’s on HBO these days. How the mighty have fallen.

  • E

    Why does Lena Dunham insist on being naked so much on the show?

  • Tom

    “…raging misogynists and/or have a subliminal puritanical streak…” Impressive. Psych major or Women’s Studies?

  • Markitos

    I want Enlightened also be renewed.

  • Colin

    The problem is: Girls is something for intelligent people. Stupid people dont understand the excellent dialogues. Thats why they call it rubbish- its just too good for these poor people.

  • Chris

    Hey, Showtime renews crappy flops all the time. This is at least a crappy flop that wins stuff. :D

  • Peter

    Even Louis CK likes Girls.
    “Hey, @lenadunham, your show is really really good and funny and unique and other things. So keep going. Please.

    Girls has viewers and is a cumulative hit. It’s just that most of its audience chooses to watch it OnDemand/DVR/HBO Go. The ratings go up to about 4 million when the cumulative numbers. HBO doesn’t care about the live viewers because it doesn’t accept advertising.

    Ratings are not always a reflection of quality. Mad Men’s 1st 2 years, it averaged 900,000 viewers. Friday Night Lights on NBC averaged about 4 million, which is about the same as 900,000 on cable is to NBC

  • Weez

    The “taste” of some people here is hilarious. If HBO has “trash programming these days”, then I’d hate to hear your opinion on every other channel on all of television. Seriously, their current line-up includes Girls, Enlightened, Game of Thrones, True Blood, Eastbound & Down, Veep, The Newsroom, Boardwalk Empire, and Treme. This year they’ll also have three original films that all sound very promising (Phil Spector, Behind the Candelabra, and Mary & Martha), an incredible mini-series (Parade’s End), and their usual fantastic line-up of documentaries and original sports/talk programming and events. Not to mention that three new shows – Family Tree (created by Christopher Guest), Vice, and Ladies Man (Stephen Merchant) will all premiere this year. No other network even comes close to the quality or amount of original programming that HBO puts out every year. AMC was giving them a run for their money, but they’ve shown that they don’t really know how to handle themselves in a manner conducive to maintaining that position (and when Breaking Bad ends this year, they’ll be left with one great show in Mad Men, and one big hit in The Walking Dead).

  • Peter

    And HBO is desperate? Please. Game of Thrones regularly averages around 10.4 million cumulative viewers. I would hardly call that desperate.

    From LA Times.

  • JimSweatsBullets67


    Thanks for setting the record straight. We’re all just a bunch of dummies for not enjoying Girls.

  • Peter

    @JimSweatsBullets67, I agree with Colin.

  • JimSweatsBullets67


    So what?

  • Evan

    This isn’t surprising there were rumors about filming a season 3 very close to season 2’s premiering. Hbo cares more about awards/buzz/DVD sales more than ratings. The show has okay ratings but the buzz and awards and its DVD sales probably are good enough to warrant this another season. If a show doesn’t have these factors then yes they would be canceled if they had poor ratings such as how to make it in America and hung

  • Joe

    I canceled HBO because of this trash. First time in 6 yrs – no HBO. This show and Enlightenment wasn’t enough to keep me paying.

  • Lorrie


  • Rod

    Yes!! Awesome news!!

  • Lorrie

    LMAO @ Collin. His post calling people stupid for not liking Girls contained about 2 correctly spelled words. I hope that was a joke. If not, he is exactly who I imagine a Girls fan to be.

  • gerry

    @ colin – you’re not supposed to say that out loud, its mean!

    hooray! girls is hbo’s most impressive show in some time, save maybe game of thrones.

    and like boo boo bear said. if you don’t like girls, move on. is there really a shortage of tv out there? seriously, get over yourselves.

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