Report: 'Girls' Renewed by HBO for Season 3

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January 24th, 2013

It may not have made our Sunday top 100 cable ratings this week, but HBO has already picked up Girls for a third season, according to the show's creator Lena Dunham. Deadline reports that Dunham gave the scoop to Alec Baldwin while appearing on his podcast. Dunham said that the show will start filming its third season in March. Based on the ratio of its ratings to the amount of articles written about it, every single person person who watches Girls blogs about it. The show just won a Golden Globe for best comedy, which may have factored into its early renewal. Dunham has a history of breaking news about her own show, tweetin the date of its second season premiere before HBO announced it.

  • Weez

    @ JimSweatsBullets67

    Thank you, and I appreciate you taking the time to give a response, but what you and BigBrotherFan seem to be missing is that Lena Dunham completely and totally agrees with you. The show isn’t trying to make these characters all that likable or all that relatable, just human (which they very much are). Their insulated view of life is something you’re supposed to dislike, and for many of us, empathize (NOT sympathize) with. I think the two of you are so quick to take everything happening in the show at face value, which isn’t what the show wants you to do, that you’re missing the sub-text. That isn’t to say that you can’t like certain aspects about these characters – I certainly do – but that’s because I recognize their faults (even though they often don’t, as many people are wont to do), and can see how the show is setting them up to grow in ways they don’t even seem to understand. I won’t ask either of you to give it another chance (especially BigBrotherFan, given the list he provided of some of his favorite current shows), but I think it’s important to recognize that the quote you both provided was followed up with, “Or at least A voice of A generation” (capitalized because I can’t make an italics symbol on my cell phone). The things you hate about the show are the things Dunham is trying to grow these characters out of, as she too realizes how many people at that age (roughly my age, as well) are self-absorbed, entitled, and rather insulated individuals. Now carry on with the hatin’.

  • JimSweatsBullets67


    You’re welcome.

    I’ll leave it at that.


  • BigBrotherFan

    Okay. Just to clear some things up here..

    My issue with girls has NOTHING to do with the characters or if the are like-able or not. Geez. I am a big fan of REVENGE and I think everyone on that show is a sociopath to some extent, even Scandal does not really have it`s fair share of characters that are like-able.

    My problem with the show is it always seem to go so hard for SHOCK VALUE to get attention, as opposed to a show like let`s say NASHVILLE that moves at a snails pace but because of the quality acting and excellent writing I, for one, am hooked. Take the SOPRANOS as another example..everyone on that show was pretty bad and not like-able whatsoever with the exception of maybe Bobby or depending on how you view her character Adrianna. However, I was greatly entertained by that show and that was another one that moved at a painfully slow place..Geez..I think the Adrianna storyline dragged for 3 seasons.

    I do not like the way this show presents its subject matter and despite what the critics say there is NO REALISM to this show whatsoever. If I was a girl I be deeply offended by the storylines, subject matter and content. The sex scenes really paint men as self serving, ego driven, dumb and borderline sociopathetic A-HOLES and I hate the one sided view on men with this show. Not just that, the sex scenes are depressing and very unrealistic, I personally wouldn`t touch any of those `GIRLS` with a ten foot pole BUT THATS JUST ME..It has NOTHING to do with their looks. The show is so unrealistic but tries so darn hard to pride itself as realism.

    Whats orginal about the show? How many times have we seen the girl meet guy, have sex with guy, look totally bored but the guy is totally get off, and then BAM done. Shes left hanging and he gets up and walks away and acts like a complete douche. CLICHE CLICHE CLICHE AND NOTHING ORGINAL.

    EVERY SINGLE GIRL I KNOW that has watched this show has either stopped watching it all together and could never get into it. Yes! It had it`s fans. Funny as it is a couple of my buddies watch it and a few of my gay buddies like it too. I don`t know ONE female friend of mine that has raved about this show and half my buddies are likely only watching for the nudity.

  • Peter

    @BigBrotherFan, “Not just that, the sex scenes are depressing and very unrealistic.”

    Not true. 1st off, the fact that they have a woman who looks average, isn’t pretty having sex makes the sex scenes realistic, okay. Thats different from you see on most tv shows where they both have models having sex.

    It’s not one sided Whats its trying to show is that both men and women can both have egos. By the way, Girls calls out the characters unlikeability on a regular basis.

    Don’t you understand that the writing is making fun of these people.

  • Peter

    @BigBrotherFan, Just because every woman you know doesn’t like the show, doesn’t mean thats an accurate representation of how all women feel about Girls.

    Another example of realism in Girls is the fight scene between Marnie and Hannah in episode 9. That scene was very realistic in how some women sometimes get into disagreements with each other.

  • BigBrotherFan


    Dude!!!! The show is so unrealistic. Of course I know that average ladies have sex, of course! My issue isn`t THAT I had to be subjected to a nude Lena Dunham. My issue is the show tries much to hard with it`s SHOCK VALUE and I wish it could rely more on its writing and acting rather then how realistic or not the sex scenes are. Thats all it tries to go for, and it doesnt even get that right!

    I know a lot of girls and not one of them likes this show. I stated that I know many guys who enjoy it but not one girl. I`m not really saying it`s a accurate representation…maybe I just know one kind of GIRL then..who knows? I can say of the 9 or so girls I know that have watched it ALL OF HATED IT OR GAVE UP ON IT.

    Sorry, Peter. I just think its overrated and not very good.

    PS- No. The way this show paints men and `girls`is completley ONE SIDED and crude to men. You can see DUNHAM do the exact same thing in her god awful film TINY FURNITURE.

  • BigBrotherFan

    It goes for the classic stereotype of men that ladies like DUNHAM love to portray

  • BigBrotherFan

    I should add I have no problems with that STEREOTYPE
    I think the SOPRANOS handeled it very well
    This is OVERKILL with Dunham!

  • KC

    @Weez: I’ve watched the first season of Girls because I wanted to give it a chance and to have an informed opinion. In the end I didn’t like it, at all. The reason why people have trouble articulating why they don’t like Girls is because it’s a very meh show. The strong feelings don’t come from the show so much as they are a backlash from the show being shoved down people’s throats. E.g., numerous and constant articles saying that Girls is the most brilliant show and commentators and bloggers saying that people who don’t like Girls are stupid, misogynists, or just don’t get it.

    I get it, but “it” is still unoriginal and insipid. Most episodes did not possess a single interesting moment, be it amusing or thought provoking. The only funny moments in the season were the gay dad joke and when Shoshanna accidentally smoked crack. I honestly can’t think of one thought provoking moment from the first season. Although, there were a few moments that made me want to yell a the TV that were probably intended to be thought provoking, but missed the mark. Like when Hanna begs Adam to take her back after he lied about his STD test. I assume that was supposed to make me reflect about how desperate young women are for approval and about how they’re willing to be treated horribly to get it. The problem is I don’t know a single person who would do what Hannah did so in the end I just ended up hating her for being a completely unrealistic and unrelatable character.

  • Peter

    @KC “I honestly can’t think of one thought provoking moment from the first season.”

    The Hannah Marnie fight scene was very thought provoking and had a lot of substance to it.

  • landon

    The show isn’t too bad but I do think Lena gets WAY TOO much screen time when in reality, the other character are far more interesting. Someone pointed out that she insists on being naked all the time, I actually agree with this. Her scenes where she is naked or half naked look forced and not genuine.

  • Leon

    Iam a black male and I think “Girls” is a very witty,charming,unique, and refreshing tv show!! so glad for the renewal

  • Quinn

    I can’t believe the hate people have for this show…

    This is literally one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen! I really don’t get the disdain people have for it. I have to wonder if if plays well for the higher educated, career driven and financially successful class of people. Maybe the others just don’t get it, or don’t want to because they don’t understand.


  • girls need more cowbell

    Can’t wait for the show boys, starring some ugly overweight guy who enjoys getting nude. Kind of funny. Ratings are inline with Honey Boo Boo..

  • KC

    @Peter: Obviously it was to you since you have brought it up twice, but it wasn’t to me. You obviously get something from the show, which is fine, and I obviously don’t, which also should be fine but most Girls fans don’t seem tho think that it is.

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