'Ben and Kate' Officially Canceled by FOX

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January 25th, 2013

FOX has officially canceled Ben and Kate. Wednesday FOX removed the struggling freshman comedy from its schedule. Today, per The Hollywood Reporter, filming ended. Sixteen of the eighteen episodes that were ordered have been shot. No word on whether the remaining unaired episodes will ever be shown.

  • Kie


  • The Original J

    File this under “unfortunate but inevitable.”

  • SJ


    THR, as usual, has got it wrong. The show’s order was for 19 episodes and 15 were produced. Since 13 aired, that leaves two unaired episodes. I hope Fox will air them in a one-hour block on a spring Friday.

  • Ram510

    Good that show was horrible

  • Oliver

    Shame it didn’t even get a proper finale.

    Good show. Fox never really figured out how to market it and it never got sampled.

  • DougF


    Was hands down the best new comedy of the season.

  • Cory

    I am very saddened by this. The show was purely a delight to watch, absolutely the best show on TV this season (not exaggerating, and I watch a LOT of shows). How lovely sitcoms like this can struggle so mightily and drek like Big Bang/2.5 men dominate year after year just frustrates me.

  • Rebecca

    Dang it, I really liked this show for the most part. At least I still have Go On, Mindy, Guys with Kids, 1600 Penn, and Neighbors….just among the new shows.

  • Kyle7

    “How lovely sitcoms like this can struggle so mightily and drek like Big Bang/2.5 men dominate year after year just frustrates me.”

    A fair amount of the criticism I heard was that it was lovely/nice, but not really that funny. That’s a problem for a network comedy.

    “Shame it didn’t even get a proper finale.”

    Does every show need a proper finale? Last Resort kind of needed one since it was a serialized show and the ongoing plotline was a key focus. I’m not so sure less-serialized shows, which I would say include pretty much every comedy, necessarily require that level of closure since there are rarely major questions to be answered. I feel this is doubly true for non-serialized shows that don’t see a second season.

  • Bitter Ringer Fan

    I watch the show from the beginning but to be honest i was never hooked, it had a couple of good episodes but mostly mediocre ones. I didn’t expect them to cancel it before finishing airing its season order though.

  • carigis

    best news Ive heard all year. that was the worst most unfunny show on tv.

  • Francis Urquhart

    Good riddance. Next on the chopping block: The Mindy Project.

    If Kevin Reilly wants to save his job, it’s time for him to put a bit of stick about.

  • Oliver


    It didn’t need one, but it would have been nice. Most comedies are serialised these days to some degree and have set season/half-season finales.

  • Freddy Arrow


    “Shame it didn’t even get a proper finale.”

    Should I assume this is sarcasm? It’s a sitcom that’s been around a few months. What exactly would constitute a “proper finale”?

  • Oliver

    I can’t believe some people are hating on this show in the season that brought us Partners, Animal Practice, Guys With Kids, 1600 Penn, The Mindy Project, The Neighbors and Go On.

    It was the highlight of a terrible, terrible comedy season. I can’t remember the last one that was so bad, especially given the quantity of freshman comedies.

  • merrranga

    yeah. somehow watching this show from episode 1, i could feel it getting cancelled. it was good, not nearly good enough.

  • Oliver

    @Freddy Arrow

    Have you actually watched a recent sitcom? Pretty much all recent shows have dedicated season finales written that wrap up threads and provide some sort of closure in case of cancellation.

    I bet an intended finale was written at episode 18, presuming cancellation, that was never filmed.

  • DW

    good. and i’m still going with raising hope and mindy going bye bye at the end of the season.

  • silvit


    The next season seems to be shaping up to be as bad.

  • Mike

    F u fox I hope next season your shows continue to be underwhelming in the ratings as they were this season…

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