'Ben and Kate' Officially Canceled by FOX

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January 25th, 2013

FOX has officially canceled Ben and Kate. Wednesday FOX removed the struggling freshman comedy from its schedule. Today, per The Hollywood Reporter, filming ended. Sixteen of the eighteen episodes that were ordered have been shot. No word on whether the remaining unaired episodes will ever be shown.

  • Dan

    @Ultima – While CBS, didn’t let The Bridge finish up, ever since 2010, every episode of every show on CBS has been burned off one way or the other. The way CBS sees it a saturday burnoff over the summer is better than reruns. They got rid of HTBAG and NYC22 last summer, they unexpectedly burned off Made in Jersey saturdays during the broadcast season, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they burned off the remaining 7 Partners and Friend Me on Satudays this summer. With 3 remaining episodes of Ben & Kate, and 7 of Goodwin Games, I’m sure FOX will air both this summer.

    My guess is if Goodwin Games airs this spring, FOX may double up on it Fridays after KN finishes up, or airs it Fridays at 8 or 8:30 paired with New Girl repeats. If it airs this summer than on days where FOX airs Raising Hope, New Girl, and Mindy Project reruns, Goodwin Games, may be paired with it. As for the remaining Ben & Kate eps, there are 3 so maybe FOX will air them all in one night, or consecutive Sundays at 7:00. Who knows? I’m sure they will air.

  • John A

    Never watched it so dont care. Why do Fox have such a horrible time launching comedies?

  • Kevin

    Who’s laughing now Fox? HA HA HA HA :-(

  • chris23

    FOX needs to dump Mindy Project next! Also don’t put Raising Hope as a leadin show at 8 next year, assuming it’s renewed. If anything put new girl and hope back at 9/930 with a new 1 hour show at 8.

  • AJ

    NOO!!! Ben and Kate was my FAVORITE show… They didn’t give it a chance.

  • Dan

    Actually it was unfortunate timing that ultimately killed B&K. They needed Raising Hope as a lead in bc Fox couldn’t launch a new show at 8 and they did it right airing family shows at 8 and 830 and early 30s dating comedies at 9 and 930. What could Fox expect from B&K going up against two of the highest rated shows on TV NCIS and The Voice as well as DWTS which still does respectable. If NBC didn’t have The Voice and ABC aired DWTS at 9 and other shows at 8 than B&K would have a chance. Seriously why Watch a new show when it airs against established and higher rated shows like NCIS DWTS and Voice. It’s what happened to Last Resort.

  • Luke

    This sucks! Damn you fox, one of, if not the best sitcom of the fall and you don’t even let it run it’s course…. Yeah it was hurting shows around it, but there are fans out there who wanted to see it end. It was a nice and light comedy and that’s what the block needed, true Raising Hope probably wasn’t the best lead in, but there again Raising Hope can probably stand by itself now. Ben and Kate should’ve been in RH’s slot and then maybe it wouldn’t have lost a lot of viewers.

  • Fielding

    Good. Nat Faxon is a douche.

  • Nathan Fuentes

    They did have a ongoing story, I wanted to know what happened to rail mall :(

  • The Hafk

    Lets be honest people, it’s incredible that this show managed to air 15 episodes and I thank Fox for letting it last as long as it did. Fox gave Ben and Kate a consistent timeslot, aired it with similar shows, aired the episodes in order, and didn’t push it around the week. They gave it a chance.

    Business is business. It’s a shame. Could it have been scheduled and promoted better? Absolutely. But it’s over now. At least FOX actually gave it shot, that’s more than you can say about ABC and Apartment 23.

    RIP Ben and Kate.

  • Zoel78

    @Francis Urquhart
    The Mindy project is a great show but it is a show for people under 45 and educated. Keep watching shows of your generation like Three’s Company.

  • SJ


    There are two episodes left. The show had a 19-episode order and completed 15 episodes, only 13 of which aired.

    Side note: I’m really surprised the production on the show is so slow. I think most sitcoms are producing episode 18-19 at the moment.

  • Data

    Inevitable but frustrating nonetheless. It was my favorite new comedy of the season. It is even more irritating when you think about that this horrible Mindy Project is under the semi-protection of New Girl and therefore will probably see another season.

  • Data

    Oh and by the way to whoever says this show wasn’t funny enough to succeed on network television: It actually was laugh-out-loud-funny once you really got into it and the characters. Wonderful cast with such an extraordinary chemistry – that alone makes its cancellation even sadder.

    And another by the way: A lot of shows that are considered hilarious don’t do that well on network television either: Parks and Recreation, Community, Happy Endings – just to name a few – are all ratings loosers, yet are amongst the funniest shows currently on the air. So the argument “it wasn’t really all that funny and that’s why it got cancelled” isn’t really doing it for me.

  • POI

    if the mindy project is not going to get canceled i will not watch fox again atleast no new show i will continue the shows i already watch

  • I Love TV!

    RIP Best new comedy of the year

  • Shabbir

    awww liked show. oh well. Nice clean family comedy. 2013 had been a bad year for my shows.

  • gwen

    The show had potential but at times it just wasn’t funny like a few other shows the season it seemed “undercooked” it needed much more thought added to it,that and more funny situations,the cast were pretty good and we’ll no doubt see them in other shows soon.

  • AiPod

    Can’t believe it took them so long to cancel it. I guess next in line is Mindy Project. It won’t be long since we see Guys with kids and 1600 Penn cancelled as well. Go On and TNN are lucky that the others are doing worse hehe

  • dexterfan

    i really liked this show and lucy punch as bj was amazing. i hope she gets a new gig soon. lucy, comedy needs you!! :)
    as for the ratings, let’s be honest.. raising hope is averaging a 1,7/1,8 and is not working as a lead-in no matter how you put it. and new girl doesn’t need a lead-in, it premiered extremely well (low 4’s, i guess) and it is in its second year (meaning that it has a fanbase). the problem is the schedule. if they would have left glee on tuesday to anchor the night and launch new shows after x-factor, things might have looked different. of course x-factor is not a monster hit, but at least gets high 2’s.
    if the following drops in ratings (and my guess is that it will), fox might be left with no new shows this year.

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