'Ben and Kate' Officially Canceled by FOX

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January 25th, 2013

FOX has officially canceled Ben and Kate. Wednesday FOX removed the struggling freshman comedy from its schedule. Today, per The Hollywood Reporter, filming ended. Sixteen of the eighteen episodes that were ordered have been shot. No word on whether the remaining unaired episodes will ever be shown.

  • Sel

    Lucy Punch have got to find a new comedy that will live at least 6-8 years! She’s the real deal!

  • Ultima

    This sucks! Damn you fox, one of, if not the best sitcom of the fall and you don’t even let it run it’s course….

    Why would they let it run its course? It probably should have bee pulled earlier. The ratings are awful.

  • tommie

    And yum yum the bear goes.

  • Data

    @Ultima: You are a ratings geek (don’t take this as an insult) and I respect your opinion but some people here (like me) are just here to check out the ratings to see if their favorite shows will come back or not – I don’t really care for numbers all that much but I really do care for the creative side of a show. So I can relate to people who are saddened if a show gets canned – and yes, the ratings were horrid so I get why they pulled it. But that doesn’t make it better.

  • DM

    Surprisingly quick and witty show that kept it just a notch above the standard sitcom cliche stuff. I hope this gets Dakota Johnson some attention, she was terrific.

    The five main characters all had really great chemistry. But no notable star was gonna put it behind the eight ball from the start.

    Good show.


    And the bear says “CHOMP, CHOMP, GULP”

  • axola

    Watched first two episodes and thought it was horrible. When the two main characters of a show annoy you to the point of wanting to change channels every time they are on screen, you know that the show is probably going to go down pretty fast.

  • Dan

    @SJ – I’m hearing conflicting reports that it was episode 16, but I’m guessing some sites that report the show to have 18 episodes produced (I guess not counting the Pilot) still state 3 episodes not produced, we’ll find out soon enough though.

  • iggy agrimotor

    just pretend they didn’t make the other two episodes and move on with your lives

  • Dan

    I agree this was one of the rare shows that got horribly low ratings, aired episodes in order, and was given a chance to improve by FOX, likely because they liked the series. Unfortunately they had to let it go. I’m sure with 2 or 3 unaired episodes, FOX will burn them off at some point.

  • a p garcia

    The best thing about B & K was Dakota Johnson


    People…don’t be crazy…GWK will be renewed, NBC brass loves that show! YOU HEARD IT first here! I can’t say the same about TNN or 1600 PENN….they might be gone soon!

  • ToXiX

    Next season


    8 Bones
    9 New Drama / The following ( spring )


    8 Raising Hope
    830 The Mindy Project
    9 New Girl
    930 New Comedy


    8 The X Factor


    8 The X Factor
    9 Glee


    8 Touch
    9 Kitchen Nightmares

  • Rob R

    I enjoyed the Ben and Kate pilot very much, and watched all the episodes, particularly enjoying Dakota Johnson’s performance. The writing was never quite as good as the pilot. FOX gave the show a fair shot, but the viewers didn’t materialize. Hope to see Dakota again in a new show; I think her career got a boost from this noble failure.

  • Rebecca

    The article on Zap2it says they shut down production immediately without even getting to finish the episode they were making. Sucks.

  • forg

    I can’t believe some people are hating on this show in the season that brought us Partners, Animal Practice, Guys With Kids, 1600 Penn, The Mindy Project, The Neighbors and Go On.

    Mindy, Neighbors and Go On IMO are not bad. Neighbors had an awful pilot but it’s gotten better. Mindy and Go On’s still struggling with the right tone but they have their funny moments every now and then

    NOO!!! Ben and Kate was my FAVORITE show… They didn’t give it a chance.

    Fox aired it longer than their ratings warranted. It just didn’t click

  • Dan

    @Toxix – That would be my exact schedule as well but knowing FOX they will probably try to shake things up or get rid of the comedy block. If Touch gets renewed it will stay on Fridays but thats assuming it does get renewed. Knowing that Mindy Project would be renewed it would likely be moved to 8:30 so FOX can launch a new show behind New Girl. Following (If renewed) will be a midseason drama since Kevin Bacon is contracted to only 15 episodes. I really do think it will be renewed if it holds steady between a 2.1 and a 3.0. Its premiere was well and while many people compare The Followings numbers to last season’s Terra Nova, Alcatraz, Touch, The Finder etc. and while 3 of those shows premiered higher, FOX will renew The Following only because they currently have no other well performing dramas and it did so much better than The Mob Doctor.

    FOX may try to shake it up but what can they do? Move Glee to Tuesdays at 8, with New Girl and Mindy Project at 9 and 9:30 and air a new drama at Thursdays at 9 and Mondays at 9 and air a new comedy with Raising Hope at 8 and 8:30 along with Kitchen Nightmares. That gives them room for 2 dramas but if FOX wants to keep New Girl and Mindy together a new comedy would flop on Fridays.

  • Jacqui

    This was not the year for sitcoms not titled The Big Bang Theory.

  • Dan

    OK so to be clear.

    Ben & Kate originally had a 13 episode order.
    Fox ordered 6 additional episodes giving it 19 total.
    Fox pulled the series after 13 episodes aired.
    Production was halted in the middle of filming the series’ 16th episode and did not complete.
    15 episodes have been produced total leaving 2 unaired currently.

    Is that about right?

  • Dizzard


    Please put some funny multi-cams like Married with Children and Martin back on. PLEASE!

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