Report: AMC Planning 'Talking Bad' Companion Show for Final Season of 'Breaking Bad'

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January 25th, 2013

Deadline reports that AMC is developing Talking Bad, a recap and discussion show that will air after the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad. The show will, as its name suggests, be similar to Talking Dead, which follows The Walking Dead.

  • Jason


  • Smoke That Sherm-Palladino

    amc is so lame, jesus

  • Lucas

    Kinda late for this, isn’t it? Although I bet it would be way better than Talking Dead.

  • Shepherd

    I don’t watch Talking Dead, but I could see myself watching this. IMO, BB seems more like a show with things worth discussion.

  • Oliver

    It’d get half-decent ratings and cost AMC next-to-nothing. Why wouldn’t they do this?

    That said, expanding it to Talking Killing would be a bad idea…

  • John A

    It get like 0.4 talking dead does well because TWD is crazy popular where as Breaking Bad not so much.

  • Oliver

    AMC would be very happy getting 0.4. That’s something like 3/4s of The Killing’s ratings.

  • Richard

    As long as it’s not Chris hardwiick

  • Matt

    I don’t think AMC gets the fact that Talking Dead works because its a pun.

  • merrranga

    the realist in me knows that this show is completely pointless.
    the fanboy in me will watch every episode.

  • Hugh

    The pun doesnt work!

    Should be called “Breaking Breaking Bad”

  • Carl

    I like BB and TWD. While BB is the better show in my opinion (especially the writing), TWD is more of a fanboy show. Fanboy shows are a better fit for that type of aftershow talkshow.

  • Lee

    Braking Bad… Making Bad or Raking Bad after this obvious cash grab.

  • Joshua Perry

    The show directors and actors already do a Breaking Bad podcast, for every episode

  • richard

    And i dont disli ke chris hardwick, just wouldnt seem to be a good fit for this is all

  • TV Gord

    I’d call it Speaking Bad, and I’d get the boys from Malcolm In The Middle to co-host.

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