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January 25th, 2013

Almost every broadcast program is a repeat tonight, with the exceptions of news magazines 20/20 and Dateline, reality series Kitchen Nightmares, and, the only new scripted program, Nikita. The show has struggled mightily this season as it attempts to outrun the Cancellation Bear and make it to syndication. It has yet to score higher than a 0.4 adults 18-49 rating. But the lack of competition tonight could give it a boost. Do you think Nikita can make it to the lofty heights of a 0.5 or even a 0.6? Make your predictions.


  • Jason50


    ………Ok I’m calm I’ll go 0.4, but there is a good line up of Nikita, Banshee, and Spartacus tonight. Action packed Fridays.

  • bsp

    Going to watch the pilot of The Following, which I missed on Monday…

  • david

    I say a .4 or .5 maybe.

  • JulieDawn

    I voted a .4 but I wouldn’t be surprised by a .5, on the other hand I wouldn’t be surprised by a .3 either! lol

  • Glover

    Competition was never Nikita’s problem. In fact, the show has aired against zero scripted competition before and it didn’t help. Nikita will get a 0.4 or even less.

  • ZmaX

    @ Shepherd
    Yeah, I know that. (I haven’t seen the 2 films, but I have seen the 90s series.)
    I was just pointing out it’s similarities with Alias, for Chris23

  • John A

    Maybe with no Scripted competition it might sink to 0.3 everyone might think Nikita is a repeat too.

  • v

    Haters on a friday show, sad.
    0.4, could sneak 0.5 depending on rounding numbers.

  • Alan

    0.4 or 0.5. This show is so dead.

  • Shepherd

    @Michael Myers

    Ironically, and to Nikita’s benefit; it was because of all the bashing on this site that I decided to give the show a try! I really enjoyed catching up on seasons one and two. The fact that I’m enjoying Arrow may have also played a small part in my decision.

  • Noel

    Considering how important the last episode was, maybe it will get even more viewers just to see the aftermath of things that happened on that episode. I hope for the best for Nikita! At least a 0.5 come on people!

  • John A

    @Michael Myers/Bondoel Please i bashed fringe pathetic ratings myself. I was annoyed when people bashed the finale ratings sure as who cares its over. Ive seen you bash other CW shows ratings at times to make Crapkita look good so you cant complain.

  • kaz

    You mean you haven’t seen any episodes of Nikita yet? I was like you before. I had doubts when I started watching it because I couldn’t stop comparing each scenes with Alias. I’m a big fan of Alias. But actually, after a few episodes, you’ll get to realize that Nikita has a story of its own. And you get sucked into it. And the action scenes are made for the big screen. Better than action films I see now. So keep your doubts, but give it a chance. This coming from a huge Alias fan, and now a huge Nikita fan.

  • Nerdbot

    I really hope it gets over 0.4, because last week’s episode was IMO one of the best ever and it ended in such a big cliffhanger, but I’m afraid it will stay between 0.3-0.4.

  • Kavyn

    @chris the first two seasons are pretty great (especially season 1). This season has too much focus on the romance and it’s taking the quality of the show down, but it’s gotten better recently with Isaiah and now last week’s twist

    I always smile at the bitter TSC fans trashing Nikita. It’s just a reminder of how we won while TSC got cancelled (the “renewed… oops we meant cancelled” announcement on TVLine was hilarious) :)

  • Brian

    0.5. Fringe’s departure could give it a boost.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Despite it being my favorite show, I really don’t think it’s going to do better than .4, although I would be happy if it did a .5. Anything higher I just don’t think is feasible.

    It doesn’t matter anyway. The syndication thrust is a done deal. Nikita will get a fourth season and probably struggle to maintain a .4. The CW just doesn’t care about Friday as long as it gets Nikita at a cheap enough price to hold down one hour that night. WB is betting it can recoup its costs in overseas syndication (not US syndication). Otherwise the show wouldn’t have gotten a third season.

  • Caren

    I love Nikita and it’s the only show I watched tonight. Miss Fringe terribly!!

  • XXX

    I hope for at least 0.5.

  • jr

    It will be a pathetic rating that’s for sure.

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