HBO's 'Girls,' Renewed & TBS's 'Wedding Band' Canceled - Scripted Cable Renew/Cancel Status Through January 25, 2013

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January 26th, 2013

No predictions, just statuses. If it's past the date below, click here to see if there are updates.

Last Updated January 26, 2013

Changes This Week:

Remember not so long ago when many were lamenting how long it was taking for the fates of Leverage, Alphas, and Drop Dead Diva?  At least as far as status updates went, those were the good old days. We've now moved on to the more snooze-worthy (Zzzzzzzzzzzz) dog days of winter.  Yeah, I know dog days are for summer, and it's winter and it's like 20 degrees at midday in New York City today. But, it's summer in the southern hemisphere so hello to our readers from Australia and Argentina! None of that makes this update any more interesting, but still...

HBO officially renewed Girls for a 12 episode 3rd season and TBS canceled The Wedding Band after its freshman season. That's pretty much a wrap on the changes for this week.  Starz' Spartacus returned on Friday for its final season so its status has been updated. I've also changed Dallas to reflect that it's in its second season, even though that's a couple of days away and gone ahead and added FX's The Americans to the list even though it doesn't premiere until Wednesday. Just playing it safe in case with the Super Bowl coming up next week I decide to punt on a new post next weekend and merely update this one.


  • Kids shows and Adult Swim shows are not on the list below
  • I've seen some squawking about shows on the list below that are owned/created by networks/studios outside of the United States. For purposes of this list, which focuses on U.S. cable networks, I'm only focused on where the shows air here in U.S.
  • Shows from overseas like Downton Abbey & Sherlock that air on PBS in the U.S. are not in the list below (PBS is not a cable network), though ITV has renewed Downton Abbey for a 4th season in the UK which will ultimately air in the states.
  • Despite some current inconsistencies in the table below, I do not intend to track episode orders or return dates specifically in this table at this time. The primary goal of the table is: what's been renewed, what's been canceled, and what shows fates haven't been decided yet.

Last Updated January 26, 2013

Most of the shows on the list have statuses - if there isn't a status that just means there has been no announcement at the time of the most recent update (see date at top of post and/or above the table below).


Show Network Current / Last Season Status
Breakout Kings A&E 2 Canceled after 2nd season
Glades, The A&E 3 Renewed for a 4th season
Longmire A&E 1 Renewed for a 2nd season
Baby Daddy ABCFAM 1 Renewed for a 2nd season
Bunheads ABCFAM 1
Jane by Design ABCFAM 1 Cancelled after 1st season
Lying Game, The ABCFAM 2
Melissa & Joey ABCFAM 2 Renewed for a 3rd season
Pretty Little Liars ABCFAM 3 Renewed for a 4th season
Secret Life of the American Teenager ABCFAM 5 Upcoming 2nd half of 5th season will be its last
Switched at Birth ABCFAM 2
Breaking Bad AMC 5 Ending after 5th season
Hell on Wheels AMC 2 Renewed for a 10 episode 3rd Season
Mad Men AMC 5 Renewed for a 6th season
The Killing AMC 2 Renewed for a 12 episode 3rd Season
The Walking Dead AMC 3 Renewed for a 4th Season
Bedlam BBCA 2
Being Human BBCA 4 Renewed for a 6 Episode 5th Season
Copper BBCA 1 Renewed for a 2nd season
Doctor Who BBCA 7 7th Season Resumes March 30th, 2013
Luther BBCA 2 Renewed for 4 Episode 3rd Season
The Hour BBCA 2
Ripper Street BBCA 1
Game, The BET 5 Renewed for a 6th season
Let's Stay Together BET 2 Renewed for a 3rd Season
Real Husbands of Hollywood BET 1
Reed Between the Lines BET 1 Renewed for a 2nd Season
Second Generation Wayans BET 1
Futurama CMDY 7 Second half of 26 episode S7 still to air in 2013
Kroll Show CMDY 1
South Park CMDY 16 Renewed through 20th season (2016)
Workaholics CMDY 3 Renewed for 13 episode 4th & 5th Seasons
American Horror Story FX 2 Renewed for a 13 hour third season
Americans, The FX 1
Anger Management FX 2 Renewed for a total of 100 episodes including first season
Archer FX 4
It's Always Sunny... FX 8 Renewedfor a 9th season
Justified FX 4
League, The FX 4 Renewed for a 13 episode 5th season
Legit FX 1
Louie FX 3 Renewed for a 4th season but will not return until 2014
Sons of Anarchy FX 5 Renewed for a 6th season
Unsupervised FX 1 Cancelled according to Glenn Howerton
Wilfred FX 2 Renewed for a 3rd Season
Boardwalk Empire HBO 3 Renewed for a 4th season
Bored to Death HBO 3 Canceled after 3rd season
Curb Your Enthusiasm HBO 8 Unknown. "It's always up to Larry," says HBO
Eastbound & Down HBO 3 Renewed for a 4th season
Enlightened HBO 2
Game of Thrones HBO 2 Renewed for a 10 episode 3rd Season
Girls HBO 2 Renewed for 12 episode 3rd season
How to Make it in America HBO 2 Canceled after 2nd season
Hung HBO 3 Canceled after 3rd season
Newsroom HBO 1 Renewed for a 2nd season
Treme HBO 3 Renewed for 5 episode 4th and final season
True Blood HBO 5 Renewed for a 10 episode 6th season
Veep HBO 1 Renewed for a 10 episode 2nd season
Bullet in the Face IFC 1
Portlandia IFC 3
Todd Margaret IFC 2 Ended after 2nd season
Army Wives LIFE 6 Renewed for a 13 episode 7th season
Client List, The LIFE 1 Renewed for a 15 episode 2nd season
Drop Dead Diva LIFE 4 Canceled after 4th season
Banshee MAX 1
Hunted MAX 1 BBC One not moving forward with 2nd season, Cinemax is considering its options.
Strike Back MAX 2 Renewed for a 3rd Season
Awkward MTV 2 Renewed for 20 episode 3rd season
Beavis and Butt-Head MTV
The Inbetweeners MTV 1 canceled after 1st season
Teen Wolf MTV 2 Renewed for 24 episode 3rd season
Underemployed MTV 1
Californication SHO 6
Dexter SHO 7 Renewed for an 8th (and presumed final) Season
Episodes SHO 2 Renewed for a 3rd season, But Probably Not Returning until early 2014
Homeland SHO 2 Renewed for 12 episode 3rd season
House of Lies SHO 2
Nurse Jackie SHO 4 Renewed for a 5th season
Shameless SHO 3
The Big C SHO 3 Renewed for a 4th and final season
The Borgias SHO 2 Renewed for a 10 episode 3rd Season
Web Therapy SHO 2 Renewed for a 10 episode 3rd Season
Weeds SHO 8 Series concluded after 8th season
Alphas SYFY 2 Canceled after 2nd season
Being Human SYFY 3
Continuum SYFY 1 Already renewed for a 2nd season in Canada
Eureka SYFY 5 Canceled After 5th Season
Haven SYFY 3 Renewed for a 13 episode 4th season
Lost Girl SYFY 3
Merlin SYFY 5 Ending after 5th season
Sanctuary SYFY 4 Cancelled after 4th season
Warehouse 13 SYFY 4 S4 expanded to 20 episodes (half have aired)
Boss STARZ 2 Canceled after 2nd season
Magic City STARZ 1 Renewed for a 10 episode 2nd season
Spartacus STARZ 4 Renewed for a 4th and final season
Cougar Town TBS 4
Men at Work TBS 1 Renewed for a 10 episode 2nd season
Sullivan & Son TBS 1 Renewed for a 10 episode 2nd season
Tyler Perrys: For Better or Worse TBS 2
Tyler Perrys: House of Payne TBS 8 concluded after 8th season
Wedding Band TBS 1 Cancelled after 1st season
Dallas TNT 2
Falling Skies TNT 2 Renewed for a 3rd Season
Franklin & Bash TNT 2 Renewed for a 3rd Season
Leverage TNT 5 Cancelled after 5th season
Major Crimes TNT 1 Renewed for a 15 episode 2nd season
Perception TNT 1 Renewed for a 13 episode 2nd season
Rizzoli & Isles TNT 3 Renewed for a 15 episode fourth season
Southland TNT 4 Renewed for 10 episode 5th season
The Closer TNT 7 Concluded after 7th season
Exes, The TVLAND 2 Renewed for a 10 episode 3rd season
Happily Divorced TVLAND 2
Hot in Cleveland TVLAND 4
Retired at 35 TVLAND 2 Canceled after 2nd season
Soul Man, The TVLAND 1 Renewed for a 10 episode 2nd season.
Burn Notice USA 6 renewed for a 13 episode 7th season
Common Law USA 1 canceled after 1st season
Covert Affairs USA 3 Renewed for a 16 episode fourth season
Fairly Legal USA 2 Canceled after 2nd season
In Plain Sight USA 5 Canceled After 5th Season
Necessary Roughness USA 2 Renewed for a 10 episode 3rd Season
Political Animals USA 1 mini-series, USA says there won't be more
Psych USA 6 Renewed for an 8th season, S7 premieres 2/27/13
Royal Pains USA 4 Renewed for 5th & 6th Seasons (26 episodes total)
Suits USA 2 Renewed for a 16 episode 3rd season
White Collar USA 4 Renewed for a 16 episode 5th season
Single Ladies VH1 2 Renewed for a 3rd season


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  • Richard Steven Hack

    From now on, I’m going to save my posts in a text file, so I don’t have to rekey them when they end up in the spam filter…

  • Dan

    @Nick – You’re right about Bunheads and Lying Game, for some reason I had them mixed up. However while Justified is lower than American Horror Story and Sons of Anarchy, is FX really willing to cancel their stil high rated and critically acclaimed drama series, especially when they don’t know how The Americans will fare and Justified has been the best spring drama FX has had since Rescue Me and Nip/Tuck aired in the spring.

    FX is desperate for dramas so if a drama does well for them they will stick with it that same time every year. If The Americans does well than I can see

    Justified and The Americans being a spring staple
    Sons of Anarchy and American Horror Story are a fall staple
    and eventually FX may want to introduce a new drama to the Summer.

    ABC Family does this. Out of 2 dramas debuted each year 1 usually gets extended and the other gets axed after 1 season. Examples include Pretty Little Liars and Huge. If 3 dramas premiere 2 get renewed for more eps as part of Season 1, 1 gets axed and out of those 2 survive beyond season 1. Examples for those include Switched at Birth, The Lying Game and Nine Lives of Chloe King, where King was cancelled and TLG and SAB both got second seasons but whereas SAB will likely become the new Secret Life and PLL. Sometimes a show that gets extended wont get the second season as evidenced with Jane By Design, 10 Things I Hate About You, and likely Bunheads. I doubt The Lying Game will survive beyond a second season.

    My final guess based on ABC’s trends
    Switched at Birth after airing it’s 20 episode second season will get a third season as it is the new Secret Life/Pretty Little Liars of the network.
    Bunheads will probably be cancelled after it’s first season is over but I wouldn’t rule out a second year.
    The Lying Game will probably be cancelled as well after this season but again I wouldn’t rule out a short third season a la Make it Or Break It.
    Secret Life is ending this year after 5 years.

  • Bill Gorman

    “Back in the spam filter again… I think that was a Western song, right?”

    Freed, but no clue whatsoever why it was trapped. My guesses that we had either “rape” or “rapist” manually on the list turned out to be wrong, and none of the other words seemed likely.

  • Nick


    Both Wikipedia and IMDb say nothing about a renewal for Ugly Americans. I’d assume nothing official has come out. However, it had terrible ratings and it has not been on the air since April.

  • Nick


    Yeah, those are all good points. Justified will certainly be renwwed.

    However, I’m sticking with my guess that The Lying Game will be renewed. It had even worse retention out of Pretty Little Liars before, and was still renewed. It’s coming back, unless ABC Family loves all of its upcoming pilots.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Bill: I’m resigned to the fact that the spam filter just doesn’t like my tone of voice. :-)

    It’s like the recent news that people can be identified by their choice of words. Researchers were able to identify various people by their writing styles with 80 percent success with as little as 5,000 words of text. It’s called stylometry.

    Your spam filter – since I started posting here around early 2009 – has just now decided it doesn’t like my “style”. :-)

    Come to think of it, neither do most people. :-)

  • The End

    I’m left wondering when TNT will air Season 3 of Falling Skies. Production is finished on the show, it ended in December. Adding special effects won’t take a huge amount of time. I would hate to see the network sit on it till June again. I would love an earlier premiere.

  • The End

    And speaking of Anger Management. I think the show will be one of those programs that slowly builds an audience, and if it doesn’t see an audience by the time we’re on the final season. I think it’l be dead in the water. It’l all depend on how much FX wants Charlie Sheen on their network.

    The show will be filming quite a lot of episodes a year, they’l have to make a decision in the next 2 years if they want more than the 90 episodes ordered. And to be honest 100 episodes is fine for a TV show. If it ends there, I doubt a huge amount of people will be upset.

  • Dan

    Hopefully TBS will steer clear of original hour-long scripted comedies for a while. “Glory Daze” and “Wedding Band” were both horrible and cancelled–deservedly–after 10 episodes.

  • DenverDean

    @Richard Steven “HACK” – perhaps that’s the word that triggers the spam filter!

  • omabin

    I am okay with my cable shows for now, but then again, I don’t watch too many. I would like that official confirmation on cougar town to come sooner rather than later, but i think it will be back, so it’s cool

  • Rebecca

    I wish they’d say something soon about Curb. I wonder how late Larry waits to decide.

  • Data

    @Rebecca: Larry David is currently working on a movie called Clear History for HBO. I don’t expect him to announce any future plan for Curb until that one is done and has aired.

  • Kevin

    Robert Seidman, you’ve listed a few shows that haven’t premiered yet and noticed that one is missing from A&E – Bates Motel first season 10 episodes.

  • Rishi

    Looking forward to The Americans. Will be interesting to see if the show works (both conceptually and ratings wise).

  • Dan

    @Nick – We’ll see about The Lying Game and Bunheads, the fate of Bunheads will probably be decided sooner than TLG only because Bunheads will be done in February so like Jnae by Design ABC family will probably axe it shortly after but if their summer shows click, than ABC family can very well axe Lying Game too leaving Pretty Little Liars and Switched at Birth as their only dramas left after Secret Life ends its run. Only time will tell.

    Also you’re probably right about Ugly Americans, the 7 episodes that aired last March behind South Park were leftovers from the 17 episode Second season that Comedy Central ordered in March 2010 (the first 10 of which aired behind Futurama in the summer of 2011). So the shows been out of production for a while now, Though I wish Comedy Central would officially announce its cancellation.

    @Rebecca – Data is right, Larry has a lot of things going on now so a new season probably wont air until 2014 at the earliest. But its the type of show that each season if 1 self contained story so such a gap wont affect the show at all.

  • MVProductions44

    Um correct me if I’m wrong Robert but hasn’t Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse already wrapped their 35 episodes; the season finale was in December! I think we’re waiting on renewal or cancellation now!

  • The Cool Max

    Again, need to add Comic Book Men under AMC.

  • Brian

    @The Cool Max – Comic Book Men isn’t a scripted show. That’s why it’s not listed here.

  • Robert Seidman

    @MVProductions: you are correct. I’ll remove the status line. Thanks.

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