Live +3 Ratings: 'The Following' Grows 34 Percent in Adults 18-49

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January 26th, 2013

via press note:

The Live + 3 ratings for this past Monday are in, and the premiere of THE FOLLOWING showed very strong DVR growth with the first 3 days after airing:


  • · With the Live +3s, THE FOLLOWING premiere delivered a 4.3/10 in L+3, up +34% from its L+SD rating (3.2).
  • · THE FOLLOWING remains the second-highest rated drama debut of the season behind Revolution (5.4/15, 33% gain vs. L+SD) and ahead of Elementary vs. (4.2/12).
  • · With this growth from DVR usage, THE FOLLOWING now out-rates last year’s premieres of both Terra Nova (4.1 in the L3s) and Alcatraz (4.0 in the L3s).


  • Colin

    Does L+3 help determine a shows renewal?

  • Tested

    I would say no. The folks who run this website say no.
    The networks say no. The advertisers say no.

    Yet.. the numbers are still gathered and reported. The number that IS important is the C3 numbers. We will never ever see those. Those numbers are used to set ad rates. C3 is the rating for COMMERCIALS on a live+3 day basis.

    I will say.. Fox made it a point to tell people to set their DVR’s for this show. Clearly it worked. I’m just not sure what it will do to the show.

  • Shepherd

    hmmm. Barely above Elementary’s numbers, which, while doing well, hasn’t been doing that great. I’m very interested in seeing the numbers for episodes 3 and 4 before making too many judgments.

  • Kyle7

    “Does L+3 help determine a shows renewal?”

    Technically L+SD doesn’t determine a show’s renewal either; it’s C+3, or commercials watched live and +3 days of DVR, that counts. TVBTN uses L+SD for their predictions because a) C+3 is rarely released and b) the relative values of L+SD between shows have appeared to be pretty close to the C+3 ratings when the latter have been released. Similarly, L+3 or L+7 rarely make the relative ratings change all that much. Sure, your favorite bubble show may have added 0.7 to its rating via DVR playback, but most of the other bubble shows probably did as well, and their overall standing in the pecking order is basically unchanged.

    If there were a show that gained abnormally large numbers of demo viewers via DVR, that might help its cause, but I can’t recall that happening.

  • Melissa


    The number that IS important is the C3 numbers. We will never ever see those.

    It’s not true that we “never ever” see this demographic. While the adults 18–49 C+3 ratings are rarely available to the public, they are released sometimes. For example, check out this MediaPost publication where you can find the adults 18–49 C+3 averages for several hit shows:

  • Colin


  • Peter

    What does SD mean?

  • Bill Gorman

    “What does SD mean?”

    Same Day. It incorporates DVR viewing prior to 3am after the airdate.

  • a p garcia

    It had me on the edge of my seat, let hope the intensity can be sustained for its run.

  • Dinaminjo

    L+3 is interesting because networks always hope that the people who didn’t have time or will to watch the show on SD will want to catch up on the next episode live..

    Which some do, but usually there are more people who dislike the show and quit.. Especially with the pilots..

  • USAmerica1st

    Thanks, Melissa, for the MediaPost link. They are looking deeper than some of us (meaning me) thought. “Affluency numbers”, indeed.

  • Dan

    Fox will renew The Following. After building in a slot that once housed the ill fated Mob Doctor, even if the numbers go down slightly especially against The Voice, FOX will still keep it for midseason next year.

    I know what everyone likes to say. THere’s no way FOX would go 0 for 2 in a season, but they acknowledge Lone Star and Chicago Code (I really thought Code would be renewed) But FOX had already had returning dramas House, Fringe, a small season of Bones and new shows Terra Nova, Touch, Alcatraz, and The Finder on tap for the next season. They probably didn’t have the room to keep Chicago Code.

    They can keep The Following and still have 2 to 3 new dramas for next season. With Fringe gone and Touch likely to flop this season, Fox will only have Bones and Glee as definite dramas for next year. Hopefully they get a better drama out of the gate then Flop doctor.

    Fox should have had more dramas than 2 this season and less than 4 last season but next year we’ll see what FOX does.

  • Ultima

    With this growth from DVR usage, THE FOLLOWING now out-rates last year’s premieres of both Terra Nova (4.1 in the L3s) and Alcatraz (4.0 in the L3s).

    In actual gains: The Following +1.1, Terra Nova +1.0, Alcatraz +0.7. Both Terra Nova and Alcatraz had two hour premieres; Terra Nova was repeated (on a Saturday), Alcatraz was not.

    Live+SD numbers…

    Second week vs premiere: Terra Nova even, Alcatarz -0.3

    Third week vs premiere: Terra Nova -0.6, Alcatraz -0.5

    Low/finale vs high/premiere : Terra Nova -1.0 (finale -0.9), Alcatraz -1.8 (finale was series low)

    Just some ratings crib notes for those that will want to compare The Following to FOX’s last two Monday dramas (excluded The Mob Doctor obviously).

  • Ultima


    For the fall, I think FOX should put their top drama pilot in the Monday 9pm slot and a genre/action drama on Friday.

    Then an additional drama for midseason (unless Touch ends up working out on Friday).

    With Kitchen Nightmares not having enough episodes to make it until May, I’m curious if they’ll try an April/May run of Hotel Hell, to see if it is a viable candidate for Fridays in the fall (assuming Touch is canceled). Of course, they may just be content with Kitchen Nightmares there as well.

  • Josh

    Well hopefully The Following can keep those numbers. I missed the first episode and not really caring because the last show I got really into got cancelled, Alcatraz. So not really caring what FOX has airing anymore, the only other show I used to watch was Glee and that has gotten to be quite old and lame. I wish FOX would have renewed Alcatraz over Touch, but oh well we will see how Touch fares this season.

  • Linda E.

    Where can I find the Live+3 for HF-0?

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