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January 27th, 2013

The Good Wife seems to get shafted by scheduling. (Yes,  I'm playing Fan Excuse Bingo.) The smart, critically acclaimed drama has always aired at the same time as other female skewing dramas -- first Parenthood then Desperate Housewives, now Revenge. It frequently airs late due to football overruns. Tonight, it gets a bit of a reprieve. ABC is airing a Hallmark movie tonight.  Will it help the show? Its most recent episode scored a 1.9 adults 18-49 rating. On January 29, 2012, when, like tonight, it faced off against a movie on ABC and the Pro Bowl, it earned a 2.2 adults 18-49 rating. So how will it fare? Make your predictions.

  • Liam

    Im gonna say around a 1.9-2.0. I don’t think it will drop, but I would really like to see a 2.1-2.2, a season high would be great.

  • Ryann

    If Nikita can reach a season high, why cant the good wife. 2.1 my guess

  • Raykov

    1.9 – 2.0 is my guess. I still have hope that they could get a short final season.

  • brian I

    Revenge should have been on today!

  • omabin

    a 2.0 rating would be my guess

  • DenverDean

    I hardly think a weakened REV is competition. TGW blows it’s huge lead-in TAR and its lead-out TM almost always rises.

  • John A

    TAR isnt a huge lead in. I hope a 2.0 but i fear a 1.6 with a repeat lead in.

  • John A

    Wish they would give it a friday night test like The Mentalist got to see it might do

  • Ryan

    I’d like to see it rise however I’m not holding hope. I think the highest it will get would be between a 1.8 and a 2.0.

  • Illinois

    I say 1.8. Im not a hater but i try to remain realistic. It’s not like Revenge stole The Good Wife’s audience.

  • Chmarin

    I’m not optimistic about tonight’s ratings, but I’m also not pessimistic about the show’s future. I really don’t think CBS will get rid of it. Not with CSI:NY on its way out and only one new drama being a (moderate) hit. Unless they completely revamp Sundays for next fall like they did Thursdays with TBBT – which is highly unlikely – any show placed in TGW’s slot will pull similar numbers.

    I say it hits another 1.9 (which is actually wishful thinking, realistically, I think it’ll get a 1.8).

  • PhilipM

    While I wouldn’t be surprised to see TGW return next year, I certainly don’t think it would return due to CBS thinking that no other show could do better in that timeslot.

    TGW’s ratings have been mediocre at best for the last two seasons.

  • Ram510

    If it doesn’t reach a 2.0 again this year, does that pretty much deal its fate as cancelled?

  • PhilipM

    @Ram510: No.

  • chris23

    Good Wife should’ve been left at the 10:00 timeslot.. Nothing has worked out on Tuesdays at 10 (Vegas and the other horrible show which got a summer reprieve)and if anything Good Wife either stayed Tuesdays at 10 or when moved last year it should have went to 10:00 on Sunday Nights. I hope The Good Wife can tick up a little.

    Also someone stated The Amazing Race is not that great of a leadin.. Sure it is a solid show but not by all means doing that great with Modern Family, BBT, or even NCIS ratings lol.. Not that this is the reason for the good wifes decrease, I just find it funny that someone would say Amazing Race gives “Amazing” Leadin #s

  • PhilipM

    Tuesday at 10:00 PM is too good of a timeslot to give it to an underperforming show like TGW, at least in theory. One cannot blame CBS for trying to make something work after NCIS: LA. I wouldn’t be surprised, though, if CBS moved NCIS: LA to 10:00 PM next season and tried a new drama at 9:00 PM. Being sandwiched between the two NCIS dramas would be a pretty good scenario for any new show.

  • Liam

    The Amazing Race and the Good Wife are not matched for each other. Two totally different audiences. I think The Amazing Race, The Mentalist then The Good Wife would work better as the Mentalist is more suited to lead out the Amazing Race.

    The Good wife would do well in the 10pm slot and probably shouldn’t have been moved in the first place. Hopefully the show will get a fifth and final season to give the fans who have remained with the show through the time slot changes and the start time delays proper closure.

  • AA


  • Rob R

    I watch The Amazing Race followed immediately by The Good Wife, and have for the past one and a half seasons. I enjoyed “Revenge” last year, but honestly, this year, I have no idea what the heck is going on. I could not even begin to summarize the convoluted plot line.

  • Paul

    The Good Wife needs to be moved to Fridays at 9pm in front of Blue Bloods. It’ll be Blue Bloods’ final season and then The Good Wife can be moved to Fridays at 10pm. It can enjoy mediocre ratings while CBS continues to receive all the acclaim and awards from the show. It’ll survive well on Fridays. PLEASE. I need more Alicia Florrick.

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