Will 'The Good Wife's' Ratings Rise Without Competition from 'Revenge'? - Poll

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January 27th, 2013

The Good Wife seems to get shafted by scheduling. (Yes,  I'm playing Fan Excuse Bingo.) The smart, critically acclaimed drama has always aired at the same time as other female skewing dramas -- first Parenthood then Desperate Housewives, now Revenge. It frequently airs late due to football overruns. Tonight, it gets a bit of a reprieve. ABC is airing a Hallmark movie tonight.  Will it help the show? Its most recent episode scored a 1.9 adults 18-49 rating. On January 29, 2012, when, like tonight, it faced off against a movie on ABC and the Pro Bowl, it earned a 2.2 adults 18-49 rating. So how will it fare? Make your predictions.

  • Lock

    The show is a lock, no matter where they move it. Les and Nina love this show and it could air at 8PM on Noneday and it would get picked up.

  • Liam

    I agree with some of you, Friday would be good for the show. If the sow moves to Fridays next season and can keep averaging these ratings they are getting this season then a season 6 would be definitely in the cards.
    So, CSI at 8.00pm
    The Good Wife at 9.00pm
    and Blue Bloods at 10.00pm
    that would be a good Friday line-up.

  • Rebecca

    I’d imagine the Good Wife fans will still watch TGW. I’ll miss OUAT but I’m looking forward to the Hallmark movie since I like David Walton (Bent, New Girl, Perfect Couples…although I never watched PC).

  • Rob R

    Paul– What makes you think Blue Bloods will only have one more season?

  • BigBrotherFan

    It’s insane how the WELL made show is ignored by audiences over and over again.
    Well, it should do the same. I don’t think REVENGE has stolen it’s audience revenge is now become much more camp and over-the-top.

    I say a 1.9-2.0

  • Kyle

    I picked 2.0 mainly because of the golf overrun. It’s airing here a few hours late. So I think that might skew the rating to a little less than the normal ratings because of the late start.

  • Dan

    I dont think Revenge affects The Good Wife, I think Football and the FOX comedies has a big effect. Once Football is over after next week, Good Wife and Revenge’s numbers should go up.

  • DW

    im going with a 1.9 . it will be steady as it has been all season. if they do move TGW to fridays or cancel it , i see person or elementary or criminal minds to that slot. proven winners because your not going to put something new up at that time in the fall against SNF and the walking dead and football overrun.

  • phantom

    I just hope CBS will renew it for a 5th season, it is arguably the best network scripted show. I would be happy even if it only got an abbreviated 10-episode order (that would mean it reached the 100-ep-milestone), but I’m really hoping for a full season even if they move it, who knows it could be a rock star on Friday. I get that it is an expensive show, but come on, so is Blue Bloods and since they keep that on air with a Friday time slot, I’m hoping they will do at least the same with The Good Wife.

  • poshreany

    i hope for a 2.2, but guess a 1.7!

  • networkman

    I say 2.0 And I agree with those saying 10pm would still be the best timeslot for the show.

  • Amy

    Revenge doesn’t affect TGW’s ratings. It’s a different audience.

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