Friday Final TV Ratings: 'Kitchen Nightmares' Adjusted Up; No Adjustment for 'Nikita'

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January 28th, 2013

Kitchen Nightmares was adjusted up a tenth among adults 18-49 versus Friday's preliminary ratings.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Friday, January 25, 2013:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00 PM FOX Kitchen Nightmares 1.4 4 3.75
CBS Undercover Boss -R 1.3 4 4.16
NBC Betty White's Off Their Rockers -R 1.0 3 4.16
ABC Last Man Standing -R 0.9 3 4.77
CW Nikita 0.5 2 1.53
8:30PM NBC Betty White's Off Their Rockers -R 1.0 3 4.16
ABC Malibu Country -R 0.8 2 4.14
9:00 PM ABC Shark Tank -R 1.4 4 5.10
NBC Dateline (9-11PM) 1.2 4 5.53
FOX The Following -R 1.1 3 3.28
CBS CSI:NY -R 1.0 3 7.45
CW The Carrie Diaries -R 0.4 1 0.80
10:00 PM ABC 20/20 1.4 4 4.49
CBS Blue Bloods -R 1.0 3 7.83

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  • rob60990

    Nikita still only did a tenth better than The Carrie Diaries. :D

  • Felipe Nikita


  • Winston Mize

    wowza….More people watched Nikita than, TCD, HoD, 90210,& EOmd…only HoD performed Better in the demo…..too bad One week doesn’t make any difference.

  • John A

    Oh well Nikita will be down next week. I thought Carrie Diaries would for sure adjust down.

  • panda22

    Still drop in total viewers for mikita, lost 6,000 in the finals….ha!, the haters must be sick right now that Nikita didn’t drop in the demo! :D

  • Felipe Nikita

    @John A
    what if nikita stays with a 0,5 next week?

  • Jamie

    I’m glad that Nikita was able to keep it’s .5. Hopefully it can keep it for next week.

  • Kavyn

    Nice for Nikita :), hope it can keep it’s 0.5 for next week!

  • John A

    @Felipe Nikita Well then the fanboys can celebrate.

  • Oliver

    It’s weird that a Carrie Diaries repeat was only a tenth off the original.

  • James

    Are those Blue Bloods viewer numbers right it was at 7.80million

  • Dan

    Nikita :smile:

  • Dan

    Surprised at KN rising but it will still get renewed. FOX has a good relationship with Gordon Ramsay but it renewed I expect it for midseason so maybe FOX can air dramas Fridays this fall.

    Nikita will be renewed. CW will but up with 1 more low rated season just like they will put up with a low rated season of 90210 and 2 more seasons of HOD.

    Carrie Diaries will probably 1 and done along with Beauty and the Beast.

  • detroit_fan

    go shark tank! now if we could just get some new episodes!

  • Wright

    Good to see Nikita held. Maybe it can stay that way. I think next year they should move it off fridays like they did SPN. It’s a good show and I think the ratings would go up.

  • Shepherd

    Rooting for Nikita to hold these numbers next time around.

  • Jane

    SPN got moved because it had higher numbers on Friday than a number of their other shows. Their ad rate for SPN is quite low but given this season’s performance on a weekday, it should increase significantly next year. We can’t say the same for Nikita.

    Ad rates – http://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/72992517.html

    It’ll be a waste of a time slot to put it on a weekday that can potentially make them more money. As it stands, they only have 9 shows airing right now and only 3 of them are performing well (by CW standards). They can keep Nikita on for syndication purposes and perhaps move BATB to the 9m spot next seasons.

  • chris23

    Nice to see Nikita stick with its original demo of .5…. While not impressive by all means, it is a new season high and a much needed improvement compared to the very weak start of season 3 when Nikita was hitting lows of .3 and even a .2. If Nikita can hover around the .4 or .5 demo “live” it should be fine I guess. Especially if originals on weekdays keep getting .5 or less such as Carrie, 90210, Hart of Dixie(every now and then .5 or .6 is the norm), Batb hit .5 once as well.

    As far as Carrie goes I’m surprised it managed a .4 demo for its repeat considering it got a .5 for the same original episode in the same week on Monday. Although I’m not impressed by the 800,000 viewers the demo is what matters.

  • Nick

    Yay Kitchen Nightmares!

    Both Kitchen Nightmares & Nikita obviously benifited from limited competition. But will this help them in the future?
    • I seriously doubt Nikita found any new viewers Friday. I also don’t think past fans just realized it was on. It’s most likely that regular DVR watchers just watched it live. I don’t think it’ll hit 0.5 again. However, it *may* postpone the inevitable decline to 0.3 a few weeks, maybe from early March to early April.
    • I don’t think Kitchen Nightmares found any new viewers tonight either, or that DVRers watched live. I do think that lots of people just realized it was back. Fox did not promote it, they took it off the air, and then just plopped it in a few weeks later. Also, it’s not a show with a really devoted fanbase. For that reason, Kitchen Nightmares may see some of these ratings carry over in 2 weeks. I expect it to get 1.2-1.4 for the rest of the season.

  • steve burton

    Showing my age here, but I remember when Friday night was serious TV viewing time. At one point, DofH, Dallas and Falcon Crest each handily won their timeslots and were among the top-rate shows on television. Now Friday night, along with Saturday evening, is the time when little viewing takes place and the 18-49 demo, to which I belong, nearly disappears.

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