NBC's Hit 'Chicago Fire' Adds Four-Legged Series Regular

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January 30th, 2013

via press release:

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. – January 30, 2013 – If the dog is truly man’s best friend, then a firehouse dog must be a firefighter’s comrade in arms, as viewers of NBC’s “Chicago Fire” will see in tonight’s (Wednesday, January 30) episode that introduces new series regular “Pouch” -- a precocious rescue puppy adopted by Firehouse 51 as well as embraced by the show’s cast and crew.

Pouch acquired her moniker (also her real name) owing to her being “half pooch and half couch,” per Derek Haas, one of the hit drama series’ executive producers and co-creator. In Wednesday’s episode, firefighter Peter Mills (Charlie Barnett, one of the series’ stars) discovers a wayward mutt and wants to keep him in the firehouse, but is overruled by no-nonsense Battalion Chief Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker) and Mouch (Christian Stolte). Over time, the irresistible Pouch eventually is named and claimed by the entire fire-and-rescue team.

"We saw a dog like our Pouch while doing a ride-along with the Chicago Fire Department last summer," said Haas. "A kid offered his dog to the firemen and said it was either going there or it would have to go to the pound for adoption."

“All firehouses have a million stories to tell about a firehouse dog, and we thought he would make a great addition,” he continued. “Pouch will literally grow up before our eyes. Plus, pets are great stress relievers, and firefighters and rescue squads are under tremendous pressure every day, so they will appreciate her presence as a working dog.”

While traditional lore dictates that firehouse canines are spotted Dalmatians, Haas knows otherwise. “I have yet to see a Dalmatian in any of the Chicago firehouses that we have visited,” he said.

As a pup and newcomer to show business, Pouch is still feeling her way on the Windy City set. “She’s not immune to making a puddle on the floor but she has a great personality,” added Haas. “She just doesn’t know how to hit her mark yet.”

Starting tonight, expect the cuddly Pouch to make her mark on “Chicago Fire.”

  • TimsDale4ever

    CF is a hit???? FRIENDS, and ROSEANNE, and WILL & GRACE, and COSBY, old DALLAS were what I would call hits. You know, those shows that were drawing in about 15-25 or more million viewers an episode.

  • John A

    Its 2013 not 1980’s or 90’s. Chicago Fire is a decent performer for NBC.

  • Jerry Styles

    @ TimsDale4ever

    GTFO, in terms of today it is a hit. Nobody outside of NFL Football, NCIS, Idol, and BBT are getting the numbers you’re talking about these days.

    Thank you John A!

  • BigBrotherFan

    THIS really THIS required a PRESS RELEASE?

    Gosh NBC is in a REAL sorry state of affairs.

  • TimsDale4ever

    No everyone, The BIG BANG draws in 20 million and I don’t even watch the show and that’s 2013 so no, CF still shouldn’t be considered a hit even today. Get real! John A you contradicted yourself by calling it a decent performer WHICH IS WHAT I WAS GETTING AT IN THE FIRST PLACE!

  • TVGuyde

    FYI, BigBrotherFan, NBC is leading in the all important 18-49 demo for the season and Yes, Chicago Fire is a hit show. Are you living in the 1980s?

    Any tv show willing to hire a rescue dog and bring attention to that cause DEFINITELY deserves a press release!!! Way to go, NBC!!!

  • JC


    So apparently the worst thing to happen to you today, was that NBC referred to Chicago Fire as a “hit”. You poor thing. I’m so sorry you had to read that. Stay strong.

  • psychic

    Who even cares?
    Cute dog. But who even cares?

  • John A

    @TimsDale4Ever I know its not a big hit but any show that gets renewed is actually always labelled a ‘hit’ and CF will be renewed at current ratings it has. Why so aggresive? You off your meds?

  • JulieDawn

    I love puppies and CF. So count me happy.

  • Ellen

    I would say that any show pulling above a 2.0 at 10pm is a hit.

  • Gigi

    LOVE the show, LOVE the dog!! LOVE JESSE!! <3

  • Dan

    I guess Pouch is happy that he turned down that role on Animal Practice.

  • Gigle

    TimeDale4ever you are an idiot you should be refrained from having posting privileges on here.

    The show made a smart decision because it can use that dog like a mascot.

  • dean

    anyone know what kind of mixed breed dog this is?

  • dean

    great name for a kangaroo..

  • Leeza

    Pouch is a German shepherd/pit bull mix. I have a feeling many “Chicago Fire” fans would be requesting Pouch plush toys. They should be designed and made right here in the United States of America. That way, more jobs could be created. I hope someone comes through on the Pouch plush toy requests.

  • AOD

    I think Pouch looks like an Australian cattle dog/blue healer.

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