Tuesday Final Ratings: 'NCIS', 'Raising Hope', 'New Girl' & 'Go On' Adjusted Up

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January 30th, 2013


NCIS, Raising Hope (at 8:30) New Girl and Go On were each adjusted up a tenth among adults 18-49  versus the preliminary Tuesday broadcast ratings.

Broadcast primetime final ratings for Tuesday:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM CBS NCIS 3.8 10 22.07
FOX Raising Hope 1.7 5 3.84
ABC The Taste 1.6 4 4.80
NBC Betty White's Off Their Rockers 1.4 4 5.15
CW Hart of Dixie 0.5 2 1.32
8:30PM NBC Betty White's Off Their Rockers 1.5 4 5.23
FOX Raising Hope 1.6 4 3.32
9:00PM CBS NCIS: Los Angeles 3.1 8 17.30
FOX New Girl 2.6 7 4.74
NBC Go On 1.3 3 3.95
ABC Happy Endings 1.2 3 2.92
CW Emily Owens MD 0.4 1 1.33
9:30PM FOX The Mindy Project 1.7 4 3.20
ABC Happy Endings 1.3 3 2.85
NBC The New Normal 1.1 3 3.08
10:00PM CBS Vegas 1.9 5 11.23
NBC Dateline NBC 1.3 4 4.92
ABC Jimmy Kimmel Live -R 1.2 3 3.15


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  • methix0r

    “Oh God, EO beat HoD in viewers…. Buuuuut Dixie did better lol”

    Any comparisons to EO are moot, but The Carrie Diaries tied Hart oF Dixie this week.

    That might set off some desperate fan sparks soon.

    Edit: What I figured was a 3 way battle between HOD, BATB & 90210 just became a 4 way!


    The president of the CW already said BATB is going to be around for a while and is behind the show , so you may as well remove BATB from that 4 way battle cause it will be renewed unless the ratings fall to like 0.3 0.4 which is unlikely to happen as the show has been improving. So you can say right now HOD is going to be cancelled either that or 90210 , BATB is going to be around next season and most likely will move from the VD timeslot if the originals goes ahead

  • JacobYates

    @bill gorman
    Next week on the renew/cancel index, Vegas will probably stay at likely to be canceled. But if it carries its ratings from last night over to next week’s episode, could we expect to see it back on the bubble?

  • omabin


    Actually, I wouldn’t do it like that. Looking at the amount of pilots ordered, it appears to me that fox will want to stay in the comedy business. It also makes it look like mindy is dead because otherwise why bother to order so many pilots just to add 1 comedy do the schedule. However, I don’t think fox is ready for a 4 hour comedy block yet. So I would get creative and do it like this:

    New Drama/The Following

    New Drama

    The X-Factor/American Idol
    New Comedy

    The X-Factor/American Idol
    New Girl
    New Comedy

    Kitchen Nigthmares
    Repeats of New Dramas and Comedies Until November/ Double Up on Raising Hope afterwards

  • chris23

    @ Ultima
    Posted January 30, 2013 at 5:36 PM

    “They should just move Cult up to 8pm. It’s still three weeks away, that’s plenty of time to make the move as it doesn’t even involve changing the night/date.”

    I would think that would be better than the 9 slot but its premise makes me feel as if Cult should be 9 show. Although, I don’t think their is any difference, but I guess a lot of others do in regards to how dark a show can be.

    CW needs to promote this show and try to get the word out there. CW premiered 5 new shows and only 1 so far will definitely make it to a sophomore season. Last year only HOD was renewed and the year before nothing moved onto season 2. Also 3 seasons ago only Nikita was renewed. So something needs to give.

  • chris23

    @ Dan. Mindy Project is winning a war the ABC and NBC comedies in which are all pathetic. With Monday nights good w/ bones and Following, Wednesdays great with the 2 hr block of XF and AI, Thursdays with AI/Glee, and Sundays with the “Animation Domination” theme I just don’t see Mindy Project on next years schedule.

    FOX will renew Raising Hope ( loyal audience and syndication factor support my theory) and New Girl but I find it hard to believe Mindy will make the cut. Really Fox only has to worry about a timeslot on Fridays since Fringe is gone and the 8:30/9:30 slot left void by ben and kate/Mindy Project.

    Fox can try the old format of drama at 8 and comedies at 9/930 or try out two new comedies altogether. Either way with the rest of the schedule stabilizing neither two are out of the question!

  • John

    NEW GIRL is NOT funny. I have tried and tried and the scripts are very poor. Not funny. Happy Endings on ABC is very well written, better acted and FUNNY!

  • Terry

    Hope Vegas hangs in there.

  • Ultima

    The president of the CW already said BATB is going to be around for a while and is behind the show , so you may as well remove BATB from that 4 way battle cause it will be renewed

    These are not the droids you’re looking for.

    Move along…

  • The End


    Perhaps, stranger things have happened.

    Would need a decent uptick overall to haul itself out of the guillotine before that blade drops, and the head rolls into the basket below, ready for the Cancelation bears fine dining experience.

  • Ultima

    NEW GIRL is NOT funny. I have tried and tried and the scripts are very poor. Not funny. Happy Endings on ABC is very well written, better acted and FUNNY!

    It’s hard to argue with that. I’m sure all of the New Girl fans will thank you for enlightening them.

  • 134sc

    I actually like GO ON it got pretty funny as it went on (which is ironic because it had better ratings when it wasn’t as good). And last nights episode was probably the best of the series. With these current ratings though, NBC will probably either move it to Fridays or cancel it.

  • New England Mike

    If NBC has kept such ratings challenged shows as Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, and Whitney, I am pretty confident there is no way that Go On won’t see a second season. I would bet big money on a renewal.

  • Just Desserts

    Love “The New Girl”

  • networkman

    Raising Hope really came thru, with the second episode helping to improve the hour. Also it helped improve New Girl. Removing Ben & Kate simply had a positive effect on the entire night.

    Regarding New Normal. It has become unbearable to watch. The quality of the program is poor. Ryan writes in such a way that he makes these characters turn into caricatures, they are one dimensional. The same thing is starting to happen over at Glee. Unrealistic and corny are words to describe his material. I’m still trying to root for Glee but last week’s episode was really bad.

  • Dan

    @Greg – Partners was dragging down the entire CBS monday block and everyone assumed it was just The Voice competition. The Neighbors drags the wednesday block for ABC down and Up All Night dragged down Thursday. It only takes one series to bring the night down and it seems that people would rather watch an hour of Raising Hope and then New Girl & Mindy Project then watch Raising Hope and take a break for Ben & Kate.

    @New England Mike – You would win money because Go On will get a second season.

    @Chris23 – So basically FOX should start over and air 2 new series (again) next year at 8:30 and 9:30 just because MIndy is only doing OK. No any new series would just do wose, I believe atleast having 3 returning comedies will help the block because it familiarizes viewers. AIring Raising Hope at 8, then MIndy Project, then New Girl, then a new comedy is better than airing a new comedy at 8:30 and 9:30. Fox only did that this year because they had only 2 returning comedies. FOX could have the 1 new comedy after New Girl, then have a couple of live action comedies for midseason 1 behind Idol and 1 airing replacing the post New Girl comedy should it fail. I don’t think FOX should let go of The Mindy Project. As for CW, they only renew 1 freshman drama every season anyway. (Exceptions are Reaper and Life Unexpected that got short second seasons and then were cancelled) This season there is more of a chance that 2 freshman dramas get renewed because 5 premiered. SO far besides Arrow, only Cult has that chance. Emily Owens is done and burning through its last eps, BATB is done after 22 and Carrie Diaries is likewise done after 13. Though CW doesn’t have to renew Cult unless it performs well.

    @Jacob Yates – I don’t see Vegas being back to on the bubble. For CBS even if Vegas ticks up, its unlikely that CBS would bring it back anyway. Even with returning Smash and Body of Proof returning. Its al agreed that when CBS cancels 3 comedies at least, it will be CSI NY, Vegas, and something else (Mentalist, Good Wife or both)

    @Omabin – I can’t see FOX moving New Girl and a comedy to thursday opposite Grey’s and NBC’s comedies. FOX can still have Tuesdays for live action comedies for next season. CBS has Mondays, ABC has Wed, NBC has Thurs.

    @Methix0r – CW will talk positive things about BATB, like they said positive things about all shows because besides the certain to be renewed Arrow, Supernatural and Vampire Diaries, all other dramas are on the bubble. None are more likely to be cancelled then the other. Nikita will come back because of syndication, 90210 will get a farewell season. HOD has a chance because its a second year drama airing 2 full seasons. BATB is another freshman series that couldnt take advantage of the cush Vampire Diaries lead in. CW wil say now that they love BATB because they arent going to bash any show thats not doing horrible but they said positive things around this time last year abut The Secret Circle, and look where that ended up.

  • Dan

    @New England Mike – NBC will cut Go ON and New Normal slack, because it has a terrible Betty White lead in, and its against double Happy Endings and New Girl/Mindy Project. They still have faith in those shows. Plus if they axed Go On, The New Normal, ended The Office and 30 Rock, Community, 1600 Penn and Up All Night are likewise dead, would this mean NBC would keep Whitney and Guys With Kids. No. NBC will save Go On and New Normal.

    Also for those concerned about what will inherit Fringe’s slot. Simple

    A new drama, Touch if renewed (unlikely), a cheap reality show, 2 new comedies, anything really. Its an extra slot that now without the expensive Fringe, FOX can use for something else. Probably not Glee, definitely not Bones, maybe Raising Hope and a new comedy. Only time will tell.

  • erwan from france

    I’m so happy for New Girl

  • erwan from france

    I’m so happy for New Girl and Raising Hope! I love them !

  • Justin121

    Does anyone else get the “Invalid data” message like, a ridiculous amount of times?

    Anyways, Vegas and EOMD are dead but both CBS and CW pulled the trigger too quickly.

    Emily Owens is averaging a 0.4, on par with 90210, Nikita, and only a hair below Hart of Dixie and Beauty and the Beast — i. e. veterans and the network’s best lead-in.
    For a freshman to virtually keep its premiere rating throughout the 13 episodes is quite a feat, and since 9-0 and Nikita are reaching the end of their respective runs, Owens could’ve become the netlet’s next Hart of Dixie

    Vegas’ 1.9 is a quite respectable rating for a 10pm freshman.

    Any freshman with a 2.0+ average will get renewed, and any 10pm drama with a 1.8+ average will get renewed.

  • Gigle

    New Girl really needs to get viewership that will match with that 2.6 in the demo.

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