TV Ratings Tuesday: 'The New Normal' & 'Go On' Hit Lows, 'The Taste' Drops + 'Vegas' & 'New Girl' Rise

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January 30th, 2013

Adults 18-49: Rating/Share 2.9/8 1.8/5 1.8/5 1.3/4 1.3/4 0.5/1
Adults 18-34: Rating/Share 1.8/6 1.8/6 1.5/5 1.1/3 0.9/3 0.4/1
Total Viewers (million) 16.709 3.750 4.239 3.618 4.564 1.343


CBS  was the number one network in adults 18-49 and with total viewers.

On CBS, NCIS earned a 3.7, down two tenths from its last original's 3.9 adults 18-49 rating. NCIS: Los Angeles earned a 3.1, up four tenths from its last original's 2.7 adults 18-49 rating. Vegas earned a 1.9, up three tenths from the 1.6 its last new episode earned.

On ABC The Taste earned a 1.6, down half a ratings point from last week's premiere 2.1 adults 18-49 rating. Happy Endings earned a 1.2 at 9PM and a 1.3 at 9:30, with the latter even with its last original's 1.3 adults 18-49 rating.

On FOX, a one-hour Raising Hope scored a 1.6, two half hour episodes earned a 1.7 at 8 PM and a 1.5 at 8:30PM with the latter down two tenths from last week's 1.7, adults 18-49 rating.. New Girl garnered a 2.5, up three tenths from last week's 2.2 adults 18-49 rating. The Mindy Project notched a 1.7, up two tenths from last week's 1.5 among adults 18-49.

On NBC, Betty White’s Off Their Rockers garnered a 1.4 at 8PM, down two tenths from last week's 1.6 Adults 18-49 rating. A second episode at 8:30 notched a 1.5, down three tenths from last week's 1.8 adults 18-49 rating. Go On earned a season low 1.2 down a tenth from last week's season low 1.3 adults 18-49 rating. The New Normal also hit a new  season low with a 1.1 down a tenth  from last week's season low 1.2 adults 18-49 rating. Dateline NBC earned a 1.3.

On the CW, Hart of Dixie scored a 0.5, a single tenth from last week's 0.6 adults 18-49 rating. Emily Owens M.D. was even with last week's 0.4 adults 18-49 rating.

Broadcast primetime ratings for January 29, 2013

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM CBS NCIS 3.7 10 21.83
ABC The Taste 1.6 4 4.79
FOX Raising Hope 1.7 5 3.86
NBC Betty White's Off Their Rockers 1.4 4 5.18
CW Hart of Dixie 0.5 2 1.33
8:30PM NBC Betty White's Off Their Rockers 1.5 4 5.27



 Raising Hope












9:00PM CBS NCIS: Los Angeles 3.1 8 17.19
FOX New Girl 2.5 7 4.66
NBC Go On 1.2 3 3.86
ABC Happy Endings 1.2 3 2.91
CW Emily Owens MD 0.4 1 1.36
9:30PM FOX The Mindy Project 1.7 4 3.11
ABC Happy Endings 1.3 3 2.84
NBC The New Normal 1.1 3 3.12
10:00PM CBS Vegas 1.9 5 11.12
NBC Dateline NBC 1.3 4 4.98
ABC Jimmy Kimmel Live -R 1.2 3 3.19

via press note:

In Late-Night Metered Markets Tuesday night: 

*	In Nielsen's 56 metered markets, household results were: "The
Tonight Show with Jay Leno," 2.7/7; CBS's "Late Show with David
Letterman," 2.7/7; and ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live," 2.0/5.  

*	In the 25 markets with Local People Meters, adult 18-49
Wednesday results were: "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," 0.8/4; "Late
Show," 0.5/3; and "Jimmy Kimmel Live," 0.7/4.  

*	From 12:35-1:05 a.m. ET Wednesday night, ABC's "Nightline"
averaged a 1.3/4 in metered-market households and a 0.4/2 in 18-49 in
the Local People Meters.

*	From 12:35-1:35 a.m. ET, "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" (1.4/5
in metered-market households) beat CBS's "Late Late Show with Craig
Ferguson" (1.3/5).  In the 25 markets with Local People Meters, "Late
Night" (0.5/4 in 18-49) topped "Late Late Show" (0.3/2).

*	At 1:35 a.m., "Last Call with Carson Daly" averaged a 0.9/4 in
metered-market households and a 0.3/3 in adults 18-49 in the 25
markets with local people meters.





Fast Affiliate Ratings: These first national ratings, including demographics, are available at approximately 11 AM (ET) the day after telecast, and are released to subscribing customers daily. These data, from the National People Meter sample, are strictly time-period information, based on the normal broadcast network feed, and include all programming on the affiliated stations, sometimes including network programming, sometimes not. The figures may include stations that did not air the entire network feed, as well as local news breaks or cutaways for local coverage or other programming. Fast Affiliate ratings are not as useful for live programs and are likely to differ significantly from the final results, because the data reflect normal broadcast feed patterns. For example, with a World Series game, Fast Affiliate Ratings would include whatever aired from 8-11PM on affiliates in the Pacific Time Zone, following the live football game, but not game coverage that begins at 5PM PT. The same would be true of Presidential debates as well as live award shows and breaking news reports.

Rating: Estimated percentage of the universe of TV households (or other specified group) tuned to a program in the average minute. Ratings are expressed as a percent.

Share (of Audience): The percent of households (or persons) using television who are tuned to a specific program, station or network in a specific area at a specific time. (See also, Rating, which represents tuning or viewing as a percent of the entire population being measured.)

Time Shifted Viewing – Program ratings for national sources are produced in three streams of data – Live, Live+Same Day (Live+SD) and Live+7 Day. Time shifted figures account for incremental viewing that takes place with DVRs. Live+Same Day (Live+SD) include viewing during the same broadcast day as the original telecast, with a cut-off of 3:00AM local time when meters transmit daily viewing to Nielsen for processing. Live+7 Day ratings include incremental viewing that takes place during the 7 days following a telecast.

For more information see Numbers 101 and Numbers 102.

  • JP

    Watched the first few episodes of Vegas, but could not handle the terrible grunting voice of Dennis Quaid’s character… total cheese!!!

  • SarahL

    New Girl and The Mindy Project</i were pretty good last night.

  • Pavelsauce

    I really liked New Girl as well. I haven’t finished The Mindy Project, so I can’t really form an opinion on it yet, but I like the show overall.

  • BigBrotherFan


    Are you kidding me? HOD is on the CW so of course it’s ratings will be low and it’s doing okay for CW standards. Back off, dude! It’s a great show and one of the more steady ones out there

  • Sawyer

    Getting a new series low each week is The New Normal now. A pity really. I wanted TNN to be good. I did. But it isn’t. I tried watching but it’s general storyline is weak and boring. The characters aren’t great, the writing is not funny and the acting is cringeworthy. I gave up on the show and it seems more and more people are doing the same. If I was in charge of NBC, I couldn’t justify renewing it. If it is renewed, I’d attribute it to NBC not having many better options and also for P.R – with NBC not wanting to be seen as cancelling “that gay show” after only one season.

  • BigBrotherFan


    I know about DENNIS voice but c’mon the TERRA NOVA dude O’mara is by far the worst. Atleast DENNIS is so bad it’s comical lol. I find myself making fun of him all throughout the episode..It’s great if you don’t take his character seriosly.

  • Brian J

    @Ted Craig:

    I didn’t mean to imply that critical acclaim means a series is guaranteed to succeed. My point was that there’s usually a lot of correlation between how much regular viewers like a series and how much critics like it. With that in mind, it makes sense to think that more people would find “HE” funny if they watched it. What might get them to watch it? If they knew were aware of it. What’s the best way to do that? Put it after a show that already gets big ratings.

    It might not work that well, of course, but as I said earlier, the hardest part of having a hit show is finding one that works creatively. We can probably say that about “HE,” so perhaps it just needs a shot in the arm.

    As for “AD,” Fox made a big mistake, I think, by not putting it directly behind “Idol” for the entire season, or even more than that, like it did with “House.”

  • Ted Craig

    @Brian J

    Oh, I get it, you’re delusional.

  • KT

    I don’t understand the rationale behind not wanting to cancel the “gay” show. CBS had zero problems pulling Partners off the air, and it was a gay-based sitcom as well.

  • JP


    That is hilarious!!! My wife and I were making fun of that voice as well…sounds like something is stuck in his throat…I usually like Dennis Quaid, but this might be his worst character ever. The premiere episode – when he rode up on the horse on the Las Vegas strip…wow – just awful. Also, have you noticed that whatever show Jason O’Mara does either lasts only one season or gets canceled???

  • bluejoni

    Vegas is just horrible !! The acting is so hammy. It really is unwatchable. O’Mara is a one dimensional “actor” he’s the same bad actor no matter what role he’s playing.

  • a p garcia

    Go On deserves those ratings.

  • Rebecca

    TNN wasn’t very good last night (I don’t like the preachy ones, and I tire of Shania lately), but I enjoyed both RH episodes, TMP, NG, GO and I’m about to watch the second HE episode. I have to stream CT later.

  • BigBrotherFan


    Ahh!!! Great to see you don’t take it serious, either. It never fails to get a good unintentional laugh out of him. The first few episodes it sounded like the dude had a majorly BAD case of severe bronchitis and would it kill him to smile once and awhile! I dunno..I like watching for Sarah Jones, though. Pure highlight of the show right there.

    Oh, geez O’Mara is the KISS OF DEATH to any new show he gets casted on..within the last few years
    Terra Nova (Fox) 1 Season CANCELLED.
    Life On Mars (ABC) 1 Season CANCELLED.
    Men In Trees (ABC) 2 seasons CANCELLED.
    In Justice (ABC) 2006 1 season CANCELLED.
    The Agency (CBS) 2003 2 (?) Seasons CANCELLED.

    Kiss of the death.

  • KL Lyte

    All of these comedies except New Girl did disgusting numbers last night. I’m really ready for Go On and TNN to be cancelled. Like people were saying before just move Whitney and Guys with Kids there and call it a day.

  • Sawyer


    That’s true. CBS didn’t worry about cancelling it and no-one really cared it was cancelled. NBC shouldn’t take that into consideration either, but with Ryan Murphy attached, they just might. I never watched Partners but I guess the difference if they cancelled TNN would be that they’re cancelling a “gay show” that was more political and (in Ryan Murphy’s eyes) portrayed gay families in a positive light. Just like any other family. If NBC cancels TNN, maybe some LGBT activists would make some noise. But NBC really can’t justify keeping it IMO. Business is business. They need to get rid of it.

  • BigBrotherFan


    Vegas is campy stuff. You must watch keeping that in mind and you can really enjoy the unintentional comedy of it.
    O’mara is just bad though.
    Dennis so bad he’s good!

  • Rebecca

    @Kenneth The Page
    Rock on! Can’t wait for what I hope is a terrific finale for 30R tomorrow night. Been re-watching the show on Netflix on and off for a month…almost done with season 3. They had some great episodes, especially #210 (the one where Liz accidentally sells NBC to the Germans, Kenneth tries to board a midnight train to Georgia…the whole episode was tops).
    That Modern Family opening bit (and ongoing mockumentary-style copy, though they could have made fun of “why do they do this on Modern Family” and they didn’t) on RH was fun.

  • Bobby C.

    I’m having an existential crisis with one episode left for Emily Owens. :( I love her! Will be sad when she’s gone but will have to find closure somehow just like her character.

  • Sab G

    Vegas is really starting to hit its stride and get good. I hope that the numbers keep rising so that it has a shot at renewal (although not if that means cancelling The Good Wife).

    The New Normal is just a terrible show. We all deserve a better, less lazily written ‘gay show’.

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