Will 'Super Bowl XLVII' TV Viewership Set Another Record? (Poll+ Ratings History)

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January 30th, 2013

Unlike many other  sports championship TV viewerships which have declined over time, Super Bowl TV viewership has not only held up, but after a generation of fairly flat viewership, began growing again in the last seven years or so.

Last year's Super Bowl XLVI had the highest average viewership (111.3 million) of any US TV telecast in history.

What's your guess for this year's Super Bowl XLVII viewership?

If you'd like to guess the viewership for Elementary, which follows the Super Bowl, click here.


Complete Super Bowl TV Ratings:

Game Date Net Rating Share $/30 Sec. Ad Homes (000) Viewers (000) NFC Champion AFC Champion
XLVI Feb 5 2012* NBC 47.0 71 111,346 New York Giants New England
XLV Feb 7 2011* FOX 46.0 69 111,010 Green Bay Pittsburgh
XLIV Feb 7 2010* CBS 45.0 68 $2,800,000 51,728 106,476 New Orleans Indianapolis
XLIII Feb 1 2009* NBC 42.0 64 $3,000,000 48,139 98,732 Arizona Pittsburgh
XLII Feb 3 2008* FOX 43.1 65 $2,699,963 48,665 97,448 New York Giants New England
XLI Feb 4 2007* CBS 42.6 64 $2,385,365 47,505 93,184 Chicago Indianapolis
XL Feb 5 2006* ABC 41.6 62 $2,500,000 45,867 90,745 Seattle Pittsburgh
XXXIX Feb 6 2005 FOX 41.1 62 $2,400,000 45,081 86,072 Philadelphia New England
XXXVIII Feb 1 2004 CBS 41.4 63 $2,302,200 44,908 89,795 Carolina New England
XXXVII Jan 26 2003 ABC 40.7 61 $2,200,000 43,433 88,637 Tampa Bay Oakland
XXXVI Feb 3 2002 FOX 40.4 61 $2,200,000 42,664 86,801 St. Louis New England
XXXV Jan 28 2001 CBS 40.4 61 $2,200,000 41,270 84,335 NY Giants Baltimore
XXXIV Jan 30 2000 ABC 43.3 63 $2,100,000 43,618 88,465 St. Louis Tennessee
XXXIII Jan 31 1999 FOX 40.2 61 $1,600,000 39,992 83,720 Atlanta Denver
XXXII Jan 25 1998 NBC 44.5 67 $1,291,100 43,630 90,000 Green Bay Denver
XXXI Jan 26 1997 FOX 43.3 65 $1,200,000 42,000 87,870 Green Bay New England
XXX Jan 28 1996 NBC 46 68 $1,085,000 44,145 94,080 Dallas Pittsburgh
XXIX Jan 29 1995 ABC 41.3 62 $1,150,000 39,400 83,420 San Francisco San Diego
XXVIII Jan 30 1994 NBC 45.5 66 $900,000 42,860 90,000 Dallas Buffalo
XXVII Jan 31 1993 NBC 45.1 66 $850,000 41,990 90,990 Dallas Buffalo
XXVI Jan 26 1992 CBS 40.3 61 $850,000 37,120 79,590 Washington Buffalo
XXV Jan 27 1991 ABC 41.9 63 $800,000 39,010 79,510 NY Giants Buffalo
XXIV Jan 28 1990 CBS 39 63 $700,400 35,920 73,852 San Francisco Denver
XXIII Jan 22 1989 NBC 43.5 68 $675,000 39,320 81,590 San Francisco Cincinnati
XXII Jan 31 1988 ABC 41.9 62 $645,000 37,120 80,140 Washington Denver
XXI Jan 25 1987 CBS 45.8 66 $600,000 40,030 87,190 NY Giants Denver
XX Jan 26 1986 NBC 48.3 70 $550,000 41,490 92,570 Chicago New England
XIX Jan 20 1985 ABC 46.4 63 $525,000 39,390 85,530 San Francisco Miami
XVIII Jan 22 1984 CBS 46.4 71 $368,200 38,880 77,620 Washington LA Raiders
XVII Jan 30 1983 NBC 48.6 69 $400,000 40,480 81,770 Washington Miami
XVI Jan 24 1982 CBS 49.1 73 $324,300 40,020 85,240 San Francisco Cincinnati
XV Jan 25 1981 NBC 44.4 63 $275,000 34,540 68,290 Philadelphia Oakland
XIV Jan 20 1980 CBS 46.3 67 $222,000 35,330 76,240 LA Rams Pittsburgh
XIII Jan 21 1979 NBC 47.1 74 $185,000 35,090 74,740 Dallas Pittsburgh
XII Jan 15 1978 CBS 47.2 67 $162,300 34,410 78,940 Dallas Denver
XI Jan 09 1977 NBC 44.4 73 $125,000 31,610 62,050 Minnesota Oakland
X Jan 18 1976 CBS 42.3 78 $110,000 29,440 57,710 Dallas Pittsburgh
IX Jan 12 1975 NBC 42.4 72 $107,000 29,040 56,050 Minnesota Pittsburgh
VIII Jan 13 1974 CBS 41.6 73 $103,500 27,540 51,700 Minnesota Miami
VII Jan 14 1973 NBC 42.7 72 $88,100 27,670 53,320 Washington Miami
VI Jan 16 1972 CBS 44.2 74 $86,100 27,450 56,640 Dallas Miami
V Jan 17 1971 NBC 39.9 75 $72,500 23,980 46,040 Dallas Baltimore
IV Jan 11 1970 CBS 39.4 69 $78,200 23,050 44,270 Minnesota Kansas City
III Jan 12 1969 NBC 36 70 $55,000 20,520 41,660 Baltimore NY Jets
II Jan 14 1968 CBS 36.8 68 $54,500 20,610 39,120 Green Bay Oakland
I Jan 15 1967 CBS 22.6 43 $42,500 12,410 26,750 Green Bay Kansas City
I Jan 15 1967 NBC 18.5 36 $37,500 10,160 24,430 Green Bay Kansas City

2006-12 Data is Live+Same Day, all other years are Live viewing.

Ad expenditure data from Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

Note: Super Bowl 1 aired on both CBS & NBC.

Nielsen TV Ratings Data: ©2013 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • Bfleet

    Slightly lower this year. I imagine there will be *slightly* fewer people interested in a San Fransisco vs. Baltimore matchup than, for example, last year’s New York vs New England game.

    107.5 million viewers.

  • Petar Ivanov

    Hope Super Bowl will boost all CBS shows at least for a week. espessaly my favorite POI.
    CBS should heavy and properly advertising during super bowl and grammys POI. I mean abc advertise like crazy scandal, once and even nashvile. fox the same with so many promos for the following. And no one of these is even close hit like POI is. But i see their promos everywhere. CBS has a bigger hot hit drama but too litle promos. Also we have major episode on 21-th february – Jonathan Nolan debut as director and Sarah Shahi series debut. Sarah Shahi role sound like future POI spin-off so CBS have a lot in stake here.(more money and one more drama hit) POI is hot, new, young and fresh good chance for successful spin-off.

  • JW

    Agreed. Last year was the perfect situation for record viewership: two teams from top-ten markets, and neither team led by double digits at any time. This year we got teams from smaller markets, and both conference championship games had three-score margins at some point, leading me to believe it won’t be as close as last year. So I also believe SB47 will fall short of 46, with my over/under at about 106 million.

  • romo

    Last year was actually 111,346,000.

  • I Love TV!

    @Petar Ivanov

  • Bookworm

    To be honest, I don’t even know who is playing this year. Last year it was crazy with the Giants v the Patriots. Those are two of the biggest markets and clearly, we were all sitting there waiting to know if Eli or Brady would come out on top. Eli won and it was a feel good time for New York (my state!) and plus Cruz got a lot of people hyped with his media attention.

    So I say no, it will be slightly lower from last year. No one I can think of worth watching.

  • Match

    ABC hasn’t aired the Super Bowl since 2006 why is that?

  • Winning C.

    Some of you guys are talking teams but I’m starting to think teams don’t matter really don’t matter that much. People are watching the Super Bowl regardless. NY vs. NE was barely more than Green Bay and Pittsburgh and that game was a blowout.

    This game has some storylines playing into it with the Harbaugh brothers and Ray Lewis’ last game.

    I’m not sure if the game will increase or decrease just b/c the Super Bowl has been increasing year after year regardless of the teams playing.

    The casual fans just need to know its Super Sunday they don’t need to know whose playing and they’ll tune in and jump on somebody’s bandwagon for 4-5 hours.

  • Winning C.

    @ Match

    ABC handed their NFL rights over to their sister network ESPN in 2006. NBC subbed in for them as the third broadcast network to air NFL games. The NFL wants their playoff and championship games only on broadcasters and since ESPN is a cable network they aren’t allowed to air the Super Bowl.

  • BigBrotherFan


    What the heck are you talking about?

    THE FOLLOWING did amazing and built on it’s premire without a lead-in that regularly does over 4’s. Please excuse most of the shows you are comparing POI to. I think POI is doing great but put into perspective here NASHVILLE has freakin’ SUBERGATORY as a lead-in NOT THE HIGHEST RATED HOUR OF COMEDY ON TV NOW! NASHVILLE has SUBERGATORY AS A LEAD-IN…Sink in.

    No excuses PETAR! You’re show is doing great and gets TONS of promo time. There is no complaining thats needed here other THAN CBS clearly missed the ball here but putting in the GOD AWFUL Elementry over POI of 2BG. Complete idiots!

  • romo

    To winning:

    ESPN will probably get a wildcard game starting jan 2015.

  • Max Vrany

    @romo, A wild-card game isn’t the Super Bowl, and ESPN will have last “choice” on their matchup.

  • romo

    To max:
    But winning said….
    “The NFL wants their playoff and championship games only on broadcasters”

    A wildcard game is a playoff game so will be on cable not on a broadcaster.

  • Grey

    Just want to say, GO 49’ERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JR35

    The 15-minute interval (8-8:15) for last year’s halftime performance drew nearly 116 million; will be interesting to see if that’s topped.

  • Mr Mikey


    No one worth watching? You must have never seen Colin Kaepernick play. Game also features the best deep ball thrower in Joe Flacco. Basically it’s the 49ers great offense against Baltimore’s great defense and it should be a great game.

    I think the game will do 107 million slightly down from last year.

  • Joseph

    It should draw around 108,000,000 to 110,000,000 viewers.

    Probably not a record, but close.

    However, if there is a major snowstorm along the East Coast on Sunday (February 3rd), as some forecasters are suggesting, then the telecast may indeed draw a record viewership if millions on the East Coast are trapped at home.

    The Super Bowl will likely set a record for worldwide TV viewing (surpassing the number of people who watched he Opening Ceremonies of last year’s Summer Olympics), but that will be due to both the increasing international interest in American football, and the fact more people around the world have access to TV all the time.

  • Joseph


    Starting next year, NBC will lose one of it’s two wild-card games, but will gain either an AFC or NFC divisional playoff game so the network gets one wild-card game and once divisional playoff game each year.

    It is also likely that NBC’s wild-card and divisional playoff games will be played on Sunday nights (but probably starting at 6:35 P.M. EST instead of the regular-season Sunday-night start time of 8:30 EST/EDT) to keep continuity with NBC’s regular-season Sunday-night games.

  • Melissa

    @Petar Ivanov

    I mean abc advertise like crazy scandal, once and even nashvile. fox the same with so many promos for the following. And no one of these is even close hit like POI is.

    Actually, both The Following and Once Upon a Time are higher rated than Person of Interest. Person of Interest is averaging a 3.0, whereas The Following is averaging a 3.3 and Once Upon a Time is averaging a 3.1. In addition, Person of Interest has the highest-rated hour of comedy on television as a lead-in, whereas The Following has a decently-rated drama as a lead-in and Once Upon a Time has a very old reality video show as a lead-in.

  • JR35

    In what areas are forecasters predicting a major storm Sunday? Nothing in Northeast PA at the moment.

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