How Will 'Do No Harm' Premiere Tonight? (Poll)

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January 31st, 2013

After a double-shot of The Office tonight (and the series finale of 30 Rock), NBC is premiering new drama Do No Harm, a modern take on The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Is there room for another literary-inspired series on the slate at 10PM on Thursdays (I'm looking at you, Elementary), or will viewers pass on this new show? Make your predictions below and let us know what you think in the comments!

  • gerry

    being generous with a 1.7, tonight is going to be stiff competition all around. at least it gets double office lead in v something like 1600 penn.

  • JacobMoogberg

    1.2 then falling to .9 in the 2nd half hour. This will be a huge flop.

  • Dan S

    I’m probably overly optimistic but I’m guessing 2.2-2.3 simply because it’s new. Most people will sample it & most likely drop like Deception from there.

  • Wright

    I’ll have to DVR it. It conflicts with Elementary.

  • Scandalfan

    I say 1.7 and 5.2M viewers.

  • Matt

    A 2.4 and 7.0 M

  • AprilFox

    Um 1.4 and they should never have gotten rid of AWAKE.

  • Jase L.

    1.7 for the premiere, but between 1.0-1.2 within two or three weeks.

  • Jason50

    I will say 1.8 but drop really fast. The pilot was not even close to being as good as Awake, terrible start to the series.

  • AniMatsuri

    Wasn’t there a similar show with Christian Slater a few years ago?

  • Kenn

    Just a time slot filler. If this were a comedy, I’d try.

  • Chris

    I saw the first episode via OnDemand last week, and — it’s surprisingly watchable. If you wanted to see an American take on the BBC series “Jekyll,” you could certainly do a lot worse. The lead actor sells the transition pretty well, and the script is a bit more clever than I expected it to be.

    I liked it, and would watch more of it.

    That said, I can see a lot of things working against it in the ratings: it’s an NBC show, it’s premiering awfully late in the season, and it’s on opposite Elementary. Oh, and NBC gave it the now-traditional unimpressive and off-putting NBC promotional treatment, because what season is complete without them sabotaging their own shows’ chances?

    So, sadly, I don’t think it’ll do very well, and I don’t expect a renewal. I could be wrong — I thought Grimm was doomed when it premiered, and look how THAT prediction turned out — but there we are.

  • DryedMangoez

    @KevinSW Yup, Outsourced was doing well post-Office in the Fall and just when the show really started to find its creative groove, they move it to 10:30.

    An hour-long comedy wouldn’t be a bad idea at 10pm on Thursdays though. But they won’t be able to do anything with 10pm if 8-10pm sucks with low comedies only pulling below a 1.5

  • Joseph

    Won’t be a huge hit, but won’t be a huge flop either.

  • Michael

    @yusei Fudo

    Why wold they want to add another hour of comedies to get 1.3’s in the ratings??? The would have kept rock center their for that

  • Jared

    I’ve already seen this pilot and it was just okay. I’ll give it a couple more episodes to see how it plays out but this is a show that I would never watch live. Scandal and Elementary are gonna crush it.

  • Potato

    I don’t know about this week (I’d guess pretty low, in the 1.7 range, since there’s little word of mouth and it’s hard to even SAY “a modern day Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde” without cringing, regardless of whether or not the show pulled it off well or not, but– having watched the show on Hulu– It did not. At all. There’s nothing in it to make me angry or anything and everything in it is fairly competent, but it doesn’t come together, it’s just a misfire. So I predict a 25% drop for next week from whatever it gets this week.

  • KJ Styles

    1.8 at best, but will fall after that and won’t see a second season.

  • tv_viewer

    When Awake premiered on March 1, 2012, the ratings at 10 pm were:

    Awake 2.0 6.24 million
    The Mentalist (R) 1.7 8.87 million
    Jimmy Kimmel Live (R) 0.9 3.03 million

    Obviously new episodes of Elementary and Scandal are much tougher competition than what Awake’s pilot episode faced against.

    My predictions at 10 pm:

    Scandal 2.5
    Elementary 2.3
    Do No Harm 1.6

  • Croq

    This is not gonna be pretty…

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