ICYMI: NBC Primetime Programming Priorities Via '30 Rock's' Jack Donaghy

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January 31st, 2013

via Best Week Ever

I originally posted this a bit over two years ago, but with the series finale for NBC's 30 Rock tonight, I thought it was worth another look.

Somehow Jack missed the option of "launch yet another singing competition show".

  • just_now

    haha, amazing show.

  • Clarke

    If you replace The Biggest Loser with The Voice that graph is a perfect representation of NBC today.

  • peter

    umm the voice wasnt meant to be huge when this episode aired

  • Oliver

    A great show and hugely influential in many ways.

    I’m convinced the main reason it’s ending is because NBC killed the show’s ratings by scheduling it in the 8pm death slot facing TBBT. Its ratings collapsed and it never recovered even after being moved.

    I think 30 Rock is also the root cause of many of NBC’s woes. 30 Rock was never a real hit but NBC clearly loved the show and wanted to protect it. That meant keeping it after The Office rather than launching new hits in that timeslot. I’m convinced that had Parks or Community had their freshman seasons behind The Office then both shows would be much more successful today.

  • PurpleDrasi

    I got the biggest laugh out of some of the crazy TV shows they would come up with. Saddly, I think some of them will become reality one day.

  • Rebecca

    Looking forward to the finale tonight. If it’s okay to post here, here’s a link to a “best of” thing that hulu put together: http://www.hulu.com/grid?name=the-25-best-30-rock-moments&from=/watch/1894?playlist_id=1444

  • Mark

    You should have the same headline like you did with Chevy Chase leaving ‘Community’

    Over-rated “Comedy” Airs Final Episode Tonight

  • RyanCanada

    NBC is a dumb network

  • erwan from france

    @Ryancanada speak for you, the day you’ll be able to make decisions as NBC does, you’ll talk, but so far, set up !

  • Dan

    @Clarke – That would be the exact representation of NBC now no exaggeration. Maybe the 1997 and everything else would be smaller to accommodate more Voice.

  • Dan

    FOX would be split 4 ways. X Factor/Gordon Ramsay Shows/Idol/Seth Macfarlane

    CBS would be NCIS/The Big Bang Theory where The Biggest Loser is.

  • MichaelChickless

    I’ll miss The Girlie Show.

  • Dan

    I’m with NBC, if I could make it 1997 again through science or magic, I would.

  • Honey Badger

    @ Bill Gorman , Thank You, LOL funny and true

    @Clarke , you are right

    Posted January 31, 2013 at 8:12 AM
    If you replace The Biggest Loser with The Voice that graph is a perfect representation of NBC today

  • davidwatts


  • Rebecca

    My favorite part from the Seinfeldvision episode: Jack asks Jerry what show he’d like to be digitally inserted into, and Jerry says, “I like Lost. Is that you guys?”

  • Honey Badger

    NBC used to be a great network, just some of the great shows it had:

    NBC Must See TV shows: The Cosby Show, Family Ties, Cheers, Night Court, A Different World, Seinfeld, Mad About You, Wings, Frasier, Friends, and Will & Grace , Hill Street Blues, L.A. Law, and ER.

  • Bill

    Unfortunately, I never got a chance to watch 30 Rock but all that you’ve said makes me curious so I’ll probably rent the first season and check it out abeit a little too late.

    Someone above said “NBC is a stupid network”. I wouldn’t have worded it like that but the NBC Execs can’t seem to pull the network out of it’s woeful ratings. When they finally do get a good show that has half-decent ratings, they put it on hiatus for 4 months, then surprise! It comes back to half of it’s previous ratings and gets cancelled. It’s like they keep shooting themselves in the same foot over and over again…

    Then, the shows that actually perform well (perform well for THEM and not other networks), they play it to death like they did with the Law & Orders… Sure, SVU is still alive but wouldn’t have been cancelled a long time ago with the ratings it pulls for NBC…

    They need to clean house in upper management and clean house in Programming and START OVER, just like our government needs to do but like our government, they will never do it…

  • Rebecca

    @Bill (10:12 am post)
    Netflix streams 30R (all seasons but the current one) if that works better for you. I’ve been re-watching the show there for the past month or so, off and on. I’m almost done with season 3. Great stuff.

  • Glover

    Fantastic show. I’ll miss 30 Rock.

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