'Do No Harm' Premiere Flops, How Many More Weeks Will It Last? (Poll)

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February 1st, 2013

Even on the ratings train of woe that is NBC's early 2013, last night's 0.9 adults 18-49 rating for Do No Harm spells near instant doom.

But how soon is instant?

Edit: Because someone asked about it on Twitter, I'll add that The Paul Reiser Show lasted 2 weeks in the spring of 2011 after it premiered with a 1.1 rating.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “Bill, I can’t find you on twitter…your name?”

    The only one I really use these days is @TheCancelBear

  • rob60990

    I expected it to flop but below a 1.0 is just dismal. NBC will likely give it 1 more week. The show kind of surprised me but I won’t bother to watch next week.

  • Cass rowlwland

    Besides the voice none of nbcs shows would survive on abc or CBS

  • Holly

    @Cass rowlwland,

    Besides the voice none of nbcs shows would survive on abc or CBS

    Any network would take Revolution. Parenthood and Chicago Hope would be able to squeak renewals on both. And Grimm does really well for a Friday and so would probably survive.

  • KJ Styles

    NBC= Nothing But Cancellations or New Bear Chow!

  • Roosterhead

    My guess is that let it go to Valentine’s Day, since that will most likely be a down week ratings wise.

    Then again, it IS February sweeps, so they may want to make a quicker move.

    In either case, it will be banished to Saturdays and/or summer.

  • k:Alex

    They have already paid and Rock Center doesn’t have high ratings either.
    So why would they cancel it directly?

  • Richard Steven Hack

    I’m more interested in figuring out WHY it flopped. Was it because it tried to combine two genres of shows – medical and revenge? Was it because the premise was confused? Or was it just the random tendency of the general audience to not care about certain shows for now good reason? Or was it some competition for that time slot? Was the premise of this sort of split personality just not plausible?

    All of the above? :-)

  • Brian

    I think Do No Harm (aka Dead and Buried) moves after next week to Saturdays where it burns off its run of shot episodes (think The Firm). As for the Thursday slot, maybe they try Fashion Star on Thursday nights? Or possibly, Dateline NBC moves to Thursdays. Hell, Harry’s Law can be exhumed and draw better ratings.

  • Oliver

    The key art looked cheap and promos were weak. The show looked terrible and the premise seemed silly. Bad reviews didn’t help.

    People don’t want to watch shows based around ‘double lives’, since My Own Worst Enemy, Awake and Lone Star all flopped.

    NBC is doing terribly and has no successful shows to promote their new ones.

  • Anna

    I actually liked this show. Its a shame that networks don’t give shows a chance anymore. Its almost like one and done. Such a shame!

  • Benjamin Elliott

    NBC can do some triage and possibly help some timeslots.

    1) Announce that Deception will immediately switch to a Monday and Thursday schedule, finishing February 25th. Possibly helps Thursday, opens Monday sooner, and NBC doesn’t pull Deception mid-run.

    2) Time swap for Community and 1600 Penn, effective February 7th. 1600 Penn didn’t work after The Office, and much of Community’s audience overlaps with Big Bang Theory but has nothing to go for at 9:30PM. Should be a stronger lead in for Thursday 10PM. Maybe 1600 Penn can pitch the “family” aspect and get a few early evening viewers. Probably not, but they already filmed 1600 Penn and we can only change so much at once.

    3) One Friday chance for Do No Harm. Friday February 8 – 9PM, repeat pilot. 10PM, premiere episode 2. Advertise it. Have the producers stop work after they finish the current episode in production till the ratings for episode 2 come out. If the ratings are too low, cancel and air the rest Saturdays in March or June. If the ratings are worth keeping going, we get to see how Dateline (February) and Grimm (March) work for it as lead-ins.

    4) Bring back Revolution March 4. If they can film 12 spring episodes, okay. If it is too late, stick with the 10 order. If it ends before the end of May sweeps, launch another show after The Voice in May sweeps.

    5) Do a The Voice 1 hour special March 18 at 8PM, shifting the 2 hour Biggest Loser finale to 9PM that one night (pre-empting Revolution).

    6) If the Thursday comedies fail in February, move Parks and Rec back to 9:30PM, cancel 1600 Penn, and use Community as filler on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday as needed.

  • Damián

    Seinfeld was not cancelled!

  • Ben

    It will probably stick around for a few weeks, because what else does NBC have to put in it’s time slot?
    It’s like The Mob Doctor on Fox. Almost everyone knew it was going to be cancelled soon after it debuted; the vultures flying overhead and the bear on the ground were fighting over who would get to eat it first, but, it still stayed on the air for months for who knows what reason.

  • Brandon

    Unsustainable premise, horrific advanced reviews . . . one has to wonder if this was somehow intended to be a dud. This show will be remembered, if at all, as one of the most decisively made-to-fail shows ever put on TV.

  • huldu

    It was just boring. The difference between the “personalities” was just too small. Why even bother watching the show. I expected something completely different… not something “regular”.

  • Xerophytes

    NBC is trying hard to make this scifi which deals with double identity or double life. Do No Harm seems to be a copycat of that show called Awake. They never learn.

  • Billy martins

    I”ve watched do no harm today on space network in Canada & my first reaction is that it begin a shabby start but towards to they quarter half of the episode it began to get good I hope NBC give it a second chance & give it couple of airings.

  • Derek

    Not the best idea to premiere this type of show against Scandal & Elementary, looking for a similar audience, which are already popular and already started their seasons.

  • Oliver

    If a premiere gets low ratings, it’s more to do with the premise and promotion than the actual episode of television itself, because no-one tuned in to find out whether it was good or not.

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