'Do No Harm' Premiere Flops, How Many More Weeks Will It Last? (Poll)

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February 1st, 2013

Even on the ratings train of woe that is NBC's early 2013, last night's 0.9 adults 18-49 rating for Do No Harm spells near instant doom.

But how soon is instant?

Edit: Because someone asked about it on Twitter, I'll add that The Paul Reiser Show lasted 2 weeks in the spring of 2011 after it premiered with a 1.1 rating.

  • Ultima

    Its a shame that networks don’t give shows a chance anymore.

    What are you talking about? Networks have been quick to pull shows with horrid ratings for decades.

  • Big Toe

    As much as I loved Do No Harm, it’s going in May

  • Kyle

    I think it will all depend on how it does next week. If the ratings go up it stays on a another week. If it drops further its gone next week. Deception ratings don’t look so bad by comparison.

  • a p garcia

    It didn’t work the first time around with Christian Slater, so what on Earth convinced NBC that it would work the 2nd time around?

  • networkman

    I say 2 more episodes will be aired. With pitiful ratings for its premiere, I’m really concerned about it following 1600 Penn. Those numbers are going to be woeful. I agree with whoever stated that Fashion Star should air in the timeslot. ABC and CBS has now both established new hit dramas. NBC now needs counter programming. Do No Harm really should be tried after Grimm on Friday night.

  • networkman

    @huldu, I can understand what you mean. It was like he was worried because at 8:25pm he was going to turn into a party animal and sleep with women. So people don’t understand the big deal. Instead of trying to incorporate a more modern take on Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde, they should of gone more the classic monster with a darker tone.

  • Cerebro

    As many have said, I think it’ll get one more Thursday airing. Then, if it’s not getting any traction, NBC will, either can it or move it to Saturday to burn off.

  • Ultima

    @a p garcia
    It didn’t work the first time around with Christian Slater, so what on Earth convinced NBC that it would work the 2nd time around?

    Because it didn’t have Christian Slater! ;)

  • KevinY

    Deception, 1600 Penn, Guys With Kids, and The New Normal look like smash hits now with their robust 1.2-1.3 ratings.

  • IMJ

    They should have kept Mockingbird Lane. It did well in its premiere with virtually no promotion. They could have scrapped Deception and DNH and used the budgets for both for Mockingbird. NBC needs to learn to think OUTSIDE of the box. Too much network is too alike.

  • Rob R

    I predict NBC will quickly assemble a “Best of Saturday Night Live” type clip show for Feb 14 and Feb 21, and then try to launch a repositioned show or a new show on Feb 28 or March 7, once sweeps are over. They also might air an edited down rerun of “Celebrity Apprentice” in the March 7 slot, as they have occasionally done.

  • Jamie

    The Cw network has better premiere ratings then this show which is funny. I doubt this will go pass five episodes.

  • sofaspud

    Yikes! NBC might as well run an episode of DAYS OF OUR LIVES in that slot. Probably do better.

  • Bill Patric

    Do Not Harm was a great show. I say give it a chance.

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