Thursday Final Ratings: 'The Big Bang Theory' Adjusted Up; No Adjustments for 'Scandal', 'American Idol' or 'Do No Harm'

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February 1st, 2013

The Big Bang Theory was adjusted up a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Thursday broadcast ratings.

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM CBS The Big Bang Theory 5.4 16 17.76
FOX American Idol 4.5 13 13.80
NBC 30 Rock 1.9 5 4.88
CW The Vampire Diaries 1.3 4 2.56
ABC Shark Tank -R 1.1 3 4.56
8:30PM CBS Two and a Half Men 3.9 11 13.70
9:00PM CBS Person of Interest 3.2 9 15.71
ABC Grey's Anatomy 2.8 7 8.93
NBC The Office 2.1 5 4.45
FOX Glee 2.1 6 5.48
CW Beauty and the Beast 0.7 2 1.72
9:30 PM NBC The Office 1.9 5 3.97
10:00 PM ABC Scandal 2.7 8 8.09
CBS Elementary 2.2 6 10.90
NBC Do No Harm 0.9 3 3.12

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  • eridapo

    @ rob60990

    I agree. Basically NBC basically has ceded Thursday nights to the other nets which is similar to what ABC has done to Tuesday nights.

  • Holly


    is it possible scandal takes the 9pm slot next season

    If Grey’s tanks this spring and Scandal continues to rise? Maybe. Otherwise, no.

  • Mon

    The Big Bang Theory did fanstastic; while American Idol was down a whole point vs last year (5.5/15 on Feb 2, 2012), TBBT was only down 0.1 vs last year (5.5/16). 2.5 Men did well considering Rob was only able to pull 3.3/9.

  • Ram510

    I was hoping Scandal would adjust up and tie GA

  • Petar Ivanov

    wow – POI was – 15.67 last episode. very very close to 3.3 Eridapo, my friend, please can you see it? i guess is 3.24, am i right? Thanks.

  • rob60990

    CBS actually did beat Idol for the whole hour, 4.5 vs. 4.6/4.7 (however you round that.)

  • Petar Ivanov

    @ 2.5 Men did well considering Rob was only able to pull 3.3/9.

    But Rob is not with TAHM salary. 700 000$ per episode 500 000 per episode and 300 000 per episode.

    With HIMYM ending next season will be so bad for CBS if TAHM end the same year. With sure will stay after TBBT next season and will be protected…. at least.

  • Tom

    @ Michael Let’s see what happens next week to B&B. It dropped 60,000 viewers from last week. Judging by past performance, 1.70 MM viewers is the point beneath which it drops to a 0.6 demo. Since that’s just another 20,000 viewers, I’m assuming this will happen. Needless to say I’m not impartial about this.

  • tim_m

    Wow Poi is now consistently beating grey’s and winning its time slot. Cbs would be insane to not heavily promote it during the Super Bowl and Grammy’s leading up to Jonathon Nolan’s directorial debut.

  • ATXCountry

    Scandal at 9 would have to completely tone down the violence and steamy scenes included in the 10pm show. It really fits the “put the kids to bed” model of a 10pm show much like ER and The Practice.

  • Petar Ivanov


    Hm, not to sound like man with big ego, but i feel like i have following/entourage. I like it. Smile.

  • Ally

    Beauty and the Beast held steady! thats great! the show is getting better and better & even if last nights eps was a bit heartbreaking, i still LOVE it. Hope the ratings increase next week! ;)

  • gary

    SCANDAL STEADY!!!!! good for Beauty and he beast too

  • eridapo

    Season to date for Scripted Broadcast Network

    Net/ Program Airings~~~~~Viewers~~~~~A18-49 Demo
    Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23 11~~~~~2.85~~~~~1.1
    Happy Endings 13~~~~~3.49~~~~~1.27
    Private Practice 13~~~~~4.64~~~~~1.33
    Last Resort 13~~~~~6.26~~~~~1.38
    Malibu Country 10~~~~~6.64~~~~~1.5
    666 Park Avenue 9~~~~~4.66~~~~~1.51
    Last Man Standing 10~~~~~6.96~~~~~1.52
    Castle 12~~~~~9.9~~~~~1.98
    The Neighbors 14~~~~~6.51~~~~~1.99
    Nashville 11~~~~~6.32~~~~~2.03
    Scandal 12~~~~~6.93~~~~~2.26
    Suburgatory 11~~~~~6.58~~~~~2.44
    The Middle 12~~~~~8.35~~~~~2.46
    Revenge 12~~~~~7.7~~~~~2.48
    Once Upon a Time 12~~~~~9.35~~~~~3.14
    Grey’s Anatomy 13~~~~~9.34~~~~~3.24
    Modern Family 13~~~~~11.95~~~~~4.65
    ABC ~~~~~7.03~~~~~2.16

    Net/ Program Airings~~~~~Viewers~~~~~A18-49 Demo
    Made In Jersey 7~~~~~4.2~~~~~0.6
    Blue Bloods 12~~~~~10.9~~~~~1.42
    CSI: NY 13~~~~~9.71~~~~~1.42
    The Good Wife 13~~~~~9.61~~~~~1.74
    Vegas 13~~~~~11.06~~~~~1.77
    The Mentalist 13~~~~~9.73~~~~~1.82
    Partners 6~~~~~5.88~~~~~2.07
    Hawaii Five-0 14~~~~~9.29~~~~~2.27
    Elementary 13~~~~~10.93~~~~~2.37
    CSI 12~~~~~10.78~~~~~2.43
    NCIS: Los Angeles 13~~~~~16.04~~~~~2.92
    Criminal Minds 13~~~~~11.89~~~~~2.99
    Person of Interest 13~~~~~14.63~~~~~3.01
    Mike & Molly 12~~~~~9.81~~~~~3.11
    How I Met Your Mother 13~~~~~8.5~~~~~3.27
    NCIS 13~~~~~19.31~~~~~3.45
    2 Broke Girls 14~~~~~10.27~~~~~3.59
    Two and a Half Men 14~~~~~13.39~~~~~3.91
    Big Bang Theory 14~~~~~16.77~~~~~5.3
    CBS ~~~~~11.56~~~~~2.69

    Net/ Program Airings~~~~~Viewers~~~~~A18-49 Demo
    The L A Complex 2~~~~~0.48~~~~~0.2
    Nikita 8~~~~~1.12~~~~~0.35
    Emily Owens, M D 10~~~~~1.26~~~~~0.37
    Gossip Girl 10~~~~~0.89~~~~~0.44
    90210 11~~~~~0.94~~~~~0.47
    Carrie Diaries 3~~~~~1.42~~~~~0.53
    Hart of Dixie 13~~~~~1.4~~~~~0.56
    Beauty and the Beast 11~~~~~1.8~~~~~0.68
    Supernatural 12~~~~~2.08~~~~~0.89
    Arrow 12~~~~~3.43~~~~~1.14
    The Vampire Diaries 12~~~~~2.87~~~~~1.37
    CW ~~~~~1.78~~~~~0.71

    Net/ Program Airings~~~~~Viewers~~~~~A18-49 Demo
    The Mob Doctor 13~~~~~3.26~~~~~0.9
    Fringe 13~~~~~2.82~~~~~0.97
    Ben and Kate 13~~~~~2.82~~~~~1.35
    The Mindy Project 13~~~~~3.17~~~~~1.62
    Cleveland Show 8~~~~~3.46~~~~~1.65
    Raising Hope 15~~~~~3.85~~~~~1.66
    Bob’s Burgers 12~~~~~4.53~~~~~2.14
    Bones 13~~~~~7.69~~~~~2.15
    American Dad 10~~~~~4.65~~~~~2.28
    Glee 12~~~~~5.88~~~~~2.34
    New Girl 15~~~~~4.5~~~~~2.35
    Family Guy 12~~~~~5.82~~~~~2.89
    The Simpsons 11~~~~~6.36~~~~~2.95
    The Following 2~~~~~10.26~~~~~3.25
    FOX ~~~~~4.57~~~~~1.94

    Net/ Program Airings~~~~~Viewers~~~~~A18-49 Demo
    Do No Harm 1~~~~~3.12~~~~~0.9
    Animal Practice 5~~~~~4.22~~~~~1.22
    Up All Night 11~~~~~3.01~~~~~1.24
    30 Rock 12~~~~~3.54~~~~~1.33
    Whitney 7~~~~~4.08~~~~~1.39
    Guys With Kids 13~~~~~4.17~~~~~1.45
    Deception 4~~~~~4.28~~~~~1.53
    1600 Penn 4~~~~~4.27~~~~~1.58
    Parks and Recreation 11~~~~~3.47~~~~~1.67
    Grimm 12~~~~~5.21~~~~~1.68
    The New Normal 15~~~~~4.61~~~~~1.75
    Law & Order: SVU 11~~~~~6.56~~~~~1.79
    Chicago Fire 13~~~~~6.58~~~~~1.84
    Parenthood 15~~~~~4.98~~~~~1.84
    The Office 14~~~~~4.25~~~~~2.09
    Go On 14~~~~~6.14~~~~~2.26
    Revolution 10~~~~~8.37~~~~~3.09
    NBC ~~~~~4.93~~~~~1.77

    Broadcast Nets~~~~~Viewers~~~~~A18-49 Demo
    Overall ~~~~~6.76~~~~~2.02

  • GG

    The irony of Do No Harm’s show title. No harm to anything except itself. :D

  • halloween

    Beauty and Beast is Friday bound if it keeps .7 other wised, canceled. Still awful 50% retention, cw was looking for higher numbers with a procedural show

  • Laura

    TVD does amazingly well for the CW. Not only has it been the network’s number 1 show for it’s entire run so far, but it manages to do that in a timeslot where it’s up against not one, but 2 of the biggest shows on TV. Last night it had the added pressure of being up against 2 of the biggest shows on TV plus the series finale of a long running popular show, and it still managed to both hold steady with last week and be up on it’s equivalent ep last year, which is a fantastic accomplishment. It would be so great if the CW could find something else that can do what TVD can. Obviously Arrow’s doing well, but it’s still below TVD levels , and it would be great if they could find something that could match TVD numbers, the network really needs it.

  • forg

    Yikes Do No Harm, that’s the lowest drama premiere that I ever saw on the Big 4

    Scandal’s doing really well, impressive

  • KJ Styles

    Do No Harm did plenty of harm to NBC’s scripted average. I doubt it even airs another episode.

  • Michael

    @Halloween, the CW has bigger fish to fry! Several shows below a 0.7!

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