Updated: Bad News for 'Elementary' As Super Bowl Power Outage Delays Game ~34 Minutes

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February 3rd, 2013


Update 2: Elementary began at 11:11p ET - that's 10 minutes later than 2003's Alias which started at 11:01p and averaged the fewest viewers (17.4 million) for the post Super Bowl slot since the 1970s.  Last year The Voice begain at 10:19p.  Here are the post Super Bowl start and end times since 2003:

THE VOICE- 2/5/12 NBC 10:19 PM 11:21 PM
GLEE- 2/6/11 FOX 10:39 PM 11:45 PM
UNDERCOVER BOSS-02/07/2010 CBS 10:13 PM 11:13 PM
OFFICE 2/1-02/01/2009 NBC 10:40 PM 11:40 PM
HOUSE SP-2/3-02/03/2008 FOX 10:38 PM 11:38 PM
CRIMINAL MINDS-SUPER BOWL-02/04/2007 CBS 10:26 PM 11:27 PM
GREY'S ANATOMY-02/05/2006 ABC 10:27 PM 11:28 PM
SIMPSONS-02/06/2005 FOX 10:44 PM 11:16 PM
SURVIVOR: ALL-STARS PREM-02/01/2004 CBS 10:52 PM 11:58 PM
ALIAS SPECIAL-1/26-01/26/2003 ABC 11:01 PM 12:01 AM


CBS Sports' official statement on the power outage.


Update: The 49ers comeback fell short and despite failing at the opportunity to take the lead with less than two minutes remaining, it was a helluva ball game post power outage. Even with Elementary pushed completely out of primetime things could've been much worse for CBS.


Bad news for Elementary fans, but great news for Fan Excuse Bingo players. With the Baltimore Ravens up by a lopsided score of 28-6 with 13:22 still left in the third quarter, a power surge knocked power out in the New Orleans's Super Dome, delaying the game ~34 minutes. While in the short term, I'm not sure the power outage wasn't good news for CBS (at least for me, the freakish technical difficulties during our nation's biggest sporting event were more interesting than the game itself), it definitely has the downside for the post-Super Bowl airing of Elementary which will start ~34 minutes later as a result.

Barring a tremendous comeback from the San Francisco 49ers, it's a-worst-of-all-worlds nightmare for CBS (and 2nd half Super Bowl advertisers) -- a lopsided game, with Elementary perhaps not starting until after primetime.

  • New England Mike

    At this point, Elementary won’t start until Midnight EST

  • Jeremiah

    Well, I guess we will have an excuse for a poor showing now.

  • Linda

    I know I just want to start watching Elementary I hope this Blackout will not Hurt the show that Much i LOVE this show so I will sit for however long it will take

  • Amy

    This picture is NOT from tonight…

  • TV Addict

    Oh no! I really wanted to see Elementary! (Sarcastically)

  • Tom

    Yup, it would hard to be more screwed than this. Look at the issues…

    – The lopsided score will cause people to tune out

    – The delay will push the game end to around midnight on the East Coast

    – The team losing terribly is probably the most famous WEST COAST team suppressing that audience

    Unless the 49ers have an amazing comeback (and keep the audience glued to their seats) Elementary is utterly screwed

  • Douglas from Brazil

    Is Elementary destinated to be cancelled?It’s perhaps a sign?

  • Douglas from Brazil


    Will Elementary be destinated to get cancelled?
    Could be perhaps a sign from the Super Chicken?

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    This picture is NOT from tonight…

    it IS – I grabbed it from tonight’s broadcast. (edit: whether that shot was actually from tonight, I can’t confirm, but the screen shot is from tonight’s broadcast)

  • Derek

    Robert: It was shown tonight, but is actually from a 2011 49ers game… the SuperDome is a dome… pretty sure it has a roof, thus blocking the view of the ad boards from the air… haha :D

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    Robert: It was shown tonight, but is actually from a 2011 49ers game… the SuperDome is a dome… pretty sure it has a roof, thus blocking the view of the ad boards from the air… haha :D

    D’oh! I blame Budweiser.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    Picture changed. Apologies!

  • Benjamin Elliott

    This is easy for CBS to fix. Repeat tonight’s Elementary on Thursday. Shift season back a week. Didn’t ABC do a same week repeat for Alias when they delayed the episode till after primetime?

  • DenverDean

    Elementary won’t air in Prime Time at this point. Not with 90 minutes left and half third quarter, 4Q and Post-Game. It’s just like Alias all over again… CBS might consider holding the episode and skipping a repeat. (They won’t, of course.)

  • Amy

    Thanks Robert! :D I just didn’t think the original was from tonight because it showed the entire stadium blacked out, which didn’t happen tonight. :)

  • Dan S

    All things considering I’m now happy they picked Elementary to follow the SB. It’s likely to set a new low starting as late as midnight on the east coast. This show isn’t that good & while it may see a season 2 it’ll likely move to Sundays permanently. This will not help boost their numbers back on Thur.

  • Marie


  • Max Vrany

    “Barring a tremendous comeback”

    Which just happened. One-possession game once more.

  • Marie

    Also Just saying
    SOME BBC Sherlock Fans are so Petty and Sad
    BBC Sherlock Fans tantrums about Elementary are childish . I use to watch both shows but because of BBC Sherlock fans I was Turned off by the show I will Never watch Sherlock Anymore

  • ToXiX

    Hahhhhhhwhah good for that worthless show

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