'Dog With a Blog' Renewed for Season 2 by Disney Channel

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February 4th, 2013


Deadline reports that Disney Channel has renewed its comedy Dog With a Blog for a second season. We will publish mroe details as they become available.

  • AJ

    Ehh… Really? Bad move Disney.

  • Oliver

    Spin-off: Critter with a Twitter

  • jamie

    Good move, Disney channel. If it was on Nickelodeon, it would’ve been cancelled instead, no matter what the ratings were.

  • Nathan

    Wow, did Nickelodeon really rustle your jimmies today?

  • jamie

    @Nathan, no just telling the truth.

  • CM Punker

    This is a good show and its been rating good too.

    They got a little star over there in G. Hannelius.

  • The Super S


    Who’s jimmies does Nickelodeon not rustle? XD

  • robin

    great more crap

  • Jacob

    Wow that show is horrible though

  • Nick

    This show is horrible.

  • Jacob

    I think it’s reasonable but what about gravity falls

  • lila

    i think disney channel will wait for the rating of gravity falls on 15 feb to renew it

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