New Time Slots for Syfy's 'Ghost Hunters' & 'Ghost Mine' Beginning Wednesday, February 13

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February 4th, 2013

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Syfy’s Wednesday night paranormal lineup is set to rack up the scares an hour earlier beginning Wednesday, February 13 when Ghost Hunters moves to 8 PM ET/PT and Ghost Mine shifts to 9 PM ET/PT.


Ghost Hunters, now in its ninth season, is Syfy’s longest-running unscripted series. Led by Jason Hawes, the TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) team travels around the country using their paranormal investigation expertise to bring peace of mind to clients at both public institutions and private homes alike.


Ghost Mine, Syfy’s newest paranormal unscripted series, offers a fascinating look at the intersection of the dangerous and back-breaking work of gold mining and paranormal investigation. Each hour-long episode sees the miners digging for gold in a reportedly haunted mine in Eastern Oregon, while paranormal investigators unravel the mysteries surrounding the mine, including historic Masonic connections and a spirit that has been known to haunt the area for generations.




  • @TheEmulator23

    So saddened by the Garbage on this channel now. Continuum shows some promise, but that’s it. Warehouse was Ok for a couple years. The last Stargate, Mehhh. Now it’s Ghost this & Ghost That. Oh no, Watch out, Cool air is blowing on you so it must be a ghost.

  • Shepherd


  • The End


    There was an almost in the more recent series where one of the team members claims she was being scratched(Aka Attacked) by something and the camera kept panning to her scratches. Though there was no proof to support what she was claiming, the team members were acting like she was telling the truth and something really was attacking her.

    Thought that episode in itself was absurd.

    Ah yes, it was the Sept 5th episode(Old City Jail ep). The member Hagar. Oh dear, watch this episode, you’l cringe. It was so awful to watch, and to be honest so fraudulent.

  • The End

    *There was a ridiculus scene in the more recent season

    Just to correct. My tiredness is showing.

  • Jason50

    Maybe the new timeslot will attract more ghosts to the shows.

  • mandy

    thank god. ive been wanting to watch it but supernatural (wednesday at 9) had top priority. now i can watch both :)

  • Ben0910

    Yes! These guys are the real deal. For the nay sayers, I challenge you to get out of your moms basement, stop playing dungeons and dragons, and go do an investigation yourself…you won’t

  • Joe

    I’ve watched Ghost Hunters from the very beginninng and have never missed a show yet. It got me into ghost hunting and I like doing it. Run into some strange things but still have fun.

  • HollaKid

    Ummm…it’s REALLY time to change your file photo for the show since three of the cast members pictured are gone and a fourth (baldie Jason Hawes) has a beard.

  • Crystal

    I enjoy the shows. Of course you take them with a grain of salt, but they get some really cool stuff on there sometimes. Coming from someone who actually has a ghost in their house, it is no where as interesting as TAPS tries to play it off. But still, it’s all in good fun. Better than anything on TLC, that’s for sure!

  • deb

    I don’t like the music. They play it so you can’t hear what they are hearing, which, I suppose, is nothing because they have to hide the fact they are trying to coverup that there is no noise. I also don’t like the fact they always show their faces instead of what they are looking at. The camera should be OUR eyes looking where they are looking, not looking at them looking at something. Then the camera pans over to late. So in ending this confusing diatribe, it’s a show to waste some time on. All fake, smoke and mirrors. It’s interesting to see how other make their money…wait!!! WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT???? what the HELL was that..? WHAT the hell was that.. shhhhh………….listen, did you hear that? It was the sound of a remote turning the channel.

  • beth

    I am so happy now I can watch you guys and not on Demand. Hate having to wait till the next day or so to watch GH

  • kelly

    I started watching about 2 years ago, and have fallen in love with the show and I watch every repeat I can find. Just one thought though, I wish you would go back to the old format of investigating , researching, and revealing. Now it seems so hurried! Thanks guys

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