No Record for Super Bowl XLVII - 108.4 Million Viewers Makes It 3rd Most-Watched Ever; 'Elementary' Averages 20.8 Million Viewers

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February 4th, 2013

Last night's Super Bowl averaged 108.4 million, making it the third most-watched game of all time (trailing last year's 111.3 million and 2011's 111.0 million). Given the circumstances with the teams involved and the delay due to the power outage, that doesn't seem to shabby.

Elementary, which didn't begin until 11:11p, averaged 20.8 million viewers.

via press release:




Average of 108.41 Million Watch Baltimore Win Super Bowl XLVII

Network Garners Fast National Household Rating/Share of 46.3/69

The CBS Television Network’s coverage of Super Bowl XLVII featuring the BALTIMORE RAVENS’ 34-31 win over the SAN FRANCISCO 49ers’ on Sunday, Feb 3 (6:32-8:41 and 9:11-10:47 PM, ET) was watched by a Nielsen estimated average of 108.41 million viewers, making it the third most-watched program in television history (Super Bowl XLVI - 111.3 million; Super Bowl XLV – 111.0 million).


CBS Sports’ coverage of Super Bowl XLVII earned an average fast national household rating/share of 46.3/69 (47.0/71; N.Y. Giants-New England; Super Bowl XLVI), making it the second highest-rated Super Bowl in 27 years (1/26/86; 48.3/70; Chicago-New England).


Last night’s Super Bowl HH rating/share peaked at a 50.7/73 with an average of 113.92 million viewers from 10:30-10:47 PM, ET.

  • halloween

    Elementary, what a waste

  • HalCapone

    These are final numbers with time zone adjustments?

  • Matt

    20.8 million for elementary is great considering it started at 11:11. I hope it retains a few million of those extra eyeballs this thursday!

  • Robert Seidman

    those are time-zone adjusted fast-national numbers which should be nearly identical if not exactly identical to the final numbers.

  • CrimTV

    I agree with Matt, the fact it aired at 11:11pm the rating is great! So is 108.4 million for the SB! Can’t have a new record every year.

  • Derek

    Any numbers for the Late Late Show yet?

  • Robert Seidman

    Any numbers for the Late Late Show yet?

    yes, 4.43 million.

  • jessic

    Even Glee was watched by more people, which says a lot due to the fact that glee doesn’t share a big demo with Superbowl fans. (26.8 MM)

  • Oliver

    Can’t have a new record every year.
    Why not? The US population rises every year.

  • Matt

    glee did not air at 11:11

    cmon people, elementary aired almost an hour later than most of the previous years shows. give it a break

  • Juliana Midena

    Any numbers for Beyonce yet?

  • Mon

    That’s actually pretty good rating for Elementary. I think CBS is happy with that.

  • Mark1972

    I was one of those 20 million. I love that show and it was a good episode.

  • jaja

    anyone could you tell me what a first-run syndicated, i searched on wiki but its just so complicated

  • Lisbeth Slander

    Does anyone know the difference in viewing figures in comparison to Madonnas performance vs. Beyonces? If I remember correctly last year more people tuned in to see Madonna over the game itself? Or Madonna is the most watched halftime ever?

  • Mon

    If it had the same skew as TBBT, Elementary got about 6 in 18-49. That’s really good for 11pm.

  • Jody K. Simpson

    Madonna still has the most-watched Super Bowl Halftime show in history. Madonna: 114 million. Beyonce: 110 million.

  • Oliver


    First-run syndication are shows which are sold into broadcast syndication (i.e. local channels) that haven’t previously aired on major networks. It’s usually daytime unscripted shows like Ellen or Jeopardy, but there’s the occasional scripted show too.

  • Robert Seidman

    If it had the same skew as TBBT, Elementary got about 6 in 18-49. That’s really good for 11pm.

    It averaged a 7.8 A18-49 rtg…

  • PixieLavender

    Does anyone know if the Late Late Show beat Jimmy Fallons’s superbowl show?

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