Post-Super Bowl 'Elementary' delivers 20.8 Million Viewers. 7.8 Rating in Adults 18-49

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February 4th, 2013

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"Elementary" Ranks as Television's Highest-Rated Entertainment Broadcast of the Year in A18-49, A25-54 and A18-34

Despite the latest start time ever for a post-Super Bowl broadcast, the freshman drama ELEMENTARY delivered 20.8 million viewers, 7.8 rating in adults 18-49, 8.3 in adults 25-54 and 7.4 in adults 18-34, according to Nielsen time period adjusted live plus same day fast nationals for Sunday, Feb. 3.


This represents the highest-rated entertainment broadcast of the year in television among adults 18-49, adults 25-54 (tie, "The Big Bang Theory") and adults 18-34.


ELEMENTARY SUPER BOWL (S) from 11:11 PM-12:11 AM delivered an 11.6/23 with an average of 20.80m viewers, 8.3 in adults 25-54, 7.8 in adults 18-49 and 7.4 in adults 18-34, all series highs. ELEMENTARY delivered +3.45 million viewers more than "Alias" in 2003 (11:01 PM start time), the only other post-Super Bowl program to air completely out of primetime. ELEMENTARY also topped "Alias" in adults 18-34 (7.4 vs. 7.2)


Showcasing the freshman drama to new viewers in the post-Super Bowl timeslot, ELEMENTARY delivered +61% increase over its season average in viewers (vs. 12.88m, +7.92 million viewers), +160% in adults 18-49 (from 3.0/09), +102% in adults 25-54 (4.1/10) and +335% in adults 18-34 (from 1.7/06)

  • The Cool Max

    I agree with most of you, CBS should have used it’s successful comedy brands, not a hour long drama.

  • matt

    What’s up with these 2 broke girls fans? Makes you really not want to watch it (instead of just not watching it)

  • The Cool Max

    @Matt> 2 Broke Girls would have been the perfect post super bowl show.

  • bluejays

    Although I do just have to add – because you know :) – that HFO – which got slated – had much better retention out the AFC game!

  • Mon

    What’s up with these 2 broke girls fans? Makes you really not want to watch it (instead of just not watching it)

    No. It’s just Petar, who’s also a bitter fan of Person of Interest.

  • Fake Me Out

    I love the people who have a set agenda/narrative that won’t be swayed or distracted by things like reality, facts and evidence and are like Colbert, they feel something therefore it must be the truth … it just feels truthy.

    BTW, I assume Colbert must hate this site given his hatred of bears … TVbtN should try to get on his Threat Down as a bunch of bear loving bruin coddlers.

  • Petar Ivanov


    If in the end Elementary is with lower ratings than other 10 pm shows – CSI and H5O after so much more advertising and promotion what will speak that for CBS desision. They will look like idiots. I mean understand your 10 pm idea but don’t like it. CBS every year premiere at least two dramas at 10 pm.

  • Mon

    Although I do just have to add – because you know :) – that HFO – which got slated – had much better retention out the AFC game!

    Because H50 started at 10:16 pm.

  • Petar Ivanov

    We are real fans. 2 BG and POI are BEST new and fresh CBS shows.


    Realistically, perfect CBS fits for SB were TBBT, 2BG and PoI, with honorable mention to NCIS duo, Criminal Minds and Mike & Molly. Everything else didn’t deserve the slot. From a RATINGS perspective, not a fan view.

  • Petar Ivanov


    He said RETENTION. Read. Not lowest rated 18-49. H5o really look good now. Nobody expect that low ratings. I was sure that won’t be even colese to the voice success but worst show ever after 3rd best game ever wow.
    WIll be stuped if CBS move H5o for Elementary.

  • Silvio

    New Fan Bingo: it started at 11:15.
    Like starting half an hour earlier would launch it to 15.6 or whatever. Nonsense, earlier start would gain it some 10% or 15%. Flopementary would be in 8s, still it would be 2nd worst lead-out ever (beating out only 11:10PM Alias). Flop. Counting in it’s CBS, epic flop.

  • bluejays

    @Mon – whatever!! You are as seriously biased against HFO as you accuse others of being against Elementary. you never fail to say something about its numbers – even last year when it was the most watched ten pm show on any net you slated it. I take your HFO comments with the pinch of bitter salt they should be downed with dearest.

  • PurpleDrasi

    Petar are you familiar with the phrase “hindsight is 20/20″?

    You keep talking about how logical it would be to put 2BG on at 11 because it is a half hour show. You forget one thing. Nobody knew the game would be delayed and the following show would start at 11. Of course it makes sense NOW. So what, are you critizing CBS for not being able to read the future?

  • bluejays

    @Petar – If CBS move HFO for Elementary it will be THE dumbest thing they’ve ever done! Ever! If they move HFO for a new drama – fair enough. It’s got a great syndication deal and it can do a couple seasons either mid week or Fridays or something. But to move it for a show that has got consistently lower numbers after its first couple weeks than HFo and against less competition would be insanely dumbass.

  • matt

    People are so intent on Elementary being a failure

  • matt

    @bluejays Pot calling the kettle black, as you partake in the drumming against elemenatry

  • Survivor Fan

    Less than half of what The Voice got last year (16.7).

  • Burr

    I haven’t read comments on this site in a while (they got so bad and unreadable its pathetic) but this “monday morning quarterbacking” of what show would have done better etc., is FUNNY. CBS is a machine – the put on what they thought needed the boost. And pretty much assumed it would start by 10:30 or so. I’m sure CBS pooped their pants with the blackout messing it all up.

    Just because you SAY POI or 2BG would have gotten a way higher rating does not MEAN it would have come true. Everyone has their “favorite” show, but others still find it inspidly boring. And to have a mean bias against any show is silly. Don’t watch it, but accept that others enjoy it.

  • JOE

    Why is everyone either for bashing the show or defending it…? Do any of you get revenue for it???

    Elementary did okay, starting late definitely affected it but we don’t know how much or how little and we will NEVER know…all we can do is analyze the numbers.

    While its numbers were in the shallow end of the pool for the post SB game it still did well and “may” give a boost to the show, but why don’t we do a pro and con argument to see how reletively well (or poorly) it did?

    Pro: It started after primetime so its ratings were definitely affect
    Con: It was on in primetime on the West, Mountain and Central timezones

    oh wait, that’s all the pro’s and con’s that could of affected its ratings…so you be the judge, was its performance altered due to the length of the game?

    IMO: Yes it was but minimally….we all knew it wouldn’t be a mega-showing as crime shows never do well after the game, just look at Criminal Minds…solid player for years but the SB didn’t do one thing for the show less giving it an extra episode.

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