Post-Super Bowl 'Elementary' delivers 20.8 Million Viewers. 7.8 Rating in Adults 18-49

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February 4th, 2013

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"Elementary" Ranks as Television's Highest-Rated Entertainment Broadcast of the Year in A18-49, A25-54 and A18-34

Despite the latest start time ever for a post-Super Bowl broadcast, the freshman drama ELEMENTARY delivered 20.8 million viewers, 7.8 rating in adults 18-49, 8.3 in adults 25-54 and 7.4 in adults 18-34, according to Nielsen time period adjusted live plus same day fast nationals for Sunday, Feb. 3.


This represents the highest-rated entertainment broadcast of the year in television among adults 18-49, adults 25-54 (tie, "The Big Bang Theory") and adults 18-34.


ELEMENTARY SUPER BOWL (S) from 11:11 PM-12:11 AM delivered an 11.6/23 with an average of 20.80m viewers, 8.3 in adults 25-54, 7.8 in adults 18-49 and 7.4 in adults 18-34, all series highs. ELEMENTARY delivered +3.45 million viewers more than "Alias" in 2003 (11:01 PM start time), the only other post-Super Bowl program to air completely out of primetime. ELEMENTARY also topped "Alias" in adults 18-34 (7.4 vs. 7.2)


Showcasing the freshman drama to new viewers in the post-Super Bowl timeslot, ELEMENTARY delivered +61% increase over its season average in viewers (vs. 12.88m, +7.92 million viewers), +160% in adults 18-49 (from 3.0/09), +102% in adults 25-54 (4.1/10) and +335% in adults 18-34 (from 1.7/06)

  • Brandon

    None of this matter in the slightest.

    Elementary is going to be renewed. The End. I’m not sure why that’s such a hard concept to grasp, but there you are. Whether you personally hate the show or not means nothing: It will be renewed. It’s ratings are good enough for it. Full Stop.

    Let’s remember that “Quality of Show” does not means “Renewal or Not”. It very often has *nothing* to do with it. Look at 2 Broke Girls. That’s currently the dumbest show on prime time network television (in my opinion), but it gets ratings, so it’ll be renewed. The End. I don’t like the show, but that doesn’t blind me to it’s chances of success.

    When you start taking television personally, and decide that certain shows should be subject to your unending wrath for one reason or another, the only thing you’re doing is exposing yourself as the kind of person whose entire self-worth is wrapped up in the shows they watch.

  • matt

    @Brandon Thank you for bringing some common sense to this

  • v

    Alias had a weaker lead-in 88 million people watching.
    It also aired a serial episode, big mistake.

    So it aired 11pm, instead of standard 10:30pm roughly, thats what happens on live events.
    It probably would have gotten Criminal Minds #’s.

  • Streakin’

    I wanna see Whitney and another multi-cam get the boost on NBC in 2015.

  • bluejays

    @Mon. I love wo fat but got tired of all the other drama. The Shelburne thing and now Steve’s mother. But I still love the McDanno and the scenery. It’s def going to get another season at least. The writing seems to have picked up a lot the last few eps which is a good sign. For a while things got very sloppy.

    I don’t root for any shows to fail – as you say its a waste of time. There are some shows I hate (smash being a prime example) but I don’t want them to fail. I would like to see less reality tv to be honest but that’s an overall trend I wanna see die not a particular show.

  • HalCapone

    What’s odd about the Elementary choice post SB is that this coveted time slot is usually reserved for 1) a new show debut 2) a show with buzz and/or 3) a show that appeals to the 18-49 demo. Elementary is none of the above. It is a tired cop procedural from the Crime Broadcasting System that has been pulling mediocre ratings since its second airing and it skews like every other stale cop procedural on CBS: 54-dead. It will be canceled after next season when it will be moved to the Friday night death slot–guaranteed.

  • iggy agrimotor

    Elementary has no hook.

  • matt

    @Streakin Fairly certain Whitney won’t make it past this season

  • Oliver

    Is anyone actually arguing Elementary isn’t going to get renewed? Its ratings suggest a 2-and-done show barring a ratings boost or a CBS meltdown.

    It’s just an odd choice for the post-Super Bowl slot.

  • CM Punker

    @ Streakin-me too

    @ matt-you guys said that last season too and it still came back.

  • Mon

    Well, I love Steve’s mother!!! She kicked ass on the premiere! She’s funny too!

    It’s def going to get another season at least

    Oh c’mon! Don’t be too humble! :) CBS is not gonna let H50 slide for at least two more seasons. In my opinion, it is guaranyeed to reach at least 100 eps. Also, its huge syndication deal with TNT is worth saving it.

    There are some shows I hate

    I really don’t care about Nikita but when some of its fans called Arrow “flop” it made me hate Nikita for a moment. I don’t like NCIS: LA because I believe LL Cool J is a miscast and he can’t act. And his character (at least from what I’ve seen) is too cliche.

  • Lord Seth

    For all the people whining about how Person of Interest or 2 Broke Girls or The Big Bang Theory should have gotten the Superbowl slot: CBS owns *none* of those shows. They own Elementary, on the other hand.

    I personally would have loved to see Person of Interest after the Super Bowl. The show’s popular and it’s gaining popularity, so I think it’d be a good choice, as it would give it a further boost AND be likely to get viewers. Plus I’m a big fan of the show. But again, CBS doesn’t own it. Warner Brothers does. I can 100% understand CBS wanting to promote a show where they get all of the profits from versus a show where they just get money from the specific times it airs on their network.

    I’m unsure what to think of the ratings. They’re low by the usual standards of shows airing after the Super Bowl. On the other hand, as many people have correctly pointed out, the Super Bowl ended *very* late due to the blackout. ANY show they put after the Super Bowl would have suffered from that.

    I don’t think these ratings are good OR bad. They’re not good, but at the same time they’re not bad due to the handicap the show suffered through no fault of its own.

  • LisaNeedsBraces

    Elementary already skews old. It needed 18-49 viewers, which it didn’t get with the worst 18-49 demo ever in SB leadout history and the oldest skewing leadout audience. The people who stayed up to watch it probably have already seen it and also didn’t have to work in the morning, because they’re retirees..

    Elementary had one of the best premiere ratings for a 9 p.m. show this season, then tumbled the second week and never recovered. It has the best lead-in possible for any new procedural 9 p.m. show, on CBS’s best night, and it loses the timeslot. It gets weaker as its regular lead-in gets stronger. It got a one shot 48 demo lead-in and the biggest audience of the year, and it couldn’t hang on to even 20% of it. Its overalls after the SUPER BOWL did no better than a regular episode of TBBT.

    CBS took a gamble, it lost. But you can’t say it didn’t give the show a chance. The network has given it every single chance a network can give a show. But it means nothing if a show just doesn’t click with an audience and eventually you have to stop throwing good money after bad. The only question now is if it will be moved to Fridays or Mondays next year. We all know and CBS knows it’s not going to last another three years and make CBS money in syndication.

  • Jake

    Sounds like to me the drama ELEMENTARY is ready to for a new time slot this fall. I’d say schedule it to come on TUES. 9pm after NCIS. Elementary has the potential to draw bigger audiences & I think putting it on after NCIS would give Elementary the boost it needs to become a huge ratings show like the two NCIS shows.

  • Michael

    I find it annoying that everyone is saying it started at 11. How east-coast centric! Hundreds of millions of Americans lived in time zones where Elementary started much earlier. :D

  • Jake

    Here’s my idea for CBS to keep their huge hit dramas going and develop dramas into huge hit makers:
    10pm Vegas

    8pm NCIS
    9pm Elementary
    10pm *NEW DRAMA*

    8pm NCIS: LA
    9pm *NEW DRAMA*
    10pm Criminal Minds

    9pm Person Of Interest
    10pm *NEW DRAMA*

    9pm CSI
    10pm Blue Bloods

    10pm The Mentalist

    CANCEL THESE SHOWS: partners, made in new jersey, csi:ny, hawaii 5-0, golden boy, good wife, how I met your mother.

  • Derek

    Yeah really people? The show started after 11 and didn’t finish until after midnight because of the 38 minute power outage.

  • Bern

    I bet CBS wished they put 2 Broke Girls and The Big Bang Theory.

  • Jake

    I think CBS should have this schedule for fall:
    8p Mike & Molly
    8:30 Rules of Engagement
    9p 2 Broke Girls
    9:30 NEW COMEDY
    10p Vegas

    8p NCIS
    9p Elementary
    10p NEW DRAMA

    8P NCIS: LA
    10p Criminal Minds

    8p Big Bang Theory
    8:30 2 & 1/2 Men
    9p Person of Interest
    10p NEW DRAMA

    8p Undercover Boss
    9p CSI
    10p Blue Bloods

    7p 60min.
    8p Survivor
    9p Amazing Race
    10p The Mentalist.

    They need to put their best dramas & dramas that have high potential & their best comedies on between Mon.- Thu. And move these reality shows that don’t get the ratings like they use to & old dramas that don’t get the ratings like they use to, bury all them on Fri & Sun.

  • Jake


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