Report: Viewers Binge on Netflix's 'House of Cards'

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February 4th, 2013

Netflix released the entire 13 episode  season of its original series House of Cards on Friday. Though the streaming service is choosing not to release any viewership data, making it impossible to determine the "ratings" for the on-line series, Procera Networks, which monitors web traffic for several major ISPs, reports that the majority of House of Cards viewers watched more than one episode of the show. One one broadband network, a full 2 percent of Netflix subscribers watched episode 1, while 1.3% watched episode two. Interestingly, episodes 10-12 (0.53%, 0.48% and 0.52%) were watched by a smaller percentage of subscribers than episode 13 (0.59%).

Obviously, Procera only has information on a sampling of Netflix subscribers (and it may be a less representative sample than Nielsen uses for television ratings), but this does provide some information about the series. Draw your own conclusion about whether or not it was  good idea for Netflix to release the entire season at once.

  • merrranga

    so there’s some people out there who presumably watched a couple episodes (maybe just one) and then skipped to the end? huh.

  • Tvaddic

    For another analysis, Alexa said that traffic for Netflix was up 35% yesterday.

  • DJ_Flannigan

    Wow this was out of the blue. With nothing to watch this weekend this came up on instant watcher and what a great surprise. Enjoyed the heck out of it and already on ep 5. Very cool and of course, Kevin is excellent!

  • Jonas

    Yep, I’ve watched about half of the eps already.

  • Knope

    I know somebody who cameoed in this. So yeah, I’m basically a celebrity.

  • TheBenT

    Releasing them all at once was a horrible idea. People can watch every episode at once only having to pay for one month or even with just a free trial. They should have done weekly or even bi-weekly or something, but all at once is not going to get Netflix the revenue that they need to pay off ‘House of Cards’ and their content fees. Somebody more powerful will buy Netflix if they don’t get more subscribers. Their Disney streaming would be great, if only it started this year instead of 2016. I think that advertising some of their great offerings that people already love would help (i.e. Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, Everybody Loves Raymond, Frasier, Cheers, The West Wing, Family Guy, SNL, Dr. Who, Glee, Psych, Monk, White Collar). They just had a great opportunity at the Super Bowl as well. Oh well. We’ll see how well Netflix recovers from last year’s fiasco.

  • brent

    Netflix Original Programming and its broadcast system is a huge failure.

    How moronic is that Netflix spent 100M for this show! If they really wanted to do original programming they should have followed FX’s model with low-budget comedies or something. This is nothing but stupid!

  • iggy agrimotor

    This is anarchy! The episodes should be strung out over several months, interspersed with random reruns and specials, or maybe canceled within five weeks instead!

  • Tony JJ

    While I do agree that spending $100M on this show where people could easily just watch the whole season in a month for $7.99 or even the free trial. I think their idea was that if they had a really great hit on their hands with word of mouth and potential awards it could be well worth it. and then when the second season comes out even more people will be interested in it. And surely some of the people who signed up to watch this will stay and enjoy their other offerings as well.

  • JC

    “Releasing them all at once was a horrible idea. People can watch every episode at once only having to pay for one month or even with just a free trial.”

    People were doing this already, just with other TV shows and even movies Netflix was streaming. Some will do a free trial and leave. Others will do it and stay. Releasing them all at once gives the people the option to view it how they want to. If they want to watch them all at once or once or twice a week or whenever the hell they feel like it, go for it. Personally, I welcome it because it’s different. I have already finished the entire season and I love the show.

  • CaroD

    When will season 2 be released??? I must know! Love this show!

  • Lucretia Lean Green

    Part of the reason it did well is because Netflix has gone dry…they simply don’t add new programming enough.

  • Jonas

    Agreed Tony, looks to me like some very forward thinking by Netflix. Offering what the customer wants, while finding a way to keep them coming back. So long as they’ve got a hit on there hands.

  • Shoes


  • Chris Parker

    I watched the first three episodes today. I am really digging the show, will watch one more tonight, then a couple a day and will have watched the whole series by the weekend.

  • DougF


    Why? It was their money to spend.

  • Alan

    It was so stupid to release all the episodes. They should do it like networks do, one per week.

  • joeg

    I just finished watching the last episode amd let me tell you i’ m hungry for more right now. I can’t wait for season 2. hurry Netflix hurry!

  • JC

    “It was so stupid to release all the episodes. They should do it like networks do, one per week.”


  • KevinY

    If TVByTheNumbers won’t even predict renew/cancel for cable series I think it’s gonna be a looooong time before we see a renew/cancel for Online series haha.

    Also I’m hearing Emmy buzz about this show, but how can it qualify for the Emmy awards if it’s not a TV series?

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