Report: Viewers Binge on Netflix's 'House of Cards'

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February 4th, 2013

Netflix released the entire 13 episode  season of its original series House of Cards on Friday. Though the streaming service is choosing not to release any viewership data, making it impossible to determine the "ratings" for the on-line series, Procera Networks, which monitors web traffic for several major ISPs, reports that the majority of House of Cards viewers watched more than one episode of the show. One one broadband network, a full 2 percent of Netflix subscribers watched episode 1, while 1.3% watched episode two. Interestingly, episodes 10-12 (0.53%, 0.48% and 0.52%) were watched by a smaller percentage of subscribers than episode 13 (0.59%).

Obviously, Procera only has information on a sampling of Netflix subscribers (and it may be a less representative sample than Nielsen uses for television ratings), but this does provide some information about the series. Draw your own conclusion about whether or not it was  good idea for Netflix to release the entire season at once.

  • Bob

    I loved the show. Watched every episode already. I especially liked the first half. I think this is a great idea and hope that it catches on. I love the idea of 13 episodes. At least people will be able to watch it with it being cancelled. I think this is the wave of the future. Broadcast TV is dying and this just might be part of the way we watch TV shows in the future. I am so happy about the show.

  • Ricardo

    I don’t understand why people are angry at Netflix. It’s ridiculous. They make their choices as a business. People should be happy to have one more venue doing scripted original quality programming.

  • PurpleDrasi

    Since we don’t really know what Netflix’s expectations are for this it is hard to say if it is a failure or not.

    Netflix doesn’t get money from advertising so the real measurement is whether it garnered them any more subscribers. The method they are using is to offer the first tast for free and then hope to get them hooked. Hey, it’s worked for drug dealers for many years so who are we to question. ;-)

  • brent

    Well, of course this business model is good for audience. I loved the series, I saw 2 episodes and it was pretty impressive. But I just don’t think this system is gonna last, honestly. Though I hope I’m wrong and this will be the future of the television.

  • little_big_man

    I don’t get what difference it would make if they released the episodes one per week, because all the arguments with people just signing up for one (trial) month would still apply…just in 3 months when all episodes would have been released, because it’s not as if the first few episodes would have disappeared again until then…

  • Chendaddy

    “It was so stupid to release all the episodes. They should do it like networks do, one per week.”

    Yes, because the networks are always on the cutting edge of innovative business models.

  • Mark

    What a waste of money. They will never get back the money they spent. Netflix plays a whole different game than network or cable TV. House of Cards should be at HBO or something alike.

  • c_brady

    For everyone complaining they should release them one a week, why not just watch only one a week.

  • LA2000

    I am betting that the higher viewership numbers on the final episode come from people re-watching the season finale.

    The series is fantastic.

  • Evelyn

    OMG ! I watched in two days. 1-7 first evening 8-13 next evening Excellent !When is the next !

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