Sue Paterno Gives First Interview Since the Penn State Scandal Broke on 'Katie', Monday, February 11

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February 4th, 2013

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Exclusive Interview to Air Monday, February 11



For the first time since the shocking sex abuse scandal rocked Penn State’s football program, Sue Paterno sits down with Katie Couric for an exclusive interview that will broadcast on Couric’s nationally syndicated daytime talk show, “Katie.” Couric visited the widow of former Penn State coach Joe Paterno at her home, and will host Mrs. Paterno in-studio for her first conversation since the scandal broke and since she lost her beloved husband of 50 years. Joe Paterno passed away just two months after the scandal was exposed, leaving behind his wife and family, and many unanswered questions about what he knew and did not know. Mrs. Paterno will appear in an episode scheduled to air on Monday, February 11.


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  • TV Gord

    Surely not for the whole hour! What does she have to say? She’s about as far removed from the scandal as anyone can be, and is there enough interest in Joe Paterno’s life to warrant a national interview on anything other than the scandal?

  • moshane58

    I think this is ridiculous and there are children that where involved.This should be shelved for the sake of the victums.Shame on you Katie for only thinking of ratings.ABC and Katie should have to pay to a victums fund for this.They already paid Casey Anthony’s lawyer 200,000 dollars for interveiw.Paid a baby killers lawyer.[abc]I think its disgusting and like throwing salt on these victums wounds.

  • Cass rowlwland

    Moshane get it together if you don’t like abc and Katie then don’t watch it’s a talk show that is having a interview other talk shows had these kinds of interviews

  • moshane58

    Cass rowlwland you better shut up.This is not what you do to molested children.When you know what ones been threw then you can make a comment.
    Penn State done the same as the Priest and I have no respect for none of them,Now you get your kicks listen to lies and taking up for people who hide you go for it.I don’t think anyone should keep rubbing this into victims only for ratings.There’s some lines the media needs to stop crossing.And for your info she’s not on my ABC.

  • TV Gord

    Katie wasn’t even with ABC when that happened, and ABC banned paying for interviews because of it.

  • Mike

    TV Gord, I can’t imagine a whole hour either but I guess this woman feels she has something to say.

    Cass Rowland — Elvis, JFK and Jesus could all come back from the dead and Katie could get exclusive interviews with them and Moshane would find something wrong to say about it.

    I’m sure if this woman was hired to star on a soap opera and boosted the ratings of said soap opera that would be praised to high heaven.

    The whole media and entertainment industry constantly makes money at the expense of victims of crimes every single day. Thanks to the media a serial killer or mass murderer will always be more well known than any victim.

  • Cass rowlwland

    moshane you need to chill if you are a soap fan that is boycotting and hate abc then do it why do you comment on this page if you feel the way you abc/Disney is doing fine do you have a life you are so caught up and obsessed over something that is fictional like soap operas like a man on crack coccaine

  • Cass rowlwland

    And yes Katie does not air on all abc stations

  • moshane58

    Guys I don’t care who it is that does this interview.You don’t keep rubbing salt in vitums wounds.Have you ever known someone that has been threw this.Its like a target on there forehead and there revert back into all the terrible memories.This my damn point.Leave them alone.I’ve seen it and it has nothing to do with soaps.We are not wanting 24/7 soaps as you wants commented.we just wanted our two back and we are getting them back.I don’t give a damn what ABC shows.My soaps won’t be on there.I just want them to leave these victiuns alone.You all seem to care less about them and more for Katie.Sick…

  • primetime blabber

    Cass Rowlwland….where do you see ABC/Disney doing fine? They are down in ratings all across their primetime schedule, where they have cancelled many of their shows due to the Boycott and due to low ratings….they also are not doing fine during the daytime lineup except for GH….GH is highest of the 3 daytime lineup shows with 3 million and rising viewers, Chew and Katie are down in ratings- and continue to lose ratings….Katie was only renewed for a second season, because ABC made a 2 year deal, she will be gone after Season 2 (Thank God)….ABC is in a feud with Prospect Park (company who is bringing AMC and OLTL online)and there are rumors if the soaps don’t go online, they are returning to ABC in The Chew and Katie’s timeslot….

  • Cass rowlwland

    here we go with primetime blabber abc is doing great abc only cancelled 2 of there shows lot of there primetime shows are hits abc had been doing press releases about how there whole daytime lineup including good morning America is up greys anatomy and once upon a time modern family and scandal are some of the highest rated shows on tv and they are all on abc Katie is beating 11 talk shows in the ratings and is showing growth a boycott is not causing any harm if you think abc is the only network to decline you don’t know nothing about tv

  • Cass rowlwland

    Abc ranks number 1 on Friday disney buying stocks are up Disney wreck it Ralph and the avengers were both box office hits disney parks attendence is up abc Jimmy kümmel and nightline are doing well a boycott is just nonsense

  • Cass rowlwland

    Oh yeah the chew and Katie both hit highs just this past week

  • Mike

    Moshane — have you ever heard of any victim not watching something. A victim can’t be victimized if he or she refuses to watch said show. It’s a free country here in the USA and just like I tell those offended by stories on soaps, or primetime, offended by nudity or violence — YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WATCH.

    Cass Rowland — I have learned to quit giving the whiners like primetime blabber the time of the day. They whine and cry if someone says one thing bad about a soap opera. Tell people if they don’t watch soaps they shouldn’t comment on them. Yell for people to quit spreading hate about their soaps. But they are the biggest negative folks out there. Constantly hijacking threads about shows they don’t watch just so they can whine more about how bad soap operas are being treated.

    They say if you don’t watch a show then why in the world do you waste time posting in threads about it. Take your own advice folks. If you don’t watch Katie then quit posting about it. Just let those of us who do and enjoy our show enjoy it.

  • Cass rowlwland

    what I am saying is true about abc doing well

  • Chuck T

    Terrific! more self denial.

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