'The Ricki Lake Show' Canceled

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February 4th, 2013

Low rated talk show The Ricki Lake Show, will not return for a second season, reports Broadcasting and Cable. The series will remain in production through March 28.  Repeats will continue to air until the new syndication season launches next fall. Season-to-date the program has averaged a 0.7 Household rating.

  • Martel

    I am only glad for it to be canceled because now Maury might come back on in my area. It’s been too long with The maury Povich Show.

  • Martel


  • Joseph

    I don’t think the Cancellation Bear goes after syndicated shows.

    Otherwise, he would have devoured this one.

    Although the last taping is March 28th, I suspect first-run episodes will continue through the May sweeps, then reruns through the Summer.

  • jaja

    anyone could you tell me what a first-run syndicated, i searched on wiki but its just so complicated


    The thing is this was an example of returning to daytime and really bombing. Her new show lacked the fun qualities of her old show. It was dull, boring and flat.

  • TV Gord

    jaja, it’s any show that is made by a studio (production company) that airs on individual TV stations instead of on one particular network.

    For instance, ABC’s The View and CBS’ The Talk are both network shows, because they air on the whole network. Ricki Lake is syndicated, so she may air on an NBC affiliate in your town, but a CBS affiliate in my town. In fact, other than The View and The Talk, all of the other daytime talk shows are syndicated.

    I hope that helps. :-)

  • Steven

    “The Ricki Lake Show” airs on my NBC affiliate at 1:05am, right after NBC Late Night!

  • Ryan

    This show had more promotion than any other talk show I know. Sadly the show lacked any redeeming quality. At least she tried.

  • psychic

    I thought it was the highest-rated new talk show??

  • psychic

    Oh, right. That was Katie.
    And the Jeff Probst Show isn’t doing too badly either.

  • TV Gord

    In Canada, where Ricki and Jeff Probst are on the same “network” (you Americans would call it a superstation), Jeff was moved to late night last month, so he’s not doing as well as Ricki here. (Actually, I think they’re virtually tied for last place.) ;-)

  • Ralph Hahn

    I didn’t even know that Ricki came back in the first place.

  • The Cool Max

    Never seen it. Wondering how Probst is holding up. I can’t stand how he’s doing a co-host type show now.

  • Winning C.

    I’m actually a bit shocked with this one because I kept it on hearing it was doing better than Probst but I also heard it was moved to late night in a lot markets. You know the show is doing badly when it moves to late night.

    It looks like only Katie and Steve Harvey may come out of this season maybe Probst not sure yet like I said this surprised me already.

    The new talkers have not been doing the numbers they’re supposed to be doing. Some of these syndicaters need to start producing more game shows and maybe ABC Studios can syndicate All My Children and One Life to Live.

  • iggy agrimotor

    Another dying daytime genre.

  • Billy martins

    I really hope rachael ray gets 4:00pm timeslot they need to move it from 9:00am to a afternoon cause I “am missing the show I”am at work at that time.

  • Mike

    I knew she didn’t have a chance when she was cleared mostly on CWs and My TV affiliates. Nobody watches those channels anyway, they’re not going to magically flock there for her.

  • Punchy McToughguy

    Wasn’t this cancelled about 15 years ago?

  • Shelly

    The soap viewers told you so…
    We don’t want the talk shows, not even the ones waiting in the wings (Kris, Bethany, Latiffa, Arsenio).

    We can’t and won’t be trained. While the soaps are slowly, but steadily rebuilding their audiences, talk shows are tanking.

  • jean paulson

    you can take all of the talk shows off.
    i refused to watch these talk shows i turn off the tv.
    and i pick up a book and i read. im not watching that crap.
    and i do mean its crap. goodby ricki lake and every other talk show.

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