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February 4th, 2013

The premiere of The Following scored a 3.2 adults 18-49 rating. In week two, it rose to a 3.3. Will the upward trajectory continue tonight, or have its ratings peaked? Make your predictions.


  • MichaelChickless

    With the Super-Bowl-hyped CBS competition and new programming on all networks, it’ll probably be lucky to crack a 3.0.

  • RJ

    The Following will do an 2.8 or 2.9 – no better.

  • Carmen

    I don’t know if the Following . . . and Bones for that matter. .. will rise. Perhaps a little, or perhaps they will drop a little.
    But I think both shows will do respectable for the remainder of this season.

    This is primarily due to the competition they face presently. That is, 2 mediocre reality shows and a pair of CBS comedies that. . .while still performing well. .. have probably started the down slide.

    I think both Bones and the Following will fall into the 2.8 to 3.2 range most weeks. This will get both renewed easily for next season.
    They have the Monday drama market to themselves at this time

  • Ashley

    I’m going all out and hoping for 3.3. I don’t like any of the CBS line-ups on Monday.

  • LOL

    The Flopping will drop big this week, it sucks big time.

  • bluejays

    I think it will stay around three or a 2.9 but it won’t fall much below a three if at all.

  • Mr Mumble

    < 2.9. Mid-to-high 2s shouldn't cause alarm this week given CBS's expected Superbowl honeymoon. Next week's numbers are far more crucial for "The Following".

  • alexis

    hopefully it won’t drop too much.

  • Dan S

    I’m guessing 3.0 but obviously it can go up or down by a couple tenthts either way. For those trashing TF you obviously have different tastes but that doesn’t take away from the fact it’s a well done show that delivers to its targeted audience. Most people who’ve checked it out will continue to watch & the CBS comedies are a fine alternative for those don’t like this type of fare.

  • Stuart Pitt

    It will score a 3.2 or possibly a 3.1 because it doesn’t have any scripted show competition (I use to watch the CBS “comedies” that run opposite and they are not competition). I think last week’s bump was due to word of mouth and a 1.1 on the repeat showing on Friday. Last Friday’s repeat was a 0.7, so I expect it will tail off back to 3.2 and possibly drop to 3.1.

  • Dennis

    3.0 CBS is back…

  • Brian

    Following slips back to 3.2 this week. Fox renewal seems imminent if they can get their stars to go along with Season 2.

  • Ali

    It will fall today for sure. below 2.9

  • Nicole

    3.0 or 3.2 its a great show.. it wont drop below 3.0, people should really start watching its a terrific show. I got caught up last night on the 2 episodes and im hooked.

  • The Cool Max

    AGAIN with Following? There are more shows on Monday.

  • Samunto

    A 3.0 would be excellent given that the CBS comedies were in rpt mode last wk and will most likely get a boost from the super bowl. Esp 2BG with the promo last night.

  • zerg

    high 2s..

  • Derek Vincent

    I’m being optimistic. I didn’t expect it to rise last week, but it did, so I’m hoping for it to remain the same with a 3.3. I’m really hoping for it to at least stay above a 3.0. People who talk trash on this show are just bitter, their faves could never..

  • Ben

    3.0. The day after the Super Bowl, CBS has three hours of original shows from 8 to 11. That includes the return of Rules of Engagement, 8:30 to 9. The Following will probably experience a slight drop, but, not by much.

  • Dogg

    Ratings will fall slightly due to new airings on CBS. Should still pull in decent numbers.

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