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February 4th, 2013

The premiere of The Following scored a 3.2 adults 18-49 rating. In week two, it rose to a 3.3. Will the upward trajectory continue tonight, or have its ratings peaked? Make your predictions.


  • CBSviewer

    2.8 because of CBS comedies and the Super Bowl boost.

  • Ethan

    Following 3.2
    Bones 2.4

    HIMYM 3.3
    2BG 3.5
    Mike and Molly 3.1
    Rules 2.5
    H50 2.3

    Biggest loser 2.2
    Deception 1.3

    Castle 2.0

    90210 0.4
    Carrie diaries 0.5

  • Cristian

    I think it’ll drop a bit, but not by much. 3.0-3.1.

  • Chris S

    I love the CBS comedies, but will DVR those and watch “The Following” live it’s one of the few shows I am eagerly anticipatng every week, I could wait a few days to watch the CBS shows, I will not wait more than an hour or so to watch “The Following” Ratings should increase, or hold steady in my opinion.

  • ateofi

    I am thinking 3.0 demo, due to the competition – which is still very strong.

  • omabin

    2.8, CBS will be on fire today. They should get their 3.0 back next week though

  • David Howell

    How much the big CBS sitcom numbers will affect the 9pm hour is the question, clearly.

    “Not enough to really hurt an acclaimed drama that would air at 10pm on a network that didn’t turn that hour to affiliates,” is my guess. 3.1.

    NBC takes the damage instead. I say this more in hope than expectation, I’ll admit…

  • USAmerica1st

    Under 2.9, IMHO. But this puppy is too over-the-top bloody and gory. Dexter-like.

  • Nicholas R.

    What about a “Season Premiere of Rules of Engagement?” poll…

  • lukas

    The Following 3.5
    Bones 2.9

    HIMYM 3.2
    2BG 3.3
    M&M 3.1
    Rules 2.3
    H50 2.1

  • JulieDawn

    I wouldn’t be surprised. I actually expected to like it less last week watched it on DVR a day later. I was glued to the screen…brilliant. Unfortunately will be DVR-ing it again tonight, just too much else on tonight on broadcast and cable to watch and record!

  • _JC

    2.8 tonight, eventually settling in the 2.3-2.5 range (which is still an easy renewal). Was a nice story for a couple of weeks, but the correction begins tonight.

  • SJ

    I hope it does, but I don’t think it will. I think it’ll get a 3.1.

  • davie

    Havent seen it yet, but im guessing 3.0 wouldnt be surprised with high 2s

  • networkman

    I don’t think The Following shares an audience with 2 Broke Girls and Mike & Molly. If anything The Biggest Loser and The Bachelor would be most effected, resulting in lower ratings for the both of them. The Following drops it would be because some viewers felt the show was too dark. I’m going to go with 3.1

  • Spencer

    Yeah just because CBS is new and it’s up against 2BG I don’t see those viewers having many connections with The Following…they are two totally different shows so I think they will each hold their own.

  • CM Punker

    FOX will put it behind the Super Bowl next year.

    Putting New Girl behind it would be a waste just like Glee except the difference is Glee was doing well before the SB boost and New Girl is just a niche show that will never resonate.

  • Nick

    The Bachelor: 2.1
    Castle: 1.8

    How I Met Your Mother: 3.6
    Rules of Engagement: 2.7
    2 Broke Girls: 4.2
    Mike & Molly: 3.7
    Hawaii Five-0: 2.5

    The Carrie Diaries: 0.4
    90210: 0.3

    Bones: 2.3
    The Following: 3.0

    The Biggest Loser: 2.3
    Deception: 1.1

  • Michael

    Honestly I have no idea how an awesome show like The Following could drop when Revolution, which premiered at the same numbers and was a complete wreck, kept pretty much steady. Revolution had an amazing lead in but I think the point is still valid.

  • Josef

    I expect some backlash for tonight’s episode that could lead to a downturn in the coming weeks.

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