Will the 'Smash' Premiere Be a Smash or a Bomb(shell)?- Poll

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February 5th, 2013

Smash premiered to a big 3.8 adults 18-49 rating on February 6, 2012, following The Voice. It was supposed to be NBC's big prestigious hit. Instead, ratings fell steadily, hitting a 1.8 for its May 14 season finale. Tonight it returns with a two hour premiere. The show has been retooled, with a new showrunner (Josh Safran, formerly of "Gossip Girl"). Some unpopular characters have been jettisoned -- goodbye Ellis and Leo. New characters have been added, including one played by Jennifer Hudson. So will viewers give the show a second chance? Make your predictions below.

  • Lukes

    I think there will be the curiosity to see the revamped face of Smash without the annoying characters, plus some big names (Hudson), I guess 2.3-2.4.

  • Ted Craig

    “Oddly I have never met a single person who actually watches NCIS and I’m in the TV industry. We all know that the ratings system is a joke.”

    I’d say TV execs are the joke. Thank you for explaining why so many new shows flop.

    I can hear the meetings with gene and his pals now: “Nobody I know watches NCIS. They all watch edgy cable shows. Let’s put those on the networks.”

    Three months later: “Nielsen says nobody watches out edgy shows! The ratings system must be broken!”

  • POI

    im guessing a 1.4

  • J.G.

    Smash- 2.1
    The Bachelor- 2.1

  • DanaK

    There’s no way they could have held this until the Voice premiered and still get the season in before the end of May (unless they doubled on quite a few episodes).

  • Adam

    I’m gonna go with a 2.1, I reckon it’ll fall below a 2.0 next week though.

  • erwanfromfrance

    I hope for a 2.5 for the premiere and then a 2.0 average for the season

  • Lisbeth Slander

    I know it’s terrible to want something to completely and utterly bomb but that’s how I’ll feel about anything on NBC until they green light a FULL fifth season to the best show they have, Parenthood.

  • CBSviewer

    1.8-2.0 because of the competition. Then it’ll hit a new low.

  • senor chang

    a few things going for it: it has Betty White as a lead-in, it’s been fairly heavily promoted, and it stabilized to reasonable numbers last year. competition should be a tad weaker on Tuesdays, too.

    a few things going against it: everybody is struggling on Tuesdays, ABC counterprogrammed The Bachelor against it (was this a deliberate move?), and it may be hard to keep viewers interested for two hours.

    I’m guessing a premiere in the low 2s, but something in the high 1s wouldn’t surprise me either. The question is how much it slides from there.

  • uplink2

    Saw the first hour and must say it it greatly improved. New cast adds life to show and the characters I hated last season are gone.

    I’m hoping for decent numbers as this is a much improved season.

  • Edward

    watched all of season one last year but will not come back this year for season two my guess 1.9 and about 6 million viewers!

  • KevinSW

    I’m hoping it does on Par with Parenthood, then NBC can continue to have them replace each other every season. I like the idea of that actually.

  • DanaK

    KevinSW, I think that would work well.

  • were123

    Around low 2s, I think people will tune in, but no as much as last season, and may end the season around mid 1s or even high 1s if lucky. I think (just assuming) that it might see season 3, but I’m only 60% sure right now, after seeing the ratings we could make better guesses

  • Philipp

    This season appears to be much better than the last one. Already saw the premiere. It’s amazing. Also, they seem to appeal younger audiences this year too. I predict a 2.1, nothing spectacular but also not bad. But it will keep falling and I do not see a Season 3 happening although I kinda like this show. Not as much as Glee, but it’s good nevertheless.

  • DanaK

    Jeremy Jordan will likely bring in new viewers. He seems to be pretty popular among Broadway attendees.

  • Markitos


  • David Howell

    Guessing 2.1. Expecting to be something like a half-point out.

  • Oliver

    Don’t care about Smash, although I’ll be shocked if it gets above 2.

    I expect New Girl to do well. Lots of hype and no comedy competition. 2.5 or higher.

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