Will the 'Smash' Premiere Be a Smash or a Bomb(shell)?- Poll

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February 5th, 2013

Smash premiered to a big 3.8 adults 18-49 rating on February 6, 2012, following The Voice. It was supposed to be NBC's big prestigious hit. Instead, ratings fell steadily, hitting a 1.8 for its May 14 season finale. Tonight it returns with a two hour premiere. The show has been retooled, with a new showrunner (Josh Safran, formerly of "Gossip Girl"). Some unpopular characters have been jettisoned -- goodbye Ellis and Leo. New characters have been added, including one played by Jennifer Hudson. So will viewers give the show a second chance? Make your predictions below.

  • two

    I gave up on the show last year after only a few episodes. I’ve heard good things about the new season so I might give it another shot. I think others might do the same so I’m saying 2.1 tonight, then dropping moving forward.

  • KT

    I absolutely adored Smash in Season 1 (I did theater and danced in high school, so I’m definitely their target audience). However, that being said, I am questioning the direction the show seems to be going in this season. I LIKED that most of the songs last season were more classic Broadway tunes and not super pop-based like Glee, but I’ve read that the show is going to have a more “youthful” vibe this season, which I am not thrilled about (and I’m not some old geezer.. I’m in my 20s).

    Long story short, I hope it premieres well. I predicted a 2.3-2.4. Betty White’s special should provide it with better lead-in numbers than the dismal numbers of TNN in recent weeks. However, depending on what I think of the first couple of episodes, as someone who likes classic Broadway, I can’t promise I’ll watch the entire season.

  • Chuck T

    Neither a smash nor bomb. Possibly a 2.1

  • pw


  • Oliver


    I’ve read they’re moving away from pop songs, so I wouldn’t worry about that.

  • Amy

    I say 2.0 out of curiosity for those who haven’t seen it before. Then it will steadily drop.

  • DanaK

    @KT, @Oliver, they may not be doing as many pop covers, but they will be doing some contemporary Broadway original songs, similar to Rent and other more modern musicals. Whether that suits KT’s fancy is up in the air at the moment.

  • Jonny C…. formerly Jon

    2.3 cuz of J. Hud.

  • a p garcia

    I am hoping SMASH numbers of >3.0 but I will settle for 2.8. I hear that a lot of what was lacking last season has been replaced or written out. Jennifer Hudson alone should be worth several tenths. As good a singer as Megan Hilty is, Kat McPee is better only to be outdone by Hudson.

  • The Cool Max

    Have no interest in Smash. I say 1.3

    New Girl, however, 3.0

  • rob60990

    1.6. Vegas & The Bachelor should be able to beat it.

  • Lonesome Rhodes

    What did this Betty White dog-and-pony show pull in last year?

  • networkman

    It is airing after Betty White’s Birthday Special which should pull in decent ratings. Also this show as been heavily promoted. Jennifer Hudson has been everywhere. I’ll say 2.2-.2.3. So it will improve on Go On and New Normal’s performance over the past few weeks. After it is pushed back to 10pm in 2 weeks, Smash will likely see 1.7

  • toonmili

    If Smash premiers really low would that be good for Deception?

  • DanaK

    Betty White’s last birthday special got something like a 2.8 last January

  • Rare

    I don’t see it doing better than a 1.9, and more likely a 1.7-1.8.

  • jake

    I feel like will get either nice ratings (2.5>) or it will crash (<1.8) . Let's see what happens.

  • Lonesome Rhodes


  • rob60990

    “If Smash premiers really low would that be good for Deception?”

    No, Deception is dead.

  • DanaK

    Last year’s Betty White special got a 2.7 not 2.8 and it was 90 minutes

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