Will the 'Smash' Premiere Be a Smash or a Bomb(shell)?- Poll

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February 5th, 2013

Smash premiered to a big 3.8 adults 18-49 rating on February 6, 2012, following The Voice. It was supposed to be NBC's big prestigious hit. Instead, ratings fell steadily, hitting a 1.8 for its May 14 season finale. Tonight it returns with a two hour premiere. The show has been retooled, with a new showrunner (Josh Safran, formerly of "Gossip Girl"). Some unpopular characters have been jettisoned -- goodbye Ellis and Leo. New characters have been added, including one played by Jennifer Hudson. So will viewers give the show a second chance? Make your predictions below.

  • SJ


    I can’t see how it does better given how much it bled throughout its first season. Also there’s zero buzz surrounding the show now as it’s been widely critically panned and pretty much considered a joke.

  • BigBrotherFan

    To the people living in a freakin`dreamworld that actually think SMASH will do above a 2.0 I laugh at you.

    First off- THIS SHOW HAD THE VOICE as a lead in and possibly THE MOST HYPED MIDSEASON SHOW for NBC last year, and YET it could only manager under 2`s. Pathetic! Now take THE VOICE out of the lead-in spot, replace it with a sub-par special and I TELL YOU we got ourselves a BOMB!

    1.1-1.4 and NO MORE
    Next week it CRASHES even more

    I do not know WHAT IN THE WORLD Debra Messing was thinking when she signed on to this garbage! She is a reasonably talented actress. Maybe she needed the money?

  • BigBrotherFan

    and to the person who asked IF THIS WAS GOOD FOR DECEPTION IF IT BOMBED?

    Of course IT IS GOOD FOR DECEPTION! Either way, if it does what DECEPTION did this week AT THE VERY LEAST Deception stands are good arguement to have ALL its episodes aired and not pulled off the line-up.

    ..Don`t forget about DO NOT HARM. That goes before any of them!

  • davidwatts

    if people say ‘I didnt know Smash was going to be on’ havent turned on their tvs in the last week because promos have been running everywhere.

  • Evan

    I Think Smash will do okay nothing too great probably around a 2.2-2.5 which I’m not sure is high enough that it will be good for NBC. The show needs to really maintain a 1.8 or higher throughout its whole season. Last season the show was a train wreck and I can see why the ratings kept decreasing, maybe if the show is much better this year that viewers will stay. Plus I think Smash is going to have the voice as its lead in when it premieres in march so that’s not that bad.

    NBC really needed to test Smash and see if it is a show that viewers will watch without such a massive lead in. If this season does well I’m sure they’ll put smash on in the fall. This show was prob put on as midseason again because they weren’t sure how well it would perform after its only okay ratings

  • omabin

    On other topic, I expect New Girl to tie or reach a new season high today. 2.8 or higher. No comedy competition and a very hyped episode after last week’s ending.

  • Brianna

    I think the second hour will do better than the first since it was previewed online early. The episode that I saw was really good. They got rid of the dead weight and retooled some of the characters.

  • Sonicphoto

    I think it get’s at least a 2.0, I can see some people interested to watch because of Jennifer Hudson.

  • steve

    I bet NEW GIRL beats SMASH in the 18-49 DEMO.

  • JacobYates

    I’m curious as to how Vegas will do against Smash. Those shows would likely not attract the same audiences so I doubt that either one of them will pull down the other one.

  • BrieK

    I heard Jennifer Hudson is only in like 5 episodes. They are promoting it like she is a regular, though. I predict 3.3.

  • Danak

    “First off- THIS SHOW HAD THE VOICE as a lead in and possibly THE MOST HYPED MIDSEASON SHOW for NBC last year, and YET it could only manager under 2`s. ”
    It had 2.0 or over for 11 of its 15 episodes and it premiered with a 3.8. So it had a pretty good season average. It did trend down below 2.0 toward the end of the season (which included Daylight Savings Time). Hopefully, it can maintain better this season.

    BrieK, JHud will be in Episodes 1,2, and 4.

  • J-Crew

    Smash probably won’t be that strong without The Voice lead-in and the mistake NBC made was never moving Whitney and Guys with Kids as its lead-in. Go On and TNN will make Smash do worse than it really should.

    I’m hoping that NBC pulls Whitney after the end of February and moves Whitney and the new Up All Night to Tuesdays starting on March 26th.

  • Joseph

    Will smash not air after the voice in a couple of weeks anyway?

  • rob60990

    I dont see the Betty White birthday special doing as well as last year but it may break a 2.0.

  • Brian

    Hyped up through the moon, I think Smash gets off to a solid Season 2 beginning with 2.3 and we’ll see where it lands from there. I’d expect a decline, but how big it is will determine whether we see a Season 3 or not; considering this is NBC we’re talking about, I think it will hold up fine.

  • toucan

    I watched the first hour of the premier early on OnDemand and then I watched the first couple episodes of season 1, and I thought the first couple episodes of season 1 are much better than the first hour of the new season. I stopped watching midway through last season so I don’t know if it’s better than the end of last season.

    I’m guessing 2.0. It’s been promoted a lot but then again so was Terra Nova. Jhud is only in three episodes, but you’d think she’s the lead based on the posters. I’m not sure how much of a draw she is. I’ve seen stunt casting fail to bring in viewers. It’s hard to call.

  • Shepherd

    I guessed that Glee would return very low, and of course I was wrong as ell, but I realized that I was just getting Smash and Glee confused. I have to say 1.7-1.8. I want it to go lower but I’m sure some people will want to heck out the re-tooling.
    I also understand NBC having confidence in the premise of the show given the numbers for its s1 premier, but given the rate at which it was falling, and the fact that it never really found a bottom, I’m still surprised it got the nod for season two.

  • ABC hater


  • Nick

    If Deception could notched a 2.0 on it’s premiere against all of it’s odds – minimal promotion, virtually unknown casts, decent lead-in, 10pm drama, against original episodes of veteran shows and just simply being on NBC- I think Smash that underwent a major revamp, added well known guest stars, given a pretty much aggressive marketing and was given a decent enough lead-in -if Betty White Birthday Special could attract 13 million viewers and 2.7 last yearm it’s mostly likely at least about half about those viewers will watch the special again (prob around 6-7.5 million viewers and 2.3-2.5), Smash should at least pull-in 2.0-2.4.

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