'Nashville' Versus 'Chicago Fire': Which City Will Prevail Tonight? - Poll

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February 6th, 2013

Nashville and Chicago Fire have faced off in a Battle of the Wednesday at 10PM Bubble Shows all season, with no clear victor emerging. That may because for the past couple months, the two shows have rarely aired original episodes on the same night. On January 9, Chicago Fire scored a 2.1 adults 18-49 rating to Nashville's 2.1. On December 5, both shows earned a 1.9 adults 18-49 rating.Which will emerge victorious tonight? Make your predictions.


  • J.G.

    I’m going to guess a tie with both shows getting a 1.9

  • BigBrotherFan

    I watch both but sadly CF cause it’s going on steam from last week

    CF 2.0
    NASH 1.8


  • victor hugo

    Chicago fire 2.1 vs Nashville 1.9

  • CBSviewer

    CSI will kill them :)

  • Zach


  • Ricardo

    Could you people stop with the CAPS? Thanks.

  • Reache

    CSI 2.5 CF 1.9 Nashville 1.8

  • Ryann

    Nashville is the best new show of the season and deserves higher ratings than what it gets. Chicago fire is nothing compared to Nashville. My guess Nashville 2.3 and Chicago Fire 1.8.

  • rob60990

    I have a feeling Nashville will beat Chicago Fire tonight but both will be close.

    1.8 for Chicago Fire
    2.0 for Nashville

  • GXSky

    CF – 2.2
    Nashville – 1.9
    CSI – 2.4

  • Liam

    Chicago Fire will get a higher ratings, but not too much higher that Nashville.

  • DenverDean

    Vegas for the win!

  • Dan S

    I’m in the distinct minority & see a tie coming. If there is to be a victor it’ll likely be Chicago though I’m a fan of Nashville.

  • Fred


    I’m also a big fan of Nashville. But I don’t blame the so-so ratings with the lead in. ABC is pretty strong on Wednesdays.
    But I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try another timeslot. Nashville deserves every chance ABC can give it. The makings of a huge hit are written all over it.

  • shawn

    I actually really love both of these Shows..they are the only NEW SHOWS from the season that I am following outside of Elementary.

  • Kforce

    I’m confused. According to all indexes, neither show is a bubble show… But they have been battling every Wednesday and getting very similar ratings. In the beging of the season I would have said Nashville, but now CF has taken that fight. CF by .2

  • Kforce

    CF 1.9
    Nashville 1.7

  • RG-X

    Vegas(CSI) – 2.3
    Chicago – 1.9
    Nashville 1.8

  • BigBrotherFan


    I can’t help but think it’s getting 0 help from Subergatory. That show is doing horrible even with the post MF slot. It shares nothing in common with Nashville and the crossover audience is not there.

    Atleast CF has the benifit of both being a DICK WOLF show and sharing the same gritty drama feel as SVU.

    I like both show but NASHVILLE is clearly the better of the two.

  • GG

    Both shows will come back for S2 so it doesn’t matter.

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