NBC Orders Another Episode of 'Chicago Fire' for a Total of 24

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February 6th, 2013

NBC has ordered one more episode of Chicago Fire, giving it a 24 episode season, per Deadline. Just last week NBC upped its order to 23.We already have the show as a sure renewal in the renew/cancel index. It appears that a strong January performance coupled with the low rated debuts of Do No Harm and Smash has made the network a big fan of its firefighters.

  • landon

    This was the surprise of the season! I am enjoying the show!

  • Shepherd

    I missed it when they upped the order to 23. lots of whipping going on over there. can’t wait to see it all play out. Maybe they’ll uncut that reduction for Revolution next. Too late for me to even think clearly at the moment. head spinning…

  • christi

    They need to order about 40 more so they can air in place of Deception, Smash and Do No Harm.

  • Lane

    Man. NBC was performing pretty well in fall around #2 but now they’re sinking into #4 place.

  • Thom

    To much of a soap opera. So what differs Chicago Fire from NBC’s Trauma? Shows were basically alike, yet Trauma barely held on for an entire season.

  • jase

    Good news!!! CF is one of my favorite shows. I got a chance to watch them film a couple of scenes on Tuesday on my way to work.

  • omabin

    Cool! I like the show and it performs very well for NBC’s standards (although I am curious to see the results from last night when it finally went up against CSI again). Now, if only they could give the us the stolen Revolution episodes, I would be happier with them!

  • Shepherd

    As the season has progressed, I’m seeing it more and more in competition with Nashville as opposed to CSI. As Thom said, it’s pretty but becoming a soap opera at this point.

  • networkman

    @Shepherd, I do agree that it is becoming more soap opera in nature. And then the writers will throw in an isolated incident so that the viewers don’t forget that they are firefighters. So every once in awhile we are reminded of their occupation. Not that it is a bad thing, I’m just not able to get into their issues outside of work.

    But this proves that Chicago Fire will be renewed. With the additional episode, we may see another one aired behind The Voice.

  • Idol

    Yay for Chicago Fire!

  • Shane

    Good for NBC, CF has been good for them this season … I am very happy for Chicago fire my favorite new show for now…

  • POI

    The show is good and the ratings are excellent for NBC especially without a Voice Lead in

  • Ruan

    This is the surprise of the season, no doubt about that. Who would’ve thought that a show about firefighters airing on NBC would do so well?

  • mando

    Next season, NBC should air CF at 9:00 on Tuesday or Wednesday to avoid CSI.

  • BL

    Good choice NBC. Last night’s episode was so good!

  • BL


    Me and you think alike. Go On and The New Normal, while decent shows definitely DO NOT deserve to air after the Voice. They should move to Wednesday nights and move SVU from 9 to 10 on Wednesdays. For the 10pm Tuesday Slot, I would still keep Smash even though Tuesday night’s premiere was disappointing.

  • Laie

    CF was a pleasant surprise. A show like this would’ve been a hit in the 90’s, don’t you think? Anyway, congrats to the show and also to NBC. Revolution and Chicago Fire should lead the way next fall.

    @Lane: NBC committed a very bad mistake: While they gave Revolution a break so that it can match The Voice return, they decided to air Go On and The New Normal without The Voice. The comedies should have had a longer break, just like Revolution. It’s too late to fix that, but it’s not too late make up for it. If the last episodes of both comedies air after The Voice this spring, the shows will get renewed for sure. Next fall is a whole different story. I do agree with @BL that GO and TNN should be on Wednesday. Thursday is too crowded for comedies.

  • Terry

    Yay Chicago fire!!!

  • DenverDean

    NBC should move CF to Thursday 10/9 or Tuesday 10/9 – CSI whipped it again. It only does well when CSI repeats.

  • Joel

    NBC needs to rethink Go on and TNN. This Voice lead in slot (9:00) should be drama like CF. No more comedies on Tuesday!! There are many sitcoms on that day when no comedies are big hits.
    Next season, they should try new drama on that slot!

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