'Smash' Crashes In Second Season Premiere

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February 6th, 2013

The second season premiere of NBC's Smash managed just a 1.1 adults 18-49 rating in its 2 hour premiere on Tuesday night, averaging 4.47 million viewers. That's down from a 3.8 rating and 11.44 million viewers in its first season premiere.

The full Tuesday night ratings are now posted.

  • Ben

    I cann’t wait to see if NBC tries and puts a positive spin on Smash’s numbers with a press release. That should be good for a few laughs.

  • rob60990

    lol at Kyle. Does anyone wanna list the dozens of shows that premiered online and premiered to high ratings? Besides, didn’t NBC only premiere the 1st episode and not the 2nd?

  • Liam

    I think this means Smash is dead. And Parenthood will probably get a full season 5.
    And Body of Proof is back in two weeks and I hope it returns with good ratings.

  • PurpleDrasi

    Poor NBC. I just want to give it a hug and say “there, there….”

  • Samantha

    Hey, NBC: When you take a show off the air for 8 MONTHS, and then throw a haphazard attempt at marketing on the tv in January, guess what? This happens! Smash is a good show: give it a freaking chance to shine!

  • Jan

    I absolutely hate this. LOVE SMASH and have since the first show. Maybe put it back on Monday night. Do SOMETHING – we can’t lose it.

  • MichaelChickless

    That’s too bad for Katharine McPeepeher.

    @dl “Same thing would happen to Revolution if they would air it without The Voice as a lead-in.”


  • Lynda

    Love the show and the talent of everyone. So much work and effort by all the cast. It’s not for everyone, but what is. Some of us want to see something more than reality junk tv. It’s like seeing a real broadway show from your couch every week. I watched season 1 reruns twice while I waited for season 2. Don’t take it off……please!!!!

  • Ricky

    Smash! Has! Finally! Crashed!

    Bye-bye, we won’t miss you at all.

  • Ratings Follower

    I think it is just tragic how NBC runs their network. They make so many bad coices, all the way back to moving “Harry’s Law” from Mondays where it thrived, to other nights. Same thing here. Why did you not leave “Smash” on Mondays nights? They deserve their ratings.

  • AG

    This show is like a musical Jerry Seinfeld, about nothing that goes nowhere.

  • Shepherd

    I can’t wait to see if NBC tries and puts a positive spin on Smash’s numbers with a press release. That should be good for a few laughs


    “didn’t NBC only premiere the 1st episode and not the 2nd?”

    I believe that you are right, and part of me feels like this is the biggest story; that the previously un-aired episode did worse than the one offered online.

  • Jeff R.

    @Shepherd: Do people with Nielsen boxes watch free online episodes of anything? Much less something that they’re already planning to go back to watching…

  • Jackie

    What a shame. I truly hope that the fan bases come together for the upcoming episodes. Do not be fooled they are out there. Let’s just hope that people watch it first run as opposed to DVR, Hulu, and other devices.

  • Kitsune

    To the people saying Revolution will crash, doesn’t the show have a heavily installed audience? It was pulling high 1s in DVR alone, so even without the Voice, it should thrive pretty well, no?

  • Joseph

    I don’t think our own Cancellation Bear will make a move against “Smash” for two weeks.

    Next week (February 12th), it will be pre-empted for President Obama’s State Of The Union speech. Thus, I think the show gets at least one more episode on the air this season.

    But if the ratings for the episode of February 19th are as low (or even lower) than last night’s (February 5th) episode, the Cancellation Bear will devour “Smash” a day or two later.

    However, the Cancellation Bear is already licking his chops!

  • Bob

    Very disappointed that it didn’t do better. So much competition. Maybe some viewers think it reminds them of “glee” (which I also watch)NBC spends a ton of money of “Smash” and hope they continue to make it better.

  • smg77

    Can we get “The ratings were low because the first episode was online” added to Fan Excuse Bingo?

  • AV

    Last night’s SMASH was a great opening of a new season. I am sure that ratings will go up. It was too long of a break.

  • Neil

    America’s Kidz hate singing.

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