Tuesday Cable Ratings:'Tosh.0' Wins Night, 'Pretty Little Liars', 'Hardcore Pawn', 'Cougar Town', 'Justified', 'White Collar' & More

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February 6th, 2013


Tosh.0 was Tuesday's top cable original with a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating.   Pretty Little Liars  and Hardcore Pawn tied for second place among cable originals with each show earning a 1.2 adults 18-49 rating. Pretty Little Liars was even with last week while Hardcore Pawn was up from a 1.1..

We only receive the top 100 cable shows for adults 25-54 for the whole day from our primary source, if you don't see your show it was not in that top 100 list. 

The list below is long but you can use your browsers "find on page" feature (usually CTRL+F or CMD+F) to search for specific shows.

Selected Tuesday cable ratings: (all Live+Same Day ratings):

Show Net Time Viewers (000) (Live + SD) Adult 18-49 Rating (Live + SD)
Big Bang Theory, THE TBSC 9:00 PM 3651 1.6
Big Bang Theory, THE TBSC 9:30 PM 3672 1.6
Big Bang Theory, THE TBSC 8:30 PM 3220 1.6
TOSH.O CMDY 10:00 PM 2263 1.5
Family Guy ADSM 11:30 PM 2843 1.4
Family Guy ADSM 11:00 PM 2821 1.3
Hardcore Pawn TRU 9:00 PM 3404 1.2
Pretty Little Liars FAM 8:00 PM 2750 1.2
Cougar Town TBS TBSC 10:00 PM 2095 1.1
Big Bang Theory, THE TBSC 8:00 PM 2341 1.0
Big Bang Theory, THE TBSC 10:30 PM 1947 1.0
SNOOKI & JWOWW SSN2 MTV 10:00 PM 1676 0.9
Robot Chicken ADSM 12:00 AM 1779 0.9
Justified FX 10:00 PM 2424 0.9
Top Gear HIST 9:00 PM 1872 0.8
Daily Show CMDY 11:00 PM 1852 0.8
American Dad ADSM 10:30 PM 2150 0.8
Dance Moms LIF 9:00 PM 2331 0.8
BURN, THE CMDY 10:30 PM 1237 0.8
Storage Wars TEXAS AEN 9:30 PM 2774 0.8
Hardcore Pawn: CHICAGO TRU 9:30 PM 2155 0.8
American Dad ADSM 10:00 PM 2023 0.8
Robot Chicken ADSM 12:15 AM 1564 0.8
Chopped FOOD 10:00 PM 1928 0.8
Storage Wars TEXAS AEN 9:00 PM 2597 0.7
Face Off SYFY 9:00 PM 1790 0.7
TOSH.O CMDY 9:30 PM 1207 0.7
Family Guy ADSM 2:30 AM 1324 0.7
American Dad ADSM 2:00 AM 1304 0.7
Pawn Stars HIST 8:30 PM 2105 0.7
LAW & ORDER: SVU USA 7:00 PM 1928 0.7
White Collar USA 10:00 PM 2283 0.6
Pawn Stars HIST 10:31 PM 1922 0.6
SpongeBob NICK 6:30 PM 2915 0.6
FRIENDS NAN 12:39 AM 1216 0.6
Pawn Stars HIST 10:00 PM 1767 0.6
LAW & ORDER: SVU USA 6:00 PM 1742 0.6
FRIENDS NAN 11:34 PM 1331 0.6
SPORTSCENTER LATE       L ESPN 11:23 PM 1283 0.6
FRIENDS NAN 12:06 AM 1192 0.6
HARDCORE PAWN TRU 10:00 PM 1634 0.6
FRIENDS NAN 11:00 PM 1357 0.6
Colbert Report CMDY 11:31 PM 1368 0.6
HARDCORE PAWN TRU 10:30 PM 1423 0.6
Pawn Stars HIST 8:00 PM 1895 0.6
LAW & ORDER: SVU USA 9:00 PM 1774 0.5
DRAKE & JOSH NICK 7:00 PM 2435 0.5
Chopped FOOD 11:00 PM 1187 0.5
HARDCORE PAWN TRU 8:30 PM 1465 0.5
LAW & ORDER: SVU USA 8:00 PM 1565 0.5
Castle TNT 7:00 PM 2006 0.5
FX MOVIE PRIME FX 6:30 PM 1086 0.5
HOUSE HUNTERS HGTV 10:00 PM 1817 0.5
SpongeBob NICK 6:00 PM 2562 0.5
SEINFELD TBSC 7:30 PM 1174 0.5
Millionaire Matchmaker BRVO 10:00 PM 1029 0.5
LAW & ORDER: SVU USA 5:00 PM 1513 0.5
LAW & ORDER: SVU USA 11:01 PM 1411 0.5
LAW & ORDER: SVU USA 12:01 AM 1377 0.5
SpongeBob NICK 5:30 PM 2625 0.4
AFRICA DISC 10:00 PM 1192 0.4
Storage Wars AEN 8:30 PM 1776 0.4
HARDCORE PAWN TRU 8:00 PM 1320 0.4
Pardon The Interruption ESPN 5:30 PM 983 0.4
LAW & ORDER: SVU USA 4:00 PM 1466 0.4
Supernatural TNT 10:00 AM 802 0.4
BONES TNT 2:00 PM 1250 0.4
SEINFELD TBSC 7:00 PM 947 0.4
PAWN STARS HIST 7:30 PM 1281 0.4
PAWN STARS HIST 12:31 AM 977 0.4
Castle TNT 9:00 PM 1620 0.4
DOUBLE DIVAS LIF 10:00 PM 1075 0.4
Supernatural TNT 11:00 AM 789 0.4
Castle TNT 6:00 PM 1743 0.4
Chopped FOOD 9:00 PM 1167 0.4
Storage Wars AEN 8:00 PM 1372 0.4
Storage Wars AEN 7:30 PM 1204 0.4
LAW & ORDER: SVU USA 2:00 AM 1173 0.4
CSI: NY TNT 11:00 PM 1310 0.4
Conan TBSC 11:00 PM 788 0.4
BONES TNT 3:00 PM 1277 0.4
White Collar USA 1:00 AM 1057 0.4
Castle TNT 8:00 PM 1546 0.4
STORAGE WARS AEN 7:00 PM 1048 0.3
Castle TNT 5:00 PM 1610 0.3
CASTLE TNT 10:00 PM 1416 0.3
AMERICANS FX 11:01 PM 837 0.3

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  • Carl

    My parents watch White Collar and they had no idea the show had even started back up. They are trying to catch up but aren’t overly enthused in the process. I think the whole stop-and-start-and-stop-and-start half-season stuff a lot of shows have now drives some viewers away over time.

  • rob60990

    “Ratings don’t matter on cable!”

    Are you for real with this nonsense? Only HBO and Showtime don’t care much about ratings because they don’t advertise but all others do.

    “That dude rob60990 is one of the worst posters here that dude is a loser, all he does is post negative stuff, he never makes any sense. His posts are so pointless and ridiculous.”

    Coming from someone who does not know how to use proper punctuation…

  • pll fan

    pll cannot be stopped. the ratings are simply fantastic.

  • Nick

    Good for Cougar Town. It’s definitely a success now. It’s doing on par with Men at Work and Sullivan & Son, with a slightly worse lead-in and more competition.

  • Nick

    Wait a sec, who said ratings don’t matter on cable? Are you serious?

  • cimmer

    Oh dear White Collar. It’s the storyline this season, it just doesn’t have any charm IMHO. Justified on the other hand is smokin’. lol

  • cimmer

    What’s up with Face Off? Are those repeats? And Total Black Out, ouch.

  • Terri

    Matt Bomer is becoming a huge star, White Collar needs to set him free so he can soar.

  • Justin

    I said it! I heard it from people who understand about Shows, including creators and people in this business. They said cable don’t rely on ratings. Sorry if i’m not right but I said what believable people told me.

    “Coming from someone who does not know how to use proper punctuation…” well rob you understood what he said and with right or wrong punctuation he still has a point.

    And it’s sad that you come here to post negative things about a show you don’t even watch. IF you like a show and don’t like when someone mock it don’t do the same with other people’s favorite show.
    It only seems you are trying to bring some attention to you.

  • justified fan

    2.4 million viewers for Justified in a really competitive time slot doesn’t seem that bad. I really hope it is renewed for another season because it is my all time favorite tv show.

  • justified fan

    It also is interesting that Justified more than doubles the show prior to it. The ultimate fighter is getting horrible ratings, so it speaks well of Justified that it can double the viewership of the show prior to it. A .7 for TUF? Cancel that show or move it to another time slot. Give something worthy in the slot before Justified.

  • Jenny

    Via The Futon Critic

    The Lying Game – ABC Family
    1.245 million viewers, #17; 0.698 million adults 18-49 (0.6 rating)

    Looks like TLG held up well up against The Bachelor, and stayed steady in the adults 18-49 demo. Should be up next week with way less competition.

  • pll fan

    total viewers for the lying game aren’t good. it didn’t get much more than bunheads. the demo is the only thing really saving it at this point.

  • Steve

    Ouch for White Collar. I’m not really surprised though. While I know many people hated the Sara story line I actually enjoyed S3 but so far S4 as been lack luster for me. I think a lot of people just hated Hillary from One Tree Hill and it progressed to her character on White Collar. However, I never watched that show so maybe thats why her character grew on me ( I did hate her in early S2) I agree with who ever was talking about the “find my dad” story lacking this season. However, now that Pratt is the big bad I do hope it picks up in the last few episodes.

    I also am hoping that USA is smart and announces the S5 as the last season of White Collar. It doesn’t really have much more steam left and I would rather them go in knowing it will be the last season and hope we get it

  • Dillan

    Glad TLG stayed steady.

  • Ryan Schwartz

    While it’s technically already been renewed for a fifth season (just read some of Bill Lawrence’s tweets to fans), I expect TBS to make a formal announcement sometime later this month. The 5pm daily reruns have also been doing solid, and that’s what matters to TBS in the long run. Their problem now is signing the cast for a potential 6th season, since none of them are signed past season five.

    As far as WC goes, the show got dull, and fans left. I was one of them. I know USA likes to split their seasons, but like Psych, WC should probably run straight through its 16 episode seasons once a year. May-Early September. Given it does twice its winter number there, they’d be crazy not to consider this option for the show’s fifth season.

  • cimmer

    I think USA will try and keep WC as long as it can including past a season five. I would have Psych was done after five, same with Burn Notice but kept them chugging along. The numbers would have to go to .5 and below for them to decide next season is the last. I’m not a fan of this year’s storyline. I don’t think we ever should have met Neil’s family and I didn’t like the WitSec story BUT they have some great characters on that show and some charming actors and that can take a show, especially on USA, a long way IMHO. I mean USA is all about the ‘characters’ in their ads. Now if we could get a better storyline going I think WC could last an easy seven. And it does or did alright in the winter IF the storyline was interesting.

  • StupidTV

    With all the hype over PLL I’m starting to think I should give it a try. I ignored it before because I loathe catty teen shows but maybe I’ll have a little look. I also need to catch up with Justified, last time I saw it was S2 ending and there was no excuse to slack off watching.

    Watched WC last night and was really disappointed, but the demo drop shocks me. Agree with others that the writing lost nearly all its charm. The supporting characters and PC crap they drop in annoy the hell out of me. It actually feels boring now. The father thing is silly and doesn’t hold my interest whatsoever, feels like they jumped the shark. Right now the only thing worth watching is Bomer’s face and even that is losing appeal. I hope he picks better roles though. I’ve been hearing from eveybody what a huge star Bomer is going to be for a couple of years now but his choices suck. I watched Magic Mike and he was grossly misused, his character was underwhelming and blah, even girly. Why hire a good actor and shove him in a corner? He should go for more action thriller roles instead. I hope WC can go back to its S1 aura or else it’ll lose more of its audience.

  • StupidTV

    @Steve: Don’t know if I buy Sara as a good reason for its decline. She never bothered me that much that I couldn’t watch, plus when she just came in the plot was much better than now, IMO.

    @Ryan Schwartz: yeah I think it should do a straight run with no hiatus, especially with the writing being so weak. I had to tape it this week and force myself to watch it to the end, so I can imagine long time fans just getting fed up. Doesn’t mean they won’t be back but the entire show right now needs a serious boost.

  • pll fan

    you should give pll a second chance. i didn’t start watching until the 2nd season and am so glad i did. i went back and watched the first season on netflix to catch up. you’ll be hooked on the show fast. it’s great!

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